College students Xu Kai opened the company to create 2 million years of turnover

What does

mean for graduates who are leaving campus in 2016? Many students may think they have lost a place, lost to find their parents living excuse, more people are in for a simple job and go up. However, at the same time, many people are still worried about the simple life, the protagonist Xu Kai chose to open the company, and created an annual turnover of 2 million of good results.

has done O2O campus convenience store manager, organized a chartered business, independently developed the booking system and WeChat platform…… Four years of university life, Jinling Institute of Technology School of Longpan Xu Kai students busy awfully. His entrepreneurial path is not simple, 51 this year, he organized Zhangjiagang, Changshu, Funing and other 21 car line, traveled to Jiangning, Pukou three, Xianlin University City, stem from the "home school train chartered agency business. read more

One dollar can start a business

is not thinking about entrepreneurship? But the thought of a lot of money on startups need to play drums, but business does not need so much money, you have not thought about entrepreneurship with a piece of money? Don’t look down on a piece of money, well, it’s a good way to get rich. If you want to know the story of a piece of money to get rich, take a look at the following small articles to share it, tell you what to do 1 dollars to get rich.

1 what money from selling tea cup with

Cheng just laid off have been looking for a suitable project, by chance, he heard of " disposable tea cup ". He found through the investigation, the current use of disposable cups lack of cup cover, tea is difficult to open, tea floating on the tea cup is not pretty, some paper cups are not good, it is also easy to water.

1 the money what? Coffee instead of tea appears down for

1 what can be done in the hotel, the majority of the boss is not willing to pay more to the guests, and that they will be able to cope with a light pot of tea table guests. He then ran some Private Companies, but most do not think it is necessary to entertain clients, as long as a glass of mineral water, also said he was to do business, and not to tea, a cup of water is polite.

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Venture capital investment tips

woman’s wardrobe is always less a piece of clothing, women are born Shopaholic, the demand for clothing is very large, the women’s market is very fire, is the first choice for many entrepreneurs. But in order to create a success in the women’s clothing industry, we must choose a good join the project, but also to grasp the industry’s investment tips, so as to make it easier for you to open a shop, easy to get rich. So, what are the investment tips? This paper made a detailed introduction, I hope to help you. read more

What is the mainstream direction of food and beverage investment

Chinese has always been "hunger breeds discontentment", food is always an important part of the market China! Rapid economic growth has promoted the development of the food and beverage industry, 16 consecutive years to maintain the growth of the figure of, the total sales in 2008 reached an unprecedented $1 trillion and 500 billion! Scale capacity continues to grow, in 2011 will reach 2 trillion and 500 billion yuan!

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How can small and medium-sized supermarkets to operate better

in addition to various large supermarkets, in which we live, there is also a very large number of small and medium sized supermarkets, perhaps because of the fierce competition, also perhaps is the profit is not ideal, many small and medium-sized supermarkets have embarked on the road is closed. So, how can small and medium-sized supermarkets to operate better? Run more long?

"51" over the past few days, when I once again visit the home is located in a living area of Guangzhou city supermarket, turned out to be "empty iron general door, put up the shutters. This area of more than 3000 square meters of the size of the middle of the supermarket, from the opening to close the door, but after 4 years of time, but not more than two years. It closed, let me as loyal consumers, inevitably some regret. read more

The diversionary trick to get rich


, we have heard the word, know what it means, is the art of war, in common, often the word, as the saying goes, shopping malls such as the battlefield, the method commonly used in business field whether soldiers can use? May wish to understand.

diversion is East West, which is made from illusion, luring the enemy to make the wrong decision, and then took the opportunity to wipe out. Three, Zhu Geliang spent the war time and manpower, material and financial resources and a large number of battle, Meng Huo Zhi, only one purpose, to make it good. Because want to pacify the southwest, must first be so desire so must first longitudinal so only repeated longitudinal Menghuo, he will be convinced. Here, the longitudinal is to capture, give is to take, this is the dialectics. read more

Management activities to promote cross-strait youth in Entrepreneurship

the past two years, China, double activity booming has attracted a lot of young people in Taiwan, there is a vast market and business opportunities everywhere to Taiwan bring new choice for the development of a person with breadth of vision. More and more young people choose to come to Taiwan to start their own business development.

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Silver jewelry store should choose to open a large area

since it is open physical stores, will naturally be subject to the limitations of the area, after all, only have a certain area of the store, will attract more consumers, the store’s business will be better operations. So, how to choose a large area of silver jewelry store more appropriate? Investment funds is abundant, and in terms of earnings expectations of investors is relatively large, without too much concern for the shop location and area, but more is to pay more attention to what the brand can bring satisfaction for their own benefit. read more

Xiaobian for you to recommend a few alternative ways to make money

why do so many people choose to start a business? Xiao Bian believes that this is mainly because entrepreneurs can get more wealth, but in the fierce competition today, want to success, want to make a lot of money, has become difficult, so be sure to have what new ways to earn money can. Next Xiaobian for you to recommend a number of alternative ways to make money.

One of the

[] business network at present, the traditional double eyelid, eyebrow and so the image of the external beauty has been unable to fully meet the needs of modern life, improving the sound has become another important target for people to shape their own image. In fact, the sound is not good or not because most of the pronunciation is not the correct use of the vocal cords or the location of the tongue. In Tianjin, the emergence of the voice of beauty is mainly to allow professionals to teach people how to control, care of the voice. As in a place with a retroflex, pay attention to a sound shape. Do voice beauty customers, radio and television presenters, actors, public relations staff accounted for about 10% students, teachers accounted for 20%; children accounted for 30%. read more

How to avoid the shortage of zero cash in retail business

small trading transaction are generally small, the change has become a very normal thing, it requires owners can have sufficient lingchao. However, how do you avoid this situation when you are in a retail business that is experiencing a shortage of zero? I summed up two tips to share with peers.

is often to the customer "to" zero. For example, a customer to buy a pack of 17 yuan, Yellow Crane Tower smoke, the customer to $20, you want to find him $3. At this point, you can ask the customer: do you have 2 yuan? You give me 2 yuan, I find you $5." If the customer has a lot of 1 yuan coins and put up more trouble, he may be more willing to exchange into 5 yuan or $10 notes. read more

What good projects can be done in winter

winter is the season of all things quiet, how to start in the winter, winter, what good projects? Xiaobian for you to recommend a few winter can earn a good project! What good projects can be done in winter? May wish to take a look at!

winter what project can do? Adjustable constant temperature electric mosquito net technology

, especially to the old gentleman. Members declared "adjustable constant temperature electric heating mosquito net is also aimed at the gaps in the market, another way to achieve the winter heating demand. read more

Recommended clothing chain store display doorway method

open clothing chain, first of all to understand some of the basic skills of the display, you may feel that the display is very simple, is not the clothes on the shelves? In fact, the clothing store displays a lot of knowledge, here we recommend several common clothing store display skills.

1, model demonstration method

except some traditional styles, such as shirts, most fashion by showing the effect of direct to consumer sales. When people see a beautiful show, they mistakenly think that they are so beautiful. Stores in addition to hanging display and shelf display, but also the use of model shows. There are some people, dummy models show that the beautiful salesperson can also act as a model, the world’s first commercial model is born. read more

Shenyang entrepreneurs can apply for interest free loans

young entrepreneurs in the early stages of entrepreneurship will often encounter problems of lack of funds. Shenyang young entrepreneurs will no longer bother, a good news about entrepreneurship will make them very happy this year, entrepreneurs can apply for interest free loans in Shenyang.

for better support for college students and youth employment, this year, Shenyang set up 50 million not-for-profit policy funds to "fund" college students and youth employment and entrepreneurship development in Shenyang, specifically for the support of college students and young entrepreneurs. read more