Liberia Discharges Only Confirmed Ebola Case Today

first_imgLiberia will today discharge the only confirmed Ebola case remaining in the country, according to the Incident Management System (IMS) boss and Assistant Minister for Preventive Service, Tolbert Nyenswah.Making the disclosure yesterday at the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism on Capitol Hill in Monrovia, Minister Nyenswah explained that with the current status of the fight against the Ebola virus in the country, Liberia is close to reaching zero Ebola case, but “we need to be vigilant in our fight against the virus throughout the country.” “Liberia has clearly passed 12 days without any new confirmed Ebola case. The only patient remaining in an ETU will be discharged from the Chinese ETU as a special event. “We will be waiting for the remaining 30 days to be announced by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an Ebola free nation,” Minister Nyenswah said.“Liberia’s border points remain of great concern to everyone due to the common border crossings at unauthorized points and it is important to caution residents near these places to focus on maintaining safety measures at all points,” he said.      The Minister said, “Cape Mount passes 48 days of no new case, Margibi 16 days Montserrado 12 days and Lofa of over 160 days which indicates that Liberia is reaching zero Ebola case.”Liberia, through the IMS, is currently in search of 201 contacts across the country, including border points, said Nyenswah and called on the public to continue observing preventive measures to avoid further spread of the disease.      Mr. Nyenswah stressed that the IMS is approaching phase three of the fight against the virus and will remain forceful in ensuring that Liberia completes the required 42 days without any new case of Ebola.“Phase three is meant to gain confidence in the health sector of Liberia and gaining the confidence of the international community in Liberia leading to airlines resuming flights to Liberia,” added the Minister.  He said the IMS will be involved in quality surveillance, strengthening cross border elements including air, sea and ground points and expanding the testing of dead bodies and other illnesses related to Ebola. Despite the latest update from Minister Nyenswah on Liberia’s progress in the fight against the deadly Ebola virus disease and considering the neighboring countries’ Ebola status, many Liberians are wondering if the country could be declared Ebola free in 30 days.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

5 Years Since its First Tweet, Twitter Shows That 3 is Better Than 1

first_imgTwitter’s engineers work a lot. We now know that. We also now know that there are 200 of them who have been working since last June to make sure of one thing – that three data centers are better than one.Today is Twitter’s five year anniversary, a fitting day to get a glimpse for how a new, upgraded infrastructure will give some guarantee that Twitter will be around for five more years and hopefully a lot longer than that.In a revealing blog post yesterday by Twitter engineer Michael Abbott, we learn a lot has changed since last June when Twitter went down for ten hours. Have a breakdown like that and it raises questions about the future of any organization. Twitter recognizes that. The new infrastructure is Twitter’s core team telling us and trying to convince us that the service is built for long-term scalability with uptime a sure thing and not a question mark.Twitter is HiringFirst off, it’s only a last mention in the post but Twitter is hiring, looking for more to join its ranks. Abbott:P.S. Twitter is hiring across engineering and operations. If you want to develop novel systems that scale on the order of billions, join the flock.That’s an important point. It shows that Twitter will continue to invest people into its infrastructure. It distinguishes Twitter as a world-class technology company that is building an intellectual capacity as much as anything else.It also backs up what Abbott says are the long-term plans that Twitter made and began putting into place last September. A plan that Abbott writes will guarantee three things:Keep pace with capacity needs.Give the user and developer community better reliability.Allow for new product offerings. alex williams Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting The infrastructure sits at the core of the strategy. To start, the engineers replicated Twitter’s core systems to a second data center, where it moved, among other things, Jack Dorsey’s first tweet from @jack to the latest from @honeybadger. The second data center served as a staging laboratory for Twitter’s replication and migration strategies. Simultaneously, Twitter prepped its third larger data center as its final nesting ground. And who is @honeybadger you may ask? Honeybadger is a Twitter creation that stopped by a Twitter company meeting last week. Honeybadger is hilarious. We’re not sure what @honeybadger has to do with Twitter’s new data centers except for the entertainment quotient.But the infrastructure investment is a confident step for Twitter, showing that it’s here for the long-run with a level of service users and developers expect from a world-class technology company. Tags:#cloud#Data Centers center_img Related Posts Serverless Backups: Viable Data Protection for … How Intelligent Data Addresses the Chasm in Cloud Cloud Hosting for WordPress: Why Everyone is Mo…last_img read more

The 4K War: Thoughts on the Future of Video Resolutions

first_img8K cameras exist, so is 4K too late to the party?When talking about 4K resolutions, it’s interesting to do a quick look back over the accelerated growth of high-resolution video during the last decade…Remember when you bought your first HD camera? It may have been about 10 or 15 years ago and it probably only recorded in 720p resolution. 720 resolution is over twice as small as its 1080 counterpart (Wikipedia), but experienced initial popularity for it’s lower price point (on equipment/sets) and smaller file size (for editing and compression).But as the cost of televisions and cameras continued to drop through the 2000’s, broadcasters scrambled to get the higher quality 1080 video to their customers. By 2010 the majority of HD broadcasts were in 1080i. This demand for higher quality has left 720 as an outdated HD format.Now, fast-forward to 2014 and there are some striking similarities between 720 and 4K. Namely, that both 4K and 720 were introduced into markets that already possessed superior video formats.The 4K WarSince 2003, 4K cameras have been available for filmmakers. Nonetheless, there has been a general push-back against the induction of 4K into mainstream film and TV production. Unavoidable problems, including the high cost of 4K TV monitors and the even higher cost of 4K cameras, have made Ultra-HD difficult to sell to the public.However, in recent years some 4K monitors have dipped below $1,000 dollars making them ‘affordable’ to consumers. 4K film cameras have also become increasingly affordable, with some now going for less than $3,000 dollars.That being said, simply having the viewing technology isn’t enough. Broadcasters need to be able to send 4K signals through their networks and that technology is not yet available in America. So as it stands right now, broadcasting 4K in America is a future endeavor that will probably not be a reality until 2016 (via Multichannel). Coincidentally, 2016 is the same year Japanese broadcasting company NHK is set to test 8K resolution satellite broadcasting. NHK predicts that by 2020 they will be broadcasting in 8K resolution. So what does this mean for you and your shiny new 4K camera?4K Longevity4K is likely to be a national broadcasting standard from 2016 to 2020 giving it at least 4 years of dominance in the market (via multichannel). For some filmmakers 4 years of exposure to 4K may likely result in buying 4K cameras – even if they don’t have a 4K monitor. But consumers, who replace their TVs usually once every 10 years (via soundandvision), are less likely to experience 4K in the 4-5 years of it’s standardized broadcasting. If history repeats itself, as it often does, than 4K broadcasting will only last about a third as long as 720p broadcasting (via Oldradio).This doesn’t mean you need to wait until 2020 to buy a new camera. 4K is quickly becoming more of a standard and within the next 2 years we can expect it to be the norm for most professional video productions. So your new Blackmagic 4K isn’t out of date yet, but as a filmmaker you can probably expect about 4 more years of production before 8K consumer cameras roll around. Besides 8K cameras already exist and are smaller than the Blackmagic 4K.What do you think? Is 4K going to be here a while or will it be quickly replaced by 8K? Share your thoughts in the comments below.last_img read more

Three DIY Teleprompter Builds

first_img Share this Article Learn how to create your own video teleprompter in these great video tutorials.A professional teleprompter can set set you back thousands of dollars, but if you don’t mind getting handy, constructing a DIY teleprompter using a Kindle, iPad or other tablet can save you a considerable amount of cash. From corporate and commercial videos to web videocasts, a teleprompter is a great tool to have at your disposal.DIY Teleprompter #1This video tutorial was shared by Indie Mogul on their YouTube Channel.The basic supplies and picture frame needed to build the rig will set you back approximately $35, but you will need access to a Kindle or an iPad (an additional $100-$400).This DIY project does require an assortment of power tools. Using the regular glass that came with a wooden frame can look decent, but ultimate clarity for the talent reading the prompter can be achieved by tracking down mirrored glass from your local glass shop (you may even get it free). Griffin from Indie Mogul has an update below:DIY Teleprompter #2This video tutorial was shared by Chris Hall on his YouTube Channel.After having seen Griffin Hammond’s DIY teleprompter, Chris Hall made his own DIY build. While they use some similarities like an 8 x 10 picture frame and other parts, both designs have their advantages/disadvantages. Chris’s build is a more solid, wooden DIY design but it lacks portability in the extra weight.DIY Teleprompter #3If you need a portable teleprompter that fits 15 mm rails, look no further than this great DIY build from heyjustj Creative Services.  Again, the bulk of the cost is in the device (tablet) needed to drive the prompter. Additional supplies will set you back about $50.Prompter AppsOnce you have your DIY prompter created you’ll need to find the right app to drive it:ProPrompter is a great (under $10) app for iPhone/iPads/iPod Touch enabling full control over the scroll speed and other features with an additional iPhone/iPad.Teleprompter Pro Lite is a great, free professional teleprompter app for iPads.Prompt! Light FREE is great software for 2500 characters or less if you run your scripts from a laptop.Android Prompter is free prompt software made for Android phones featuring total control over font size, scroll speed, mirroring text, etc.Have any DIY tutorials you would like to share?Let us know in the comments below. wcenter_img elast_img read more