Captain’s Diary – Louise Winchester

first_imgIn this edition, Australian Women’s Open captain, Louise Winchester, speaks about her team’s preparation in the lead up to the World Cup  and her troublesome pinky finger. Hey Touch heads, Well I’m so sorry that this next diary entry has taken me so long to write, I’m sure you’ve all been so disappointed and waiting anxiously. The plan was to write this entry after our last camp but a few things have happened since then. It is now the night before our second and final camp before we go away to Scotland and yes I’m counting down the days…only 14 more sleeps!My apologies for not writing sooner but I had a little mishap last camp which has basically taken up all my time in the last two weeks. At the training camp on Sunday I broke my little finger. I was playing a game with the girls and simply dove for a touchdown. My finger landed on the ball awkwardly but there wasn’t much in it at all! Lucky I had some great physios looking after me in Georgia and Steve ‘The Goose King’ Cunningham as they got right onto it.Kristy was a very good friend and came with me to emergency and sat with me most of Sunday night. Wednesday then came and off I went to the specialist thinking nothing of it really, only to be shocked by the news that I needed surgery. So on Friday of last week I went and got three screws put in my little finger. I never would have thought a little finger could be such a punish!I must admit, I was gutted at first. Not because I ever thought I wouldn’t play, even with the bad timing of it all, that never once came into my mind. But I guess I was just so disappointed that it had to happen at all. In the end, it most definitely could have been worse and it is only a pinky! So basically now it’s rehab time and I’m very lucky to have a number of physios in our team who are all helping me out!Earlier tonight I picked up Quirky, Chez, Quincy and Jess from the airport. It was just so nice to see the girls and they all made me feel much better. We have had a lovely night at the Winchester household with Mum whipping up a beautiful pasta dish for us all and then we all just relaxed and watched the footy. Quirk Dog is being a good girl and has been hitting the books for her next exam which is Monday morning, exactly what she’ll feel like after a weekend of tippy tap. And the other youngsters have all gone off to bed in preparation for a big day tomorrow!Even though I am so disappointed that I won’t be able to run with the girls this camp, I am really looking forward to it. Last camp I felt was awesome. As a team we just got better and better and things are really starting to come together nicely for us.We’ve had Kez on the job, keeping us in line. Deano has us on the ball with all his little drills and skills and Micko Banks has us recovering in fashion with the up and go’s!Just a few little things to fix up but we are on track and after this weekend, most definitely ready to go!Hope everyone is well. Write soon. Sweet tippy tap dreams.Weezo xolast_img

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