Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 2015

first_imgWe spend a lot of time here on sales, meaningful work, hustling, and success. But there is a reason we do all of things. The holiday season is a time to reflect on those reasons.Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!Anthony and Cherlast_img

The Death of the Gatekeepers

first_img“You aren’t tall enough.”Thank you very much for your time, but I believe someone is going to hire me anyway.“You don’t have the right education. You aren’t Ivy League.”Thanks so much for your time. I believe you are wrong, and I believe someone, likely someone across the street, is going to recognize my value and give me a job. See you soon.“We don’t think your book is good enough to publish.”Thank you so much for taking the time to read my manuscript and for your opinion. I am going to go ahead and publish it anyway.“We don’t think you have a good enough voice. Come back and try again next year.”I so much appreciate you taking the time to hear me. But I am a singer, and I am going to go ahead and share my voice with the world all the same. See you at the Grammys, bitches.The Gatekeeper’s DemiseThere are no more gatekeepers. There is no one with the right or the ability to stand between you and your sharing your gift with the world.If you want to be a model, no one can stand between you and the people who believe you are exactly right for their campaign. You can watch the television shows where aspiring models are told they’re not good enough, but know that those models can work with or without anyone’s permission.If someone doesn’t believe you are good enough to hire, for whatever reason, there is someone across the street waiting for someone just like you. Even without the Ivy League education. Even without the sheepskin. The person who believes you aren’t good enough has their own opinion, and that opinion belongs to them alone.Maybe you have written the great American novel only to be turned down by every major publisher. There is no one that can stop you from publishing your book, promoting it yourself, and building and serving your own community, the community of people who love your stories and the way you tell them.You are singer? Your voice isn’t anything like those people you hear on American Idol or The Voice? Neither is Bob Dylan’s, Neil Young’s, Brian Johnson’s, or Bruce Springsteen’s. The tools to record are cheap and ubiquitous. So are the tools to reach your community.There are no more gatekeepers. The only thing standing between you sharing who and what you are with the world is your willingness to put yourself out there. All you need is confidence.last_img read more

Lasting Success Is Not a Marathon. It Is a Series of Sprints.

first_img Essential Reading! Get my 3rd book: Eat Their Lunch “The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition.” Buy Now The idea that “success is a marathon” speaks to a certain truth. That truth is that success is a long game. That you have to invest your heart, your soul, your blood, and your sweat to obtain it, whatever your definition of success may be.Start, But No EndSuccess, however, is not a marathon. A marathon has a starting and an end point. When you cross the finish line in a marathon, you are finished. In this regard, the marathon as a metaphor comes up lacking. It can give you the false belief that you have time that you don’t actually have. It can lead you to believe that days and weeks don’t matter, that you have plenty of time, and that eventually, you will reach a finish line and have success.This is not how success works. There is no end to the work it takes to maintain success.The Daily SprintSuccess is more like a never ending series of sprints. Each day is like running the 100 meter. You have to do the things today that create success. A day is too short a time to create success and is far too long a time to waste. You need to accomplish your most important tasks each day, and you need to do so with a great sense of urgency. So, you sprint.Once you complete today’s sprint, the next day you sprint again. Yesterday’s race is over, today is a new race. You do what’s most important for your success, and you do it like you are running out of time.The way to produce lasting success is to pay the price every day, in perpetuity. It’s about daily disciplines as much as it is goals.Success in relationships requires that you do the work and invest in the relationships that mean the most to you. Financial success is mostly a set of financial disciplines that are kept every day. Creating good and productive adults is about the daily and weekly disciplines of parenting. Whatever success means to you, it breaks down to daily (and weekly) sprints.Successful days lead to successful weeks. Successful weeks are the building blocks of successful months. Months of disciplined actions make up successful quarters and years. You can’t have a successful year without having a series of successful sprints.last_img read more

Are You Really Wasting Your Time?

first_img Essential Reading! Get my 3rd book: Eat Their Lunch “The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition.” Buy Now Is what you are doing right now aligned with your mission and your purpose? Is it something that moves you closer to the ultimate outcomes you need to achieve? Or, is it something less than that?Is what you are doing important? Is it something that matters? Is it the proactive work that moves the needle on your overall results? If what you are doing isn’t going to make a difference were you not doing it, is it the best use of your time?The goals that you have written down require that certain actions be taken, in most cases, with a discipline that ensures they are achieved. Is what you are doing something that is so closely tied to those goals that anyone watching you right now would immediately understand what you are doing, why you are doing it, and what your long-term goal is? Or would they be confused by the incongruity of your written goals and your current actions?When you complete what you are doing right now, are you going to be proud of having done so? Will you point to what you are doing right now as an outcome that was worthy of your time and effort, assured that it made some contribution to the project or outcomes that are most important in your world?Should someone else really be doing what you are doing now? Does the task or the outcome belong to another person who is really charged with this responsibility? Would someone else create a far better outcome than you when they to do what you are doing now?Is what you are doing trivial or meaningless? Is it a distraction from what you should be doing? If you weren’t doing it right now, would you have time to do more important and more meaningful work? Is it stealing your time from more difficult, but more important work?In the future, will you wish that you hadn’t spent the time doing what you are doing right now because some other outcome could have been obtained?If you are grateful for the time you have, you will recognize how short that time is, and you will use it to do what’s important.last_img read more

Why You Can’t Negative Sell Against Your Competitor

first_imgTo be honest, I forgot how bad a salesperson looks (and sounds) when they negative sell against a specific competitor, particularly the one their prospective client is currently using. Having just experienced it for the first time in a long time, I am reminded of why you don’t sell this way.The negativity towards a client that you hope creates a compelling reason to change instead does quite the opposite, repelling your dream client away from you, especially if you are argumentative. It also reduces any chance you have of being a trusted advisor.Congratulations. You’re Small.It would be difficult to look smaller. By pointing out your competitor’s flaws (or what you perceive to be flaws), you are creating a situation where you look small. You believe that for you to create and win an opportunity, you have to attack your competitor. This makes them look like they are equal—or better—than you. It may also cause your prospective client to feel that they need to defend their partner since you are willing to attack them without them being there to defend themselves.Negative is NegativeTalking smack about your competitor makes you sound negative. And negative is negative.The way to undo a competitor is to say positive things about them, and then differentiate yourself in a few areas where you have different beliefs or different approaches. If you were a professional, you would sound like one. If you are petty, childish, and have to go negative, then you are those things.If you want to be consultative, going negative isn’t going to get you there. If you want to be a trusted advisor, you just made the trust part more difficult, and you offered no advice, no counsel, just sour grapes.You don’t benefit from doing a direct negative sell against your competitors by attacking them in front of your prospective client. This is poor form, and it means that you don’t have the means to choose a more effective approach. In all things, be professional. More still, be someone that people want to do business with. Essential Reading! Get my 2nd book: The Lost Art of Closing “In The Lost Art of Closing, Anthony proves that the final commitment can actually be one of the easiest parts of the sales process—if you’ve set it up properly with other commitments that have to happen long before the close. The key is to lead customers through a series of necessary steps designed to prevent a purchase stall.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

Absence of Negative Isn’t Proof Of Positive

first_imgAbsence of negative isn’t the same as the presence of positive.The fact that you aren’t negative, pessimistic, and cynical doesn’t indicate that you are positive, optimistic, and empowered. Your attitude can lie somewhere on this continuum between the two poles, even though we know that optimism is a far healthier choice.An absence of illness is not proof of good health. Even though you may not be sick, you may not be healthy, just like not being poor isn’t proof you are wealthy. There is some state between an absence of illness and an absence of well-being where most people live.Because your dream client is engaged with you in a sales conversation that is following your sales process and your assumptions about client journeys without expressing any real concern isn’t an indication that there are not risks to the opportunity. The absence of a threat isn’t proof a threat does not exist, nor does it prove you are succeeding in winning your dream client’s business.A client who is not unhappy isn’t necessarily pleased and satisfied. The lack of complaints or concerns is not evidence that they are over the moon with you, your service, or your relationship. One key stakeholder being thrilled is not proof that their peers are not horribly unhappy.When there isn’t evidence of something negative, it’s easy to mistakenly believe something is positive. The absence of one is not proof of the other, and if you want to know where things stand, the best strategy is to ask for confirmation.Is there something negative that you can’t see because you haven’t explored or asked for confirmation, being afraid of a confirmation that something isn’t quite right? Is there something positive you aren’t tracking because you fear asking the question might change someone’s perception? In either case, you eliminate your ability to improve your circumstances unless you uncover the evidence. Get the Free eBook! Learn how to sell without a sales manager. Download my free eBook! You need to make sales. You need help now. We’ve got you covered. This eBook will help you Seize Your Sales Destiny, with or without a manager. Download Nowlast_img read more

How To Motivate Your Dream Client to Take Action

first_imgThe current thinking on sales is that your client is either unaware of the need to change or already motivated to change, something we might have described as either dissatisfied or satisfied. Naturally, salespeople prefer their dream clients be good and discontented, as it reduces the difficulty of making a sale.A lot of sales strategies developed over the last decade have started with the premise is that your dream client is not likely to be dissatisfied and requires help in understanding their world and the better results available to them. Rather than view the state as binary, it’s better thought of as a continuum. For our purposes here, I am going to use four points along a path from content to dissatisfied.ObliviousThese prospects are wholly unaware that they should be dissatisfied and are not the least bit concerned about their results or their future. They aren’t aware of the forces that should be causing them to change, and because they are unconcerned, they hold the most dangerous position possible: business as usual.It takes time and effort to help bring the awareness to prospects who are oblivious, and they don’t often greet your attempts to wake them with anything that resembles gratitude. Sometimes you will be greeted with contempt for shining a light on areas of their business they’d prefer not to look at, as doing so would require them to change.Your business acumen and situational knowledge have to increase both awareness and concern to create an opportunity to explore change.Aware, Not ConcernedI once had a client that was aware that what they were doing was wrong, and no matter how much I shared with them about how awful their future was going to be unless they changed, I couldn’t compel them to do what they needed to do to help themselves until it was too late. After three years of making the case and sharing the changes they needed to make, the bottom fell out of their business—despite my persistence.Some of your prospects will know their world is changing without being concerned enough to take action. In some cases, they don’t believe anything can harm their business and that what impacts others will not damage their results. Others will avoid concern because of politics, lack of will to make a change or lack of knowledge around making that change. A few will prefer to hand the future challenges over to their successor, riding out their time.Here your insights, ideas, and business acumen must be deployed in increasing concern to create an opportunity.Aware, ConcernedA good portion of your prospects and dream clients are going to be highly engaged in their business and both aware of the changes that should be causing them to change and concerned about what it means for their business. These prospects are already awake and turned on, and because this is true, the goal of sharing insights and ideas needs to shift from creating awareness and concern to proving you have the subject matter expertise to help them explore change and determine how they should change (for more on Exploring Change, see The Lost Art of Closing: Winning the 10 Commitments That Drive Sales).No more pushy sales tactics. The Lost Art of Closing shows you how to proactively lead your customer and close your sales. One might assume that your dream clients at this stage are easier to win because they are already aware and concerned. I would that were true, but it is not. It’s more difficult for your dream clients to make change in their organization, and because complex sales require some level of consensus, it takes more time and effort. If you are working on a competitive displacement (i.e., stealing a customer from your competitor), it’s even more difficult.Here you have to explore change, compel action, and build consensus.Motivated to ChangeOccasionally, the stars align in your favor and you come across a prospective client who is aware they need to change and highly motivated to do so. In the modern age of sales, we do so little prospecting that we rarely find these opportunities, especially when one suffers from the belief that they can rely on inbound and that their competitors have their dream clients locked down forever, something that, given a long enough timeline and persistence, is always proven to be false.Even when the stars align, you still have to do the difficult work of selling—and creating a preference to work with you, your company, and your solution. Your insights and ideas need to position you as the right partner to help your dream client move from their current state to a better future state.It can be tempting to try to approach these prospects by making the case that you are the right partner, but you are better proving that you are the right partner by helping them design and envision that future, providing a roadmap of how to achieve that better future, and helping them make the internal sale.If you want to motivate your dream client to take action, it is helpful to match your approach to what they need from you to do so. Essential Reading! Get my 3rd book: Eat Their Lunch “The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

Jaundice scare grips Cuttack city again

first_imgSupply of contaminated drinking water in most parts of the city through broken pipes has once again brought the city under the grip of jaundice. Tulasipur area covering at least three municipal wards of the civic body is the worst affected as over 75 persons here have been hospitalised for jaundice in last few days.District Collector N. C. Mishra on Friday visited the affected areas and ordered for random sample collection of all water sources to ascertain the cause and source of jaundice. Most households here entirely depend upon PHD pipelines for potable water and the pipelines have broken at many places.last_img read more

Captain back in charge in Punjab

first_imgOne of the strongest regional satraps of the Congress, Amarinder Singh put the party back in the saddle in Punjab after the “father of all battles” that decimated the SAD and crushed the AAP’s dream of expanding its footprint beyond Delhi.75-year-old Amarinder, a widely respected and popular leader, steered the Congress to a landslide victory winning 77 seats in the 117 member Assembly to occupy the chief minister’s post for the second time.The maharaja’s win in Punjab after 10 years has also rekindled the hopes for the revival of the grand old party.Belonging to a very rare breed of politicians who have seen action in the Indo—Pak war, Mr. Singh this time tasted success after Akali Dal supremo Parkash Singh Badal foiled his previous attempts to become chief minister in 2007 and 2012.Once a leader of the Akali Dal, the ‘scion of Patiala’ fought in the 1965 war after he rejoined the army a few months after his resignation. He again resigned from the Services as a decorated soldier at the conclusion of the war.The Punjab Congress chief and husband of Patiala MP Preneet Kaur was born to late Maharaja Yadavindra Singh of Patiala.After his initial schooling at Lawrence School, Sanawar and Doon School in Dehradun, he joined the National Defence Academy, Kharagwasla July 1959 and graduated from there in December 1963.Commissioned in the Indian Army in 1963, he was posted in 2nd Bn. Sikh Regiment (both his father and grandfather had served the battalion), served in Field Area — Indo Tibetan border for two years and was appointed Aide—de—Camp to Lt Gen Harbaksh Singh, GOC—in—C Western Command.His army career was shortlived as he resigned in early 1965 after his father was appointed Ambassador to Italy and his services were required at home.But he joined the army again immediately after hostilities broke out with Pakistan and took part in operations in the war only to resign again in early 1966 after the war was over.His political career began in January 1980 when he was elected MP. But he resigned from the Congress and the Lok Sabha in protest against the entry of the army into the Golden Temple during “Operation Blue Star” in 1984.last_img read more

Parrikar presents Budget, spares common man

first_imgGoa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar who holds finance portfolio on Friday presented the 2017-18 annual budget of Rs.16,021 crore with a revenue surplus of Rs.202.48 crores.The budget which spared common man from any additional levies revised the fees for renewal of casinos license, their annual recurring fees and doubled fees for transfer of licenses from Rs.10 crores, and made beer marginally costly by enhancing the Excise duty on the beer manufactured in the State or imported.While declining to tinker with the rates of various commercial taxes, the State budget proposed to withdraw the scheme of collection of entry fee on vehicles entering the State, moment the GST would be implemented from July 1.The budget stated that the State’s Commercial Taxes department was fully geared for introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST).Goa being a consumption State, where in services play a major role, Mr. Parrikar anticipated that the tourist State will gain from GST.Mr. Parrikar, in his budget speech recalled that since five years the State had maintained the promise that prices of petrol would not cross Rs.60 per litre. He felt it was time to review this measure and in  view of enhanced spending and provisions for existing and various new initiatives  he increased the value added tax (VAT) on motor spirit to 15 per cent but ensuring that the rate would be in the range of Rs.65 per litre.As a measure to promote airlines to connect Goa with small towns under the regional connectivity scheme of the Centre, which in turn would promote tourism, Mr. Parrikar proposed to reimburse VAT on aviation turbine fuel, in excess of 01 per cent.As a green initiative the government has also exempted from VAT on the sale of electric vehicles and the vehicles also will be exempted from motor vehicle tax.In a relief to the mineral ore industry, the government proposed to allow input tax credit on sale of mineral ore.Mr. Parrikar reduced the export fee on beer to 50 paise per bulk litre.Responding to the pleas of the sellers of high-end vehicles to reduce the high registration fee, the government rationalised the registration fee by categorising the dealers as per their share capital and making slabs according to price of the high-end vehicles.The government also lifted the moratorium on registration of rent-a-bike or two-wheeler taxis.last_img read more

Three held guilty in Nayana Pujari rape and murder case

first_imgA Pune trial court on Monday found guilty the three accused in the gangrape and murder of software professional Nayana Pujari, seven years after the crime.The court will hear arguments on the quantum of the sentence on Tuesday, after which the judgment will be pronounced.Special Judge L.L. Yenkar, the fourth to hear the case since the protracted trial commenced in 2011, pronounced the accused Mahesh Thakur, Yogesh Raut and Vishwas Kadam guilty under Sections 376 (rape), 302 (murder), 120B(criminal conspiracy) 361 (kidnapping) along with other Sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).Ms. Pujari, an engineer with Synechron Technologies, was abducted near Kharadi bypass on October 7, 2009, while awaiting her transport back home. Raut, the cab driver who worked for the firm, along with Thakur, Kadam and a fourth person, Rajendra Chaudhari, who worked as a security guard with the firm, kidnapped the victim and raped her in the car.They later withdrew ₹61,000 using her ATM card and bludgeoned her to death in a remote spot. Her body was recovered two days later from the Zarewadi forests in Khed Taluk, 50 km from the city.The murder sent shockwaves across the city, casting a dark shadow over Pune’s reputation as a city safe for women. The victim’s husband, Abhijit Pujari, who was present in the courtroom, later said he hoped the accused would be hanged for the crime.Of the four accused, Chaudhuri turned approver. Meanwhile, Raut managed to flee police custody in 2011 and was re-arrested in Shirdi in May 2013 as the investigation sped up in the aftermath of the 2012 Delhi gangrape.In his final arguments last week, Special Public Prosecutor Harshad Nimbalkar claimed to have established a complete chain of events that led to the crime and hoped that the court would award the three accused the highest punishment.Repeat offendersDuring the investigation, it was found that the accused had murdered a vegetable vendor in a similr manner after abducting and raping her. The vendor’s body was thrown in the Indrayani river along the Pune-Nashik Highway.last_img read more

Loans-for-kin case: clean chit for bank

first_imgNagpur – Officials of the Mumbai District Cooperative Bank have been given a clean chit in a case of alleged distribution of loans to relatives.On Wednesday, Cooperation Minister Subhash Deshmukh informed MLAs in the State Assembly the Vigilance Squad’s inquiry found no financial irregularities in the loans disbursed by the bank headed by Bharatiya Janata Party MLC Pravin Darekar However, the Minister claimed that technical irregularities had been found in the transactions and two officials have been suspended.last_img read more

FIR against Kabir Kala Manch for provocative speeches

first_imgThe Pune Police have booked six members of the Kabir Kala Manch (KKM), a predominantly Dalit and working class troupe performing protest music, for allegedly making provocative speeches at the Elgaar Parishad held in Pune on December 31 to commemorate the Bhima-Koregaon battle.The police had earlier filed an FIR against Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mevani and student leader Umar Khalid.The FIR was lodged against KKM activists Sudhir Dhavale, Deepak Dhengle, Jyoti Jagtap, Deepak Sagar Gorkhe, Harshali Potdar and Ramesh Gaychor at the Vishrambaug police station under Sections 153 (a), 505 1 (b), 117 and 34 of the Indian Penal Code on Monday night, the police said. Complainant Tushar Ramesh Damgude (37) said in his complaint, “Throughout their presentation, which included songs, speeches and drama, the KKM members made remarks designed to incite trouble, such as repeatedly calling for the crushing of the ‘neo-Peshwai’ mentality … It is my view that [the KKM] is a front for the CPI (Maoist) and is misleading the Dalit community with their seditious acts.”In January last year, the Supreme Court had granted bail to KKM activists Sachin Mali, Sagar Gorkhe and Ramesh Ghaichor, who had been arrested by the Maharashtra ATS for purveying ‘objectionable’ literature and aiding and abetting Naxal activities.Santosh Shinde of the Sambhaji Brigade, which participated in the Elgar Parishad, said the administration is hounding people who had taken permission for the Parishad instead of investigating Sambhaji Bhide and Milind Ekbote, against whom an FIR was filed after violence in Bhima-Koregaon on January 1.Meanwhile, the Pune Rural Police have arrested 27 people from the Maratha and Dalit communities for the January 1 clashes at Bhima-Koregaon. Nine of them have been sent to police custody till January 11.last_img read more

SC shocked over Madhya Pradesh disbursing ₹6500 to rape victims

first_imgIs rape worth ₹6,500?The Supreme Court on Thursday asked the Madhya Pradesh government while questioning the state whether it was doing a “charity” by giving this meagre amount to the victims of sexual assaults.The apex court said it was shocking that Madhya Pradesh, which was among the states which had received maximum funds from the Centre under the Nirbhaya fund scheme, was disbursing ₹6,000-6,500 only to each rape victim.The Nirbhaya Fund scheme was announced by the Centre in 2013 after the sensational December 16, 2012 gang-rape and murder case in Delhi to support the initiatives of governments and the NGOs working for women’s safety.A bench comprising Justices Madan B. Lokur and Deepak Gupta, while perusing the affidavit filed by Madhya Pradesh, said, “According to you (Madhya Pradesh) and your affidavit, on an average, you are paying ₹6,000 to a rape victim. Are you doing a charity? How can you do so… You value a rape at ₹6,500?”“For Madhya Pradesh, the figures are fantastic. There are 1,951 rape victims in Madhya Pradesh and you are giving them ₹6,000-₹6,500 each. Is that good, commendable? What is this,” the bench asked, adding, “this is total insensitiveness”.The bench termed it “shocking” that despite getting the maximum amount under the Nirbhaya Fund, the state had only spent around ₹1 crore on 1,951 rape victims.The Haryana government also faced the wrath of the top court today for not filing its affidavit giving details about Nirbhaya Fund.The court had last month directed all states and union territories (UTs) to file an affidavit indicating the amount received by them under the Nirbhaya Fund towards victim compensation, amount disbursed by them under the scheme and the number of victims of sexual assault. As many as 24 states and UTs are yet to file their affidavits.During the hearing, when Haryana’s counsel said they would file their affidavit, the bench observed, “If you have not filed affidavit, it is a very clear indication of what you feel for safety of women in your state”.“You take your time and tell the women in your state that you do not care for them,” the bench said while observing that 24 states and UTs have not yet filed their affidavit as per the court’s direction.When the counsel representing one of the petitioners told the bench that they have so far received only one affidavit filed on behalf of Sikkim, the bench asked, “Is this becoming a joke? If you are not interested in this case, tell us. On what basis you are saying that only one state has filed affidavit. You do not even see the office report?”The counsel for Meghalaya told the bench that they have disbursed around ₹30.55 lakh to 48 victims of sexual assault.In its order, the bench noted that despite all talks, discussions and intent expressed on gender justice, 24 states and UTs have not yet filed their affidavits.It asked these states and UTs to file their affidavits within four weeks, “if at all they were interested” in the welfare of women.Earlier, the Centre had told the apex court that it was finding it difficult to get the cooperation of states on the issue relating to disbursal of compensation to the victims of sexual assault under the Nirbhaya scheme.Six petitions were filed in the Supreme Court after the gangrape case in Delhi on December 16, 2012 raising concerns over the safety and security of women.All the petitions were tagged by the apex court and several directions have been issued from time to time in this regard.last_img read more

Good days will come, Asaram says from jail

first_imgA purported audio clip of Asaram, serving a life sentence at a Jodhpur jail, has surfaced online, in which the self-styled godman is heard telling a person over phone that his time behind bars is ephemeral and that “good days will come”.According to the Jodhpur Central Jail Deputy Inspector General of Police Vikram Singh, the 15-minute audio clip might be a recording of a telephone conversation Asaram had on Friday, two days after a Jodhpur court found him guilty and sentenced him to life in prison for raping a teenage girl.last_img read more

CRPF jawan injured in Srinagar encounter

first_imgOne CRPF jawan has been injured in an ongoing encounter between militants and security forces in Srinagar on Saturday morning.The firefight broke out between militants and security focres in Srinagar’s Chatabal area in the morning when secuirty personnel launched a search operation of a residential area.”Intermittent firing is on,” said the police. One CRPF jawan has suffered injury in the exchange of fire.Two militants are believed trapped. There are reports of stone pelting in the area.last_img read more

J&K ex-Governor N.N. Vohra played his own tune, says BJP leader

first_imgBJP Jammu and Kashmir president Ravinder Raina’s remarks on the former Governor N.N. Vohra and his successor Satya Pal Malik evoked sharp reaction in the Valley on Thursday.In a video that went viral online, Mr. Raina boasts about replacing Mr. Vohra, saying apni hi dafli bajata tha [Would play his own tune]” and said Mr. Malik was “the BJP’s own man.” Ab Jo Governor Aya Hai Woh Hamara Banda Hai [The Governor who has taken over is our man].” The Peoples Democratic Party, once an ally of the BJP, called Mr. Raina’s remarks “ludicrous.” “He has not only undermined the constitutional authority of the State but has also tried to belittle the office of Governor,” general secretary Ghulam Nabi Lone Hanjura said. The PDP, he said, was of the opinion that the office of Governor is impartial and functions without prejudice or partiality. Meanwhile, Mr. Malik called for giving a renewed push to the “Mission on Delivering Governance” and “Mission on Delivering Development” to bring the State back on course.last_img read more

No threat of any major flood in Odisha

first_imgThe possibility of a major flood has been ruled out in Odisha following average rainfall recorded during the last 24 hours ending on Thursday morning.According to the control room of the Special Relief Commissioner, the average rainfall in the State recorded on Thursday for the last 24 hours was 2.7 mm while 28 districts received sporadic rainfall, the highest being 18.8 mm in Kalahandi district.“There was no rainfall during the past 24 hours in the remaining two districts of Bhadrak and Deogarh,” it said. Thursday also remained largely dry throughout the State.Flood control cell of the State Water Resource department said 6.43 lakh cusecs of water had flown through the Mundali barrage by 6 p.m. and the flow of water would gradually come down. As there was drop in the intensity of rainfall in the upper catchment of the Mahanadi, managers of Hirakud Dam Project at Burla closed five sluice gates. However, 20 gates still remianed opened. Heavy precipitation recorded from Monday to Wednesday had inundated about 30 villages under the Harabhanga block of Boudh. There was report of flooding in low-lying areas of Subarnapur, Angul and Cuttack districts.“We had received information about a road getting cut off in Boudh district. It was immediately restored. We do not expect any major flood in the coastal belt,” said Bishnupada Sethi, Managing Director of Odisha State Disaster Management Authority and Special Relief Commissioner.last_img read more

Woman alleges she was driven around atop police vehicle

first_imgA 35-year-old woman alleged on Wednesday that she was made to sit on the roof of a police vehicle and driven around Shehjaza village in the Majitha Assembly constituency of Amritsar.Identified as Jaswinder Kaur, the Amritsar-based woman alleged that she sustained injuries when she fell from the top at a sharp turn near Chawinda Devi village. She claimed that there was CCTV footage of the incident.Police deny charge However, the police denied the allegation, saying an investigation was under way.The woman told reporters that a team of the Bureau of Investigation of the Punjab police had visited her house to arrest his father-in-law in a criminal case, but on not finding him, they allegedly made her sit on the roof of the police vehicle and drove around the village.SP Amritsar (Rural), Parmpal Singh said the raid was conducted by a BOI team and no district police men were involved.“I would be in a position to comment on the allegations of the woman after the matter is thoroughly investigated. The raiding team has also approached us and lodged a complaint against the woman for attacking the police,” he said.last_img read more

5 killed as train derails in U.P.

first_imgAt least five people were killed and four seriously injured after nine coaches and the engine of the New Delhi-bound New Farakka Express (train number 14003) derailed near Rae Bareli at 6 a.m. on Wednesday. The express runs between Malda town in West Bengal and New Delhi. According to railway officials, all the deceased were from Bihar. They were identified as Ajay Kumar, 45, of Kishanganj; Sunita Manjhi, 52, of Munger, her son Shambhu, 25, and his one-year-old daughter Rita. The fifth casualty was seven-year-old Dinesh, also from Munger.NDRF and SDRF teams pulled out 20 passengers from the derailed coaches, the police said, after using gas cutters to reach them. Drones and long-range cameras were deployed in the rescue work, they added.Railway Minister Piyush Goyal has ordered an inquiry into the accident, which took place in the Harchandpur area of Rae Bareli. The inquiry will be conducted by the Commission of Railway Safety, Northern Circle. A special train, which was arranged for the stranded passengers, left Lucknow for New Delhi at 2.45 p.m. with 1,369 passengers.Ex gratia announcedPrime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his grief over the tragedy. “Condolences to the bereaved families and I pray that the injured recover quickly,” he tweeted.Mr. Goyal announced compensation of ₹5 lakh for the kin of the dead, ₹1 lakh for the injured and ₹50,000 for those with minor injuries. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath also announced ₹2 lakh for the families of the deceased and ₹50,000 for those seriously injured.(With inputs from PTI)last_img read more