To migrant workers returning home to raise awareness of migrant workers Entrepreneurship

now migrant workers entrepreneurship has become a social trend, at the same time, affected by the national policy, there are now many migrant workers have answered their hometown to start a business the way to get rich, so, the majority of migrant workers need to pay attention to what time in the business?

work to South gold and returning migrant workers, due to local business downturn. Relevant departments of the country’s latest survey data show that about 9 million of migrant workers to return home. read more

We finally hit the ground running along the way

today, according to the school requirements the three party employment agreement to pay the return from school to accommodation, immediately open the computer, landing just finished the site background, and plan in the two day weekend, all the articles upload the upload end, make it a decent website. Suddenly the eyes feel sour and pain, picked up the computer next to the mirror to see, eyeful bloodshot, remember last night in order to do this site, until 2 at night, tired of feeling more intense, want to take a break, though how much I want to put my favorite websites, but think of the time like Miss, maybe a lie slightly narrow, wake up when it is at dead of night if so, I will not forgive myself, when I was a fierce ideological struggle, the university class QQ group flash, I also want to ask the teacher to report on my employment agreement, today on his desk, so I began to speak in the group, I don’t remember how about technology, technology class the best students are now doing java development work, I am learning The school is a computer professional in – Java, but will be graduating, I began to have a strong interest in the station, so do not bad Java give up, java do development work in the class of small bright, see me in the group, and in the irony I say: a review Java the right to. I remember at that time, he and I are Java quite good students in the class at that time, when I was graduating from Java from the station, he is also a variety of ridicule, I think he is not possible start and progress in establishment, how could three years of studying Java wasted. At that time, but I have already decided to abandon, I know what I want, but also understand what is suitable for their own, I secretly determined in his heart, must take the construction well, we must learn SEO search engine optimization technology, build a real good quality website, let him sit up and take notice, maybe because I always have this idea, let me in the station on the road until now, now the site of from my heart is still far, at the beginning, because the new station, pr=0, I have several times in the group In exchange for sincere Links, no one in the group sent me, ask Links so much, I have repeatedly been the main T, and how? Go to this step, how can sit idly by the read more

The homepage site is not shared in the first experience

is also a Monday morning, to see what changes in the big update, has become a lot of webmaster looking forward to. As usual I open the site, look at the parameters of each site, found several sites have similar phenomenon: the website is greatly improved, and the chain rankings is much lower, there is an old station ranking has been stable for months has dropped a lot in this update. Indeed, open Baidu site, is not the first home page.

then, read a lot of webmaster share about home page site is not in the first experience article, many people say that this does not bring any table, also has many friends say this is the right to drop performance. According to the change of their website, home page has been used in the first place, but today and ranking together off, would not discuss whether this is right down, at least Baidu wanted to tell me: what is your site problems need to solve. Combined with the specific circumstances of the previous website and the implementation of the optimization strategy, the website has made the following analysis: read more

Notes on SNS marketing skills in network marketing

evening, and rich marketing brothers talk about SNS marketing skills, and they sort out, here and share with you, my QQ 57715727.

1. What is SNS marketing


about this point, I think it is necessary for you to take a closer look at the Baidu encyclopedia explanation, I believe it will help.

two, SNS marketing considerations

1, looking for your marketing object – what kind of SNS is better for you,


network is a big family, or is one of the world, only when you know who is your marketing object, who is your potential customers and potential customers in where, so that you may continue to do marketing, there is no exception in SNS marketing, for example, if your products are suitable for some college students, some of the younger groups, so you may be more suitable to, relatively better friends than the Tencent, because of the relatively students more attention, I am here is relatively speaking, I did not say not to do Tencent friend, I want to let everyone know what is SNS more suitable for you, find out their key. read more

Network marketing, learning QQ, QQ group and other tools to promote

is not a few months, not carefully for a long time did not update the blog, or continue to update the old rules, suitable for the small and medium-sized enterprise network promotion way detailed series, because this series compared to many small and medium-sized enterprise network promotion is very useful, this little first tell me, I will update the end of this series, and about 30 kinds of my practice and relatively effective way of network promotion, I will take out a detailed explanation. Last time on the "Baidu encyclopedia promotion" carried out a detailed analysis, if not yet understood, you can look at [network marketing promotion] five: Wikipedia promotion (with authoritative encyclopedia detailed) this article. read more

Station difficult period webmaster must pay attention to 6 problems

recently, the website and the room one after another rectification, the webmaster of the Internet how to spend the winter? Maybe, there will be a return to persist, for everyone finishing 6 points station difficult period must pay attention to, for we learn to use.

site construction difficult period webmaster must pay attention to 6 problems:

one, we should immediately check their website, to see if there are some illegal content, some news, forums, etc., there is, delete it, so as not to ask for trouble later. read more

From four angles, it is not satisfactory to analyze the development of Witkey industry

China with the number of Internet users reached 500 million, Chinese Internet development has risen to a new level, and with the popularity of the Internet, various network profitable projects and occupation also arise, SEO Technology Specialist, webmaster, marketing team and network construction, and so on, everyone in the full use of the network of the new platform to wantonly the Nuggets, which I must mention is Witkey website. Since the 09 years of explosive growth, is Witkey ushered in their golden period, not only the number of registered Witkey increased a lot, the number of tenderers and bounty amount have been greatly improved, which makes the Witkey website gains popularity in a short time, the development of brand value have gradually emerged. read more

Grassroots station strategy how can the station less detours

The popularization of

computers and the popularization of computer and network knowledge make the number of "three noes" (no money, no industry, no technology) more and more online, and these three people are both grass roots. I am also a member of the family of weeds, I also know, no resistance to the grass family, no money, no good job ah, there is no good technology! Can be even so, if the use of some methods, or to find a suitable method of grassroots grow into a tree on the internet. The network provides us with the soil and the stage, and everyone insists on working hard. Hope is still there.. read more

51 social network social security service must be calm, plough is a hard truth

social security is a sore point for the Chinese and Chinese enterprises, and the two major pain points are the difference in regional policy and the high demand of follow-up services. With the integration of the human resources industry offline and online, from the social security cut into the human resources services will become more and more hot, new competitors are more and more, which will help the entire social security industry progress.

July 1st, an interview with his founder, Mr. Yu Qingquan, at the headquarters of the 51 social security network in China World Trade Center. Unlike many O2O enterprise development strategy rash and too much in haste figure, calm and achievements of Mr. Yu Qingquan explains his entrepreneurial experience and social security 51. Mr. Yu Qingquan is full of expectation and morale for the trend of the integration of human resources services into the online and offline sectors. read more

Do stand for 6 years, talk about some of my experience

I was at University for 01 years, because of the initial interest in computers, especially the game, so every day in the net bar, did not play what game is legendary, and nine "game, every day is happy. After entering the second door, I have a buddy dormitory is the Department of computer, his computer to play very well, at that time he used the asp+access website, I met him for he is really envy, even a bit of worship, so I have to find him, to see his website.

gradually, I also understand some simple web language, such as HTML and js. I remember him as a "Man online website was" (, is a download station, now seems very simple, it is a CMS, and the code is very confusing, but I think has been very great, so I volunteered for me to maintain some of the physical is update information and he also posted links to live music at leisure, so I started to contact the real website. read more

Micro-blog marketing can be full use of webmaster

today, the pace of social media development is quite rapid, and as a public platform, micro-blog’s development is also in line with the requirements of the majority of Internet users. As ordinary users may only take micro-blog as entertainment platform in use, but to surf in the Internet webmaster, this also is one of the ways of marketing, is such a popular platform, micro-blog marketing will be the webmaster to make full use of. Micro-blog marketing is entertainment or business opportunities, but also wrote the webmaster should use micro-blog marketing. read more

Case analysis website revision traffic down from more than 10 thousand to single digits

because the old version of the website problems, so decided to do revision work, last night is also working overtime for rectification. As a result, the result of poor traffic today is due to the neglect of the details. Let us take a look at the original site traffic and current site traffic comparison:

because most of the traffic on the web comes from the search engine, then it’s not going to be so bad, even if it’s morning. Therefore, the website was reviewed again, and the following problems were found: read more

Grassroots ridicule Ali mother is Taobao running errands guy

Ali has been on the line for some time, but hasn’t had time to publish his views. Today saw the Ali Mama advertising revenue, there are a few dollars, money eyes well, I decided to write a story about the mom of the article.

why do Ma Yun Ali mother? The reason is very simple, because the seller Taobao teach some basic knowledge of SEO in Ma Yun, found that the search engine accounts for most of the antecedents of, in addition, an important reason is that Yahoo Chinese search does not like when Ma Yun took over the prophecy — about 10 months to make the domestic search engine the boss. (Ma Yun said, "if we don’t act sooner, 8-10 months later, we’ll lose the chance forever). Results from the end of 2005 to now, Yahoo search revised several times, but basically are unsuccessful, as the key search share does not rise or fall. So, Ma is very clever to give up Yahoo search, a short time beyond Baidu, Google fantasy. (now the Yahoo search is also true, became the experimental field of Ali, after all, there is no traffic, then it is optional Revision) read more

After Baidu K, my correspondence law

to take a summer vacation, ready to make a big fight, but until now, all efforts are tried, to check the next most engine also included, can Baidu I was not a bit cold.

why? I think Baidu is at first to the railway station to slow, can wait for a month is no effect, here once again, my domain name: is my net webmaster help me drag meter registered, out of his age, was established in November 6, 2004, that is to say! His age is 3 years, 16 days in September.

so a long history of domain names even not included? read more

Crazy man clever use of micro-blog 200 listeners can bring 800 independent P a day

first to reflect on, as a professional network promotion, crazy man has been optimistic about the soft Wen promotion, no early attention to micro-blog. When I first heard my friends talking about micro-blog, mad men also went to Sina to see it, but without looking at it, they denied the value of micro-blog. Then listen to friends about micro-blog, in addition to sniff at is a contemptuous disregard! By chance, mad men click on a friend in the group sent the link, and then became the official user rather baffling Tencent micro-blog. read more

Do not do T than do Wangzhuan site

I love the Internet. I started to love it when I extended from the Internet to china.

was very fond of surfing the Internet, reading novels, watching movies, playing BBS, and a web game. It was a very simple game. Since then, I have a strong interest in the network, and I wonder how this is done. Why does it have such effect?.

but, after a long time, I forget all of these expectations. I always like to hang around on the internet. Don’t know what time, the Internet suddenly appeared Wangzhuan word, some advocate Wangzhuan site. At that time, I thought, hey hey, do not go out to earn money, interesting. Then, with this own curiosity, began to work on the network, that is what do Wangzhuan, website promotion, data entry clerk, proxy server, game promotion, development of offline and so on, a lot of, after all they have a lot of time on the internet. read more

How to do a quick SEO diagnosis on a web site!

1, website open speed: domain name resolution time, connection server time, Download picture time. These can be on their computer Ping speed, or in the webmaster’s home or love station and other three tools speed measurement.

Look at the path

2, check out the web site: do 301 redirect, if there is a variety of paths exist, such as dynamic and static path, if the site support both the static and dynamic path, through which a Robots shield.

3, check the site return code: the site returned code settings are wrong, use a wrong page to visit the site, check whether it will return 404, domain name changes, 301 permanent redirection, and so on. read more

BBS plus SNS do local community website experience Raiders

is very happy today, Baidu search "Shenzhen forum" ranked fourth! Not much gossip, want to write something practical. Build local community Raiders, practical is the hard truth! 5 years of BBS experience, it is worth your study!


the simplest thing is never to ignore:

A, domain name + station name as my friends Wo Peng, Peng: is another name for Shenzhen, the other in Shenzhen called Pengcheng! I can’t take the name "Shenzhen forum", because the name was too much, a local name. Domain names, I suggest you use pinyin! read more

Law for users to consider, your station will be evergreen

today in the webmaster online to read a piece of talking to write "no webmaster webmaster", deep feelings. In the comments in the message, feeling not enough appeal to everyone, so decided to write an article, hope the webmaster can lead their attention.

some time ago I made a duet stand – dance duet it, but later not so Baidu gave me every bit of traffic. I talked to a friend, he said, estimate your station north Baidu K it, I did not bring before the Baidu K mean, and then I understand the presence of technology or content on the station suspected of cheating. But as a lovers of the song and dance duet, I just want to share the information about the recent collection of song and dance duet to the vast number of users, so that they do not like me running around the Internet looking for things in the song and dance duet. So, I feel a bit recently by Baidu desire feeling, in the webmaster online to write articles, I hope everyone in the Baidu K you can after careful analysis is not you only consider the rankings without considering the user, or your website or else what a problem. If no problem if you put your mind to continue to do stand, share your happiness! Today talking said I had the same words, I thank the Lord deep. read more

Before the game after the pursuers have cut faces the crisis of development

Ministry of culture, "09 years online shopping market white paper" pointed out: in 2009, the online game market accounted for 3.3% of the overall size of the game market, the market size of 860 million yuan, an increase of 91.1% in 2008. The number of web games also increased from 2008 at the end of 263 to 2009 by the end of 516, bringing it much faster than MMORPG games. At the same time, the development of web game has encountered many bottlenecks, such as technology, product homogenization, product promotion and so on. Only rely on the "fast" and "imitation" and launched a number of homogenization of the game is not a normal market due to state companies and industries lack of diversification of products will eventually be difficult to achieve sustainable development. read more