Female U-20 Lone Star Had No Chance

first_imgThe national U-20 female Lone Star never had no chance last Saturday in their return-leg encounter for next year’s World Cup in Papua New Guinea, against their Nigerian counterparts in Abuja, as the Nigerians ran away with victory, slamming in seven goals without a reply.The first leg two weeks ago in Monrovia saw the Nigerians sweeping victory their own way, scoring an incredible but humiliating 7-1 before the home crowd. And with such a devastating first leg, it would have been too foolish for any local fan to expect a miracle of victory.True, miracles happen once in a while but only when you are prepared and conditioned to expect it. Since we never prepared our young women for their opponents, it was clear that we did not need a soothsayer or a prophet to have predicted how the results would be.Now the two-leg encounter is over with our team losing a surprising but unfortunate 14-1 defeat and what should we begin to think. Yes, think is what I said and not ‘what we should begin to do.’ This is because we would do nothing any way. The disgrace would pass just like any other thing passes us by.But one thing I know we will do is to condemn and just take satisfaction in just talk about the soccer tragedy in Monrovia and Abuja. Yes, I know the Ministry of Youth & Sports would say nothing because they don’t have to say anything about the defeat. It is not a tradition for the Ministry to worry about why we lost and offer suggestions. Or take some serious action with the intent to get things done a little better in the future.But the question that should claim the attention of somebody is this: ‘Why did we register to play when we knew long time ago that we would not prepare the team well for the tournament?’ There are people who want to be counted because they want to be counted. But in sports Liberian players, whether male or female, deserve better preparation and motivation. Anything other than that means we would court disaster as it happened against Falconets.Even if somebody wanted the girls to lose, they could have led them to lose with honor. Losing 14-1 in two matches underscore the lack of commitment and support to develop the female game, much more the male national team.Where is Madam Ciatta Bishop? She was the one who, just before the Ebola menace, came on the scene with promises of seeing the Promised Land for our girls. Madam what happened?I know, we were too deep fighting Ebola, an unknown enemy so we were not really getting ready to use our legs to kick football. We had to cremate our Ebola dead; we had to fix our health care system and we had to pay those who risked their lives to fight the enemy…I can go on but enough! I agree, Ebola’s presence halted every progress, but did we have to register to be disgraced as it happened?Yes, if my daughter were part of the team, I would not have wanted her to return to Monrovia with her head bowed low, explaining what happened in Abuja or even what happened in Monrovia.After all we were never prepared and it was such unpreparedness that helped Ebola to kill more than it wanted to kill.Well down Nigeria, go Falconets go!!!!Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Public Telecommunications Ministry to create new ICT policy

first_imgThe Public Telecommunications Ministry has announced plans to craft an Information Communication Technology (ICT) policy framework, which is expected to bridge the gap which exists between the hinterland and coastal communities as well as to steer Guyana onto the path of 21st Century technologies.These plans were announced by Public Telecommunications Minister Cathy Hughes earlier this week, who noted that the framework was also intended to develop other areas in Guyana.“The Ministry of Public Telecommunications is developing the policy framework for the full utilisation of ICTs for our national development. This framework at a microeconomic level seeks to facilitate sustained economic growth and poverty reduction; promote social justice, transparency and equality; mainstream gender in national development; empower the youths and disadvantaged groups; stimulate investment and innovation and create universal access,” Minister Hughes stated.She noted that the benefits of the policy are goals which Guyana should work towards. However, the framework will only be effective if the current legislation is modernised along with the development of the current ICT arrangement.“These, of course, are lofty goals which we’re determined to uphold and deliver. We recognise, however, that every other policy initiative of this nature, there are going to be challenges. We have to continue to develop our ICT infrastructure. We also need to continue to modernise our current legislation and policy frameworks and we have to evolve our education methods and delivery for the 21st Century environment.”It was related that technology is the way forward for continuous development, since communities would be linked and the safety of citizens would be improved. Furthermore, the implantation of these technologies has already been implemented in some public institutions.“This environment uses technology to provide more Government services to our citizens, online learning and telemedicine till we reach our remote hinterland communities. Smart classrooms and smart hospitals are already being constructed here in Guyana today, and soon the use of technology to create a safer city is going to be implemented,” Hughes posited.Meanwhile, the training of personnel in the various fields of communication will also be done to highlight the intervention measures that are being taken by the Ministry to transform Guyana into a digital nation.“We are creating a digital Guyana. We know that we have to look critically at our human resource development and strategies and so our commitment to training will take us all there.”This week, the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) has been hosting a roadshow in collaboration with the Ministry in various regions across Guyana. Some of the activities that were hosted include an e-agriculture workshop, community outreaches, a cyber-security workshop and an ICT youth fair. The roadshow concludes today.last_img read more