How to describe the website optimization

1, maximum 76 words, words as not more than 76 words, the decision according to the index words search engine, website description about seize the center, instead of the tired.

7, a description of the contents of correlation, whether it is on the site of the title, keyword or description always and overall site content and location are closely related, has always been to the positioning of the site as the core of dot expansion.

4, describe not only attract, here I want to say that description does not want to bid, high CTR can achieve quality score, the quality of the website is through IP, PV and the bounce rate determined, if blindly through the magnificent description of improve click, the effect may be to let you down. read more

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nets red, there is another pronoun – show, of course, show another purpose is famous, out of name, what use, of course, of great use, that is fund-raising.

in the PE/VC circle, there is not a secret, that is on the scale, and then the management fees rose slowly, so as to prove himself very niubi.


good or bad, let us look at the red net and investment logic.

is not short of money investors transition network red, PE/VC Daniel what in the end what you think,

is perhaps the usual work too seriously, a new wealth selection canvassing season is not to rely on the beauty of their Lara won votes, under the eye, active atmosphere, good for themselves, after the list of publicity yourself. Thus, a grand party in the spotlight, in full swing. read more

t was the A share first high share, today’s share price fell to 10.31 yuan, the controlling shareho

January 10, 2014 all pass education prospectus issued, at that time, Chen Chichang holding 20 million 666 thousand and 800 shares, the shareholding ratio of 31.89%; Lin Xiaoya holding 2 million 583 thousand and 300 shares, the shareholding ratio of 399%. After 2013 year, the 2014 annual capital reserve and Chen Chichang holdings, shares, Chen Chichang holds a full education 210 million shares, of which 171 million shares of restricted shares before starting, Lin Xiaoya holds 21 million 312 thousand and 200 shares, are starting to limit the sale of shares before. read more

Microsoft will be increased or not all browsers support instant search

According to [

according to the WinRumors website Tom Warren said, Microsoft will be the team is developing a HTML5 version of the site will be for the final version of the IE browser with the release of 9. HTML5 is a set of new website interactive elements of the standard, and the Flash Adobe is the standard of competition. Microsoft has become one of the main selling point of support for HTML5 IE 9. Apple, Google, Facebook and many other companies have support for HTML5.

This site

] San Francisco March 7th news, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft is planning a Bing search engine adding instant search function. However, unlike the Google instant search launched last September, will be the version of instant search may not run on all browsers. read more

Walk between white hat and black hat [gray hat Shanghai Dragon Technology]

2, for the website chain, the establishment of Links

A: gray hat Shanghai dragon is equivalent to the effective white hat Shanghai dragon, white hat may be about 3 months or longer, but the black hat Shanghai dragon, likely to be K drop right greatly reduced. This is also a lot of Shanghai dragon ER frequently used Shanghai dragon technology.

my personal understanding is more than the white hat search engine optimization, more standardized than black hat called gray hat Shanghai dragon technology. Although he is in the middle, but for a search engine is the most secure. read more

Love and cooperation between Shanghai and Beijing ndustrial and Commercial Bureau will develop a ne

Zhu Guang, vice president of the Shanghai love scene said, love Shanghai is a technology driven company, has always wanted to change people through technical means, to connect people and things. But by the power of Shanghai love to safeguard the interests of Internet users is an utterly inadequate measure, so with the city of Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau cooperation to better serve the public. (Aruhan)

Party A Party B to support the independent development of enterprise credit management services, to promote the social capital of enterprise credit management mode of governance of the overall process. read more

How to make a reasonable website website ranking stable rising power

in the chain: the site within the chain is difficult to modify, relative title, inside the chain involves the collection of the entire site, can be said to modify the failure is a site of death come on, so the chain modifications must follow several principles, if you do not, then do not to move your site within the chain, 1 is in the chain can easily skip changes, such as before A/B/C, can not be directly modified for A/C; 2 is in the chain can not modify the modifications have been included in the chain link; 3 is modified to delete too many links, generally 5 branches of a standard. read more

The search engine is the key to the cognitive degree of website optimization

1, the search engine overall cognitive

4, the chain chain =

positioning, core keywords users find the word is the site of the ninety percent, can bring the flow of words. Each set of "should be more or less secondary key words, such targeted layout, is your site keywords ranking is highlighted. Determine the core keywords will determine the basic framework of the website, then page description of the core keywords and auxiliary words are to be included as a search engine, so as to show the user. Analysis of the core keywords with commonly used tools, love Shanghai index. read more

The new version of journey to the west by the people feeling a few key points in the process of opti

four, Shanghai dragon saseng: need not rash

three, eight quit: optimization to proper rest

in a long period, full of thorns on the road from the main, the soul and the dominant figure is Tang Seng unremittingly. He knows what to do, what to do next, in order to guide members to success. Who says the optimization path is not that? We can say this, obtain ideal ranking as the canon. We firmly believe that only for the optimization of their own strength, and persevere unremittingly finish our ranking targets to make our optimization airness, get this is success. read more

Analysis of love Shanghai promotion operation of the two accounts of the pros and cons of

, from the quality and quantity of keywords for the problem of low

so the whole account structure of bbbbb account structure of AAAAA, improve the overall quality of the key words in the absence of the case, to increase keyword prices only kuzhongzuole. May increase the effective dialogue, but more likely to bring more invalid click.

3. new bbbbb operation of the newly added low degree of quality. This is the main reason.

2.bbbbb account contains 5000 keywords quality than the AAAAA low (this possibility is relatively small) read more

By 301, 404, 500 pages to enhance search engine friendliness


two: 404 error page.

but from a practical point of view, the situation is not so good in theory. The 301 work is still relatively slow, Jiangxi Shanghai dragon blogger company set 301 jump nearly half a year, Shanghai is still the lovely old domain in the front row, the new domain name is behind the old domain name.

server, the database error is always unexpected, if these places first fault, and just search engine spiders crawl to the back page 400, it will be a bad impression to the search engine! How can we solve this problem? The 500 page is a good method. read more

The construction site of the chain optimization considerations

1. for Links, we need to check regularly, avoid the chain of each other is K or drop right, if appear drop right phenomenon need to delete the link and immediately; also exchange Links not only need to watch PR, still need to see the website rankings and included a comprehensive consideration. Friends of the chain when the chain of the most important part of the chain, so if some weight high website, the website is undoubtedly a good way.

: first way about the chain release before we talked about, including the establishment of Links, forum, blog, quiz website and B2B network information release etc.. read more

Talking about how to make the high quality the Chain Forum

The role of

2. is not to be able to find relevant forum free post construction chain? Of course not, first of all, some forum set up post or URL permission; secondly, to figure out the Forum Forum and can set up personalized signature. We should cherish the post ID for permission to set the weights of the forum, forum posts are often very high, it must look at the Forum on whether to support the individual signature, if supported don’t add links in the thread, the signature weights and post linking effect is almost the same. In addition the signature set also has the skill, such as the above example, if your site keywords flowers, will character signature set to "flowers" this is routine, but if your character signature is "flowers" the most beautiful? Obviously, the latter signature can bring traffic to attract click once you click rate is high, the weight of the corresponding signature will improve. read more

360 can give owners a ray of light is the key away love Shanghai share

The explosion of

if the 1300 traffic is so, love Shanghai is still 8000, 300 Google, Sogou is 300, other search engines are 100, 360 and 1300. One of my site traffic is such a case, although the 360 has become the second largest search engine, but not around food love Shanghai’s market share, just wrapped food to some of the other search engine market share, such as the most serious injuries is Google, because the previous 360 default search engine is Google. Now the default search engine is 360, this is very powerful for Google shunt. For the love of Shanghai does not have any damage, because love is on the sea hao123. The 360 is to search to seize the traffic but it now believe that extending navigation, 360 search 90% is from the past 360 navigation. > read more

Shanghai love website security testing tools upgrade on-line to remind the owners pay attention to s


love Shanghai algorithm upgrade combat hyperlink for cheating, webmasters and Shanghai Longfeng workers has great influence. In the past by the black hat Shanghai Longfeng optimized website, will be very difficult to obtain the ideal rankings, even at risk of being black. Safety testing tool to upgrade again remind website security problems will also affect the user experience and search engine ranking, webmaster should be timely safety monitoring on site.


web search websiteWhen the read more

The actual enterprise website user needs mining and Optimization Countermeasures

users concerned, naturally more click browse. Therefore, with the "where" Wuhan wedding photography on the search results, click more attractive. Look at the following example.

directly with the keywords to do the home in front of the titile, the highest weight, at present they have done to the natural ranking the first, no doubt in the search for the word, web exposure more.


not to do to love Shanghai to see, but to the user. When your website is in when confused period, what is not Jingxiaxinlai web users demand analysis. Today is divided into share, their wedding photography in Wuhan on the website of the user needs mining experience. read more

Summarize the factors of love Shanghai area down the right site

Links is outside the chain of the most advanced, but the effect is the best, but from the Shanghai love down the right perspective, affect the perception of Links is the largest in Shanghai, the author once love database read too much Links will lead to negative effects, while the number of the Links website reached more than 50, at this point may have a certain impact, it is recommended that you webmaster exchange Links to around 25 to 30 old enough, at the same time we must carefully analyze the other website whether there exists the negative factors in the exchange time. read more

Site weight and ranking of

site weight and ranking of

(not to be confused with

website weight definition: the search engine to the site overall give some authority value (this is not a definitive data on the site), the overall authority of the assessment or evaluation of a web site, the higher the weight, the share in the search engine’s weight greater (more weight to search more) in the search engine ranking is better. Improve the site weight, there are hot words in the search engine to the site’s ranking, but also improve ZhengZhan flow, weight that the site in the overall evaluation and assessment, improve your trust so as to improve the weight of the website. The higher the weight, the higher authority, pay attention to its search engine is also higher. read more

The enterprise website optimization should be refined and non

enterprise website of our Shanghai dragon practitioners can be said to be a very big cake. Then today, the enterprise website optimization way is not so easy. Do the optimization of many people, enterprises have a lot of options, the price is slowly down. So how are we going to guide enterprises to do the optimization? Think small and fine will be a way out.

is prepared to stainless steel centrifugal pump as keywords, title home page keyword layout the first word is the word. If using the previous technique, then followed the words if the accumulation of lexical category vertical centrifugal pump, horizontal centrifugal pump and so on, this is not such a person, but with a performance of "our products are vertical and horizontal and single stage and multi-stage pipeline, anti explosion, so can be added to the stainless steel centrifugal pump, and can form different keywords, such as multistage centrifugal pump, centrifugal pump etc.. Because the word love Shanghai is a multi-stage, single stage centrifugal pump, and pipeline are different words. This is the homepage of Title writing. Similarly, page description is also such a form. The aim is to do not stack keywords. Because you listen to all of the tutorial is to accumulation several key words, and whether it is beautiful or beauty Lele BBS said or optimization, are added in the form of the main keywords. This form personally think it is a new form of keyword layout. read more