Atlético, with one eye in Sevilla … and the other in Anfield

first_imgDavid Soria stopped Morata one on the 1st day of the League, Atlético-Getafe; Vaclik to Costa in the 12th, Sevilla-Atlético; Trippier marred at Lokomotiv, Champions. Not João Félix in that same game, nor Costa against Valencia, nor Morata against Barcelona in the Super Cup, nor Trippier in the final round against Madrid. Four marked and five wrong in total. And in front of Liverpool, round of eighths. A tie that Atlético wins 1-0 but that in Anfield could be settled on penalties. Simeone, just in case, worked on yesterday’s session.And that in Cholo that practice is not usual. “It doesn’t help much in training because then you go to the stadium and they have nothing to do with it,” he said in 2018. The pressure that has nothing to do with it. But, just in case, just in case the round of 16 ends, yesterday, on the Hill, his players tuned from eleven meters. Morata, João Félix, Saúl, Thomas, Koke, Trippier and even Costa. Everything is little for a match like that. Penalties are another one of those chains that Atlético is dragging this season. Penalties such as lack of goal and injuries. If the only batch he has faced he lost (Saul and Thomas missed their pitches), in the final of the Saudi Super Cup, against Madrid, during the games the account is not much further.last_img

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