CSIR, Nestlé develop locally sourced morogo noodles

first_imgThe CSIR, the Agricultural Research Council and Nestlé, together have launched a new range of noodles made from the nutritious indigenous vegetable morogo. It is an innovative commercial product that is expected to benefit local farming, particularly small-scale farmers. A morogo two-minute noodles product line is launched by Nestlé brand Maggi in October 2015, utilising the “proven health benefits of the leafy vegetable and, at the same time, helping (to) develop small-scale farming in South Africa”. (Image: Nestlé) A new locally grown and manufactured consumer product, Maggi 2-Minute Morogo Noodles, is the result of a three-year collaborative research project between South Africa’s Department of Science and Technology (DST), Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and Agricultural Research Council (ARC), and multinational food group Nestlé to develop the commercial potential of the popular vegetable staple and its farmers.This latest development falls in line with the vision of the National Development Plan, which has a particular focus on key areas such as rural development, skills development and job creation.An added benefit is the export possibilities for the product to the rest of the world. This would give South African small-scale agriculture a competitive jumpstart in those markets.The partners researched South Africa’s biodiversity to confirm morogo’s nutritional and pharmaceutical benefits, as well as its functional food applications. The Nestlé @CSIR and @ARCSouthAfrica teams who made the creation & production of the Morogo Noodles possible #CSIR70 pic.twitter.com/LFBX45naW1— Nestlé South Africa (@NestleSA) October 8, 2015 Science and Technology Minister Naledi Pandor made the breakthrough announcement on 8 October at the fifth CSIR Conference. The department “is proud of this key milestone where we successfully translated academic research into an innovative commercial product, which will be enjoyed by South African consumers,” she said.Dr Rachel Chikwamba, the CSIR’s group executive for strategic alliances and communication, added: “We provided our expertise in the processing of indigenous products to jointly develop this innovative product with Nestlé that will benefit the people of our country.” How Nestlé is turning South Africa’s traditional leafy greens to gold – AFKInsider http://t.co/2vuZDY3Yaq pic.twitter.com/kOeeZMInHK— Leona Ungerer (@ungerlm) October 11, 2015 This is the first time that morogo, also known as amaranthus, has been used in large-scale processed food production. Nestlé’s long-term stated goal is to help local small-scale farmers boost their income by producing morogo on a commercial scale.Various other leafy greens, including cleome and cow pea, were considered and assessed by Nestlé and the CSIR and ARC research teams for nutrient bioavailability during digestion. After extensive study and consumer research, morogo was ultimately chosen for its versatility and abundance.  The Morogo Noodles are available at Shoprite for now. To know more about it: http://t.co/cCEpCl9Wyu. pic.twitter.com/tfKynU3HO0— Nestlé South Africa (@NestleSA) October 9, 2015  Nestlé, the company said, was using morogo for a new line of Maggi two-minute noodles “because of its proven health benefits, particularly the presence of beta carotene, minerals and protein”.Morogo, with its distinctive leaves and taste, is extremely adaptable. It grows easily in various weather and soil conditions.“In South Africa, indigenous knowledge has massive potential for research, development and innovation,” said Pandor. “We successfully translated academic research into an innovative commercial product which will be enjoyed by South African consumers.”Nestlé’s collaboration with the South African government demonstrated the company’s commitment to communities in which it did business, said Ravi Pillay, its South African director of corporate affairs. It was a way of “leveraging global expertise for local preference”.It was also an opportunity for South Africa’s small-scale farmers, said Chikwamba.“We also evaluated the commercial viability of producing African leafy vegetables in a sustainable manner for commercial and smallholder farmers,” said Shadrack Moephuli, the chief executive of the ARC.Sources:AFKInsiderCSIRNestlélast_img read more

niceeshop(TM) Beautiful Fashion Blue Flowers Crystal Hair Clips : Lovely item, how ever mine came with ine of

first_imgBirthday current for good friend.Birthday current for good friend.niceeshop(TM) Beautiful Fashion Blue Flowers Crystal Hair ClipsMaterial:Alloy+Crystal; Size:8x7cmMultiple colors gem beads InlaidAnti-sweating,fadeless and safe to skinFit for any hair colors,beatiful ornament for party and wedding favorPretty significant clip and massive enough to be able to see it through my curls. The only draw back is that the gold color is quite vivid and with huge prongs i may well not be capable to disguise them in my hair. This would have been best if the ‘gold’ experienced been ‘silver’ as a substitute and i think it would have seemed a ton far more expensive.I was seriously surprised with this order the hair clips is really suits all hair forms, simple to acquire on and off. On black hair shades stand out truly nicely, the stones shine in the sunlight. This hair clip truly out of the ordinary, it is exquisite. Beautiful shade and superior good quality.Rhinestones fell off, but okay. . ten of the rhinestones had been off ahead of i opened the packet. The good news is had glue to set them back on.niceeshop(TM) Beautiful Fashion Blue Flowers Crystal Hair Clips : Wonderful price and very pretty. Will come rapidly and appears to be nice but the crystals on it are really straightforward to lose.I was seriously surprised with this order the hair clips is really suits all hair forms, simple to acquire on and off. On black hair shades stand out truly nicely, the stones shine in the sunlight. This hair clip truly out of the ordinary, it is exquisite. Beautiful shade and superior good quality.Used as head dresses for synchronised swimming – labored a handle.Seems to be like it would charge much extra to get. At any time so delighted with my buy.. Little bit clunky but appears to be lovely in.Wonderful sufficient primarily for the cost.I was being quoted £25 per clip to get something similar to this designed for my bridesmaids, purchased these and they did perfectly. Certainly on nearer inspection they appeared less costly than types i could have bought customized designed. But at the finish of the day how quite a few people today had been standing inspecting the bridesmaids hair from an inch absent?. Nonetheless for the reason that of their large design and style on just one end they fell out of 1 of my bridesmaids hairs very conveniently. The hairdresser was having difficulties to clip them in.Charming item, how ever mine arrived with ine of. Wonderful merchandise, how ever mine arrived with ine of the stones out, its nonetheless in the bag so just will need to stik it again in.This is really pleasant i love it.Had it for 1 day and fell out my head as i bent down to decide one thing of the rug and broke , not satisfied at all was hunting forward to wearing all summer as the colors are beautiful :(.Charming item, how ever mine arrived with ine of. Wonderful merchandise, how ever mine arrived with ine of the stones out, its nonetheless in the bag so just will need to stik it again in.Pretty significant clip and massive enough to be able to see it through my curls. The only draw back is that the gold color is quite vivid and with huge prongs i may well not be capable to disguise them in my hair. This would have been best if the ‘gold’ experienced been ‘silver’ as a substitute and i think it would have seemed a ton far more expensive.Used as head dresses for synchronised swimming – labored a handle.Will come rapidly and appears to be nice but the crystals on it are really straightforward to lose.Wonderful sufficient primarily for the cost.I was being quoted £25 per clip to get something similar to this designed for my bridesmaids, purchased these and they did perfectly. Certainly on nearer inspection they appeared less costly than types i could have bought customized designed. But at the finish of the day how quite a few people today had been standing inspecting the bridesmaids hair from an inch absent?. Nonetheless for the reason that of their large design and style on just one end they fell out of 1 of my bridesmaids hairs very conveniently. The hairdresser was having difficulties to clip them in.SummaryReviewer Nathalie DuboisReview Date2017-09-29 06:17:03Reviewed Item niceeshop(TM) Beautiful Fashion Blue Flowers Crystal Hair ClipsRating 5.0 / 5  stars, based on  0  reviewsPrice£2.39last_img read more

Advice from Grandpa keeping many farms in business

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest There are a number of reasons farmland will change hands over the next few years.After seeing a windfall in agriculture prices in recent years, many young farmers who tried their hand in the unforgiving industry may have to move on to other ventures as the ag economy calms. For that same reason, many older farmers may also be thinking it is high time to call it a career as well.On the other hand, one invaluable reason that some farms will remain operational over the next few challenging years will be the wisdom of that older generation, who wouldn’t wish what they had to endure in the mid 1980’s on their worst enemy.For Niese Farms in Richland and Crawford Counties having the experience of three generations is paying dividends as the farm navigates these challenging times. The elder farmer Jerry, his son Rick and his grandson Casey each bring important perspectives to the table for the farm.“When I first became a part of the farm it was the heart of the bad times,” Rick Niese said. “We really had to tighten our belt and work closely with our landlords to let them know that they will get their payment, but it may not happen until the crops came in. We never had to stick anybody that we did business with and fortunately they all stuck with us through some very rough patches.”Even with uncomfortably close margins during the crisis years, the Nieses still kept with the farm plan of putting fertilizer down. They knew that the only way to keep the books above water was to do what was right with the land.Those ideals not only saw Niese Farms through the lowest points of modern agriculture, but positioned them to expand once the storm blew over.“By 1988, we added 1,000 rented acres in one chunk of ground,” Rick Niese said. “Then just 12 years ago we made another significant jump by picking up another 1,200 acres. My Dad’s motto has always been ‘sittin’ still is going backwards’, so we are always looking for ways to progress our farm to the next level.”That forward-thinking mindset has also been put into place from a technological standpoint.“Our equipment is state-of-the-art and that has given us a big advantage with our rented ground,” Rick Niese said. “Things are so competitive in this area that I’ve been involved in rent wars with 25 other farmers for the same piece of ground. Because of the way we operate, I can tell my prospective land owners two things: that we will treat their ground as if it’s our own and that we won’t be the highest price they were offered.”Even with the downturn in the ag economy, Niese Farms have been able to pay steady rent prices and have been able to keep highly sought-after ground because of the value they add by mowing ditches, trimming tree lines and tiling wherever needed — all things landowners always appreciate.While Rick’s farming story started at a dismal point on the farm, his son Casey headed back to the farm a few years ago when things were about as good as they could get. Casey was reminded on a daily basis that $7 corn and $15 beans would not be the standard.“When they made purchases like building our new shop, they kept explaining to me that we’re doing this now while we have the capability,” Casey Niese said. “They said, ‘Don’t get used to this because they have been through this before and they knew what was going to happen.’”Casey admits that he would have come back to the farm no matter what the economic situation looked like, but the advice about the good times not lasting forever was hard to swallow.“No matter how many times they told you that the high prices wouldn’t last, I kind of looked past it and thought there was no way it was going to end,” Casey Niese said. “They were right, but there isn’t anything short of a major catastrophe that would keep me from being right here on this farm.”With many acres in the area coming up for sale, the farm plan is to continue growing. Jerry, Rick and Casey have all learned from the past and are positioned nicely as land values decline, just as they were positioned 30 years ago.“We are in an even better position than in 1985 because we have paid for a lot of our land this time around,” said Rick Niese. “We are always in the market for more land, but we have to be smart about our growth and we choose to stay away from $10,000 an acre ground. You have to draw a line somewhere. Our attitude is that if we buy $7,000 an acre ground and we have $500 an acre ground that we acquired a few decades ago, when you blend that out it’s not too bad.”There will be a time, as always, that the older generation on Niese Farms hangs up the boots and the younger generation hopes they have what it takes to fill them.“The future is unknown, but I just hope we can keep growing,” Casey Niese said. “My goal is to keep the farm moving forward, maintain this business that Grandpa worked hard to build and keep a good name for my whole family.”Niese Farms also took advantage of much lower interest rates recently and refinanced at 3% to 4% interest for the life of the loan, which will keep the bottom line a bit healthier through this lean period. Locking in lower rates may be the answer to saving not just money, but farms in the coming years.“Rates are absolutely worth fixing and that is probably more important today than it has been in years,” said Steve Allard, Senior Vice President and Chief Credit Officer for Farm Credit Mid-America. “We do expect rates to start increasing in 2016, so refinancing would be one place for farmers to look at taking one risk off of the table.”What would a farm have to look like, on paper, in order to qualify for lower interest rates? Allard said that any lender will look at the financial health of the operation and evaluate the balance sheet to see how much the farmer has in equity versus debt, along with liquidity and working capital.For the farms that are looking to expand in the midst of an economic downturn, collateral will be needed to get loans. Recently, that backing has been made with cash-on-hand but that may not be the case for long.“As farmers have had to work through some challenging years, there are some operations that will burn through some of their working capital,” Allard said. “At that point we will see more of a movement towards land being used as that additional collateral.”Current lending caps, or maximum debt for land, range from $5,100 to $6,200 an acre, depending on where the ground is located and the quality of that ground. Additional funds necessary to make a land purchase would either come from a cash down payment or more collateral to spread the debt over more acres.For some farms, the loans needed may not be to expand the operation, but to merely keep it going. If the balance sheet is a bit lopsided a loan can become more difficult to get, but still possible.“The trick with those situations is to understand why an operation is struggling and understanding how that might impact the future,” Allard said. “The question becomes, does it look like those operations can return to profitable status quickly or are there some changes that need to take place?”“We want to understand what the farmer’s plans are as far as 2016 and beyond and then look at that with today’s prices as opposed as to what we might have gotten in 2012 and 2013. We have tools that will let us get to those break even prices on corn, soybeans and wheat to see what the future holds. Then the conversation can turn to how can a farm that is in the red make the changes needed to get them back in the black.”The ag banking industry is encouraging farmers to use working capital wisely. The recommended formula for today’s circumstances is dividing working capital by what the farm is grossing on an accrual basis. Over 35% is considered good in the eyes of ag banks. Anything around 15% to 20% is considered low and may require some restructuring.last_img read more

Can Blackberry Reinvent the Address Book?

first_imgTags:#mobile#news#NYT#web For RIM, the idea behind acquiring Gist would be to possibly re-invent the phone address book and make it integral to its core offering. It would actually make a lot of sense for RIM to do this, as it plays to its core strength – namely, messaging. By making the address book more networked and more social, RIM can build a social inbox, much like the one being championed by Facebook.A few thoughts I’ve got about Gist that seem worth articulating, in case the service disappears into the borg of the Blackberry:Will the Gist apps on all the different platforms, from the iPhone to Outlook to Gmail to Android, continue being offered? Supported? Developed? Hopefully. Neither company said so explicitly in their announcement posts, though that’s clearly a concern of the commenters on the Gist blog.I like the idea behind Gist, but I can never get myself to use it regularly and it doesn’t work as well as I’d like it to. People become associated with RSS feeds of old employers and I can’t edit their profiles from my iPhone. I too seldom make calendar events using peoples’ real email adresses and there’s a requirement that structured data be used in order to get the maximum benefit from it. Do you find yourself using Gist regularly? I’ve trained the system even to know who is most important to me (it did a fair job on its own) and yet I still don’t find myself using it often enough. Presumably Blackberry will bake the technology into its OS much more intimately.One of the cool things the service does is the little game that encourages you to name the people in your contact list by looking at their avatar and then picking out their names and employers from a list. How quickly can you identify people and how often can you get these quick picks right? I find that fascinating, even if the feature was never fully developed.What about you, readers? Do you want an adress book that tells you the recent Tweets, posts or Facebook messages of the people you’re about to call or reading emails from on your phone? I love the idea, but I’m not sure how viable a compelling execution is right now. Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement You’ve got a meeting in 15 minutes. You know who else is going to be there, but imagine whipping out your phone to get more context: what have the other meeting attendees posted this morning on Twitter, what have they written on their blogs, what were the last email threads you were on with them and what events did you last attend together?Research in Motion, the parent company behind the Blackberry business smartphone, is betting that its customers (and would-be customers) would like to be shown this kind of information about their contacts quickly and easily. That’s why the company has acquiredGist, a Seattle-based startup that provides just such a service.See also: Sarah Perez’s in-depth review of Gist at launchLeading mobile blogger Om Malik put the deal in this context two months ago when he first reported it was underway: Related Posts What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology marshall kirkpatrick Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaceslast_img read more

Kashmir’s karate kid misses school with unrest all around

first_imgJammu and Kashmir has been in the news lately for the violence that has crippled normal life in the beautiful northern state of India.While both India and Pakistan are thumping their chests at every casualty they manage to inflict on the other side of the border, the routine public life is in a mayhem. (7-year-old Kashmiri boy wins gold in Asian Karate Championships)Amid all the news of bloodbath, the Kashmir valley has produced two young stars who have fought the odds to excel in the field of martial arts.After Tajamul Islam, seven-year-old Mohammed Hashim Mansoor has hit the headlines for the joy he has brought to the entire nation and also the trouble-marred state.Hashim was on Tuesday crowned champion at the Asian Youth Karate Championships in New Delhi but what’s next for him?Having brought up in an environment that has seen violence all across, Hashim is struggling to live a life like any other seven-year-old kid in the country. He wants to go to school, but the prevailing conditions in the valley are not letting him lead a normal life.”No. I don’t go to school. I am in third standard and my aunt teaches me at home. My parents tell me that the situation isn’t conducive to go to school. I do miss going to school with my friends around,” Hashim told India Today.Tajamul, who created history by grabbing a gold medal at the world kickboxing championships in the under-8 category, held in Andria, Italy last month, also faces similar problems with schools frequently being shut for months. They both want to train with better facilities. Tajamul said there is enough talent in Jammu and Kashmir which is waiting to be tapped.advertisement”We don’t have any facilities in Kashmir. There is no indoor hall, dont even have proper roads there. I would request Prime Minister to provide us with facilities there – indoor stadiums, indoor halls and proper roads. It is said that India haven’t been able to do very well in sports, but you provide us with facilities, we will win medals. You have given everything in Delhi but spare a thought for Kashmir as well,” she said.last_img read more

Foundation Coaching Online Resources Now Available

first_imgTouch Football Australia (TFA) is excited to launch our new online resource platform aimed at providing coaches, athletes and referees with tools to assist in the development of all participants of the sport – www.dartfish.tv/touchfootballaustralia. Foundation Coaching Resources is the first ‘collection’ of resources for coaches and athletes that will be released for subscription and to launch the platform – Dartfish.tv . It contains a series of visual skill demonstrations, printable coaching factsheets and associated drills. TFA is pleased to offer the Foundation Coaching Resources at the introductory half price rate of $11 inclusive of GST for the month of July. This would be for an annual subscription to the collection until July 2014.Furthermore we will offer affiliates, schools, or other groups a multiple licence opportunity for $80 for 10 licenses. From August the regular pricing will commence at $22 inclusive of GST for individuals, and $160 inclusive of GST for multiple licences – the multiple licences will be available from Tuesday, 23 July 2013. For more information on how to subscribe, please click on the attached memo. Related Filesfoundation_coaching_resources_-__launch1-pdfRelated LinksCoaching Resourceslast_img read more

Tim Cook makes 1st visit to Canada as Apple CEO visits Toronto

first_imgTORONTO – Apple Inc.’s Tim Cook visited Canada for the first time as CEO Monday, surprising students at a downtown Toronto Apple store to highlight the importance of learning to code, and dropping in on a group of developers to thank them for their contributions to the tech giant’s app store.The unannounced visit by Cook, who as Apple’s chief executive since 2011 has overseen the rollout of the iPhone 7 and the Apple Watch, was the first time an Apple CEO has visited Canada since Steve Jobs made the trek north in the late 1980s.Cook surprised a class of Grade 7 students in Toronto’s east end as they learned how to program robots to dance on tables using Apple’s Swift programming language, recently introduced by the company as a low-barrier-to-entry way of coding.“Swift came out of the fundamental recognition that coding languages were too geeky. Most students would look at them and say, ‘that’s not for me,” Cook said as the pre-teens participated in an Apple-designed “Everyone Can Code” workshop, which helps children learn how to build mobile apps, at the Apple Store in Toronto’s Eaton Centre.“That’s not our view. Our view is that coding is a horizontal skill like your native languages or mathematics, so we wanted to design a programming language that is as easy to learn as our products are to use.”There are 250,000 apps in the App Store that have been coded with Swift, including popular ones such as LinkedIn and AirBnb. In 2016, Apple released Swift Playgrounds, which turns learning the programming language into a game for people of all ages — though especially for students.The Canadian visit follows a similar surprise last week, when Cook visited a school in the United Kingdom, as part of a whistle-stop tour of Europe, where Apple recently launched its “Everyone Can Code” curriculum in several schools.The CEO’s tour to promote the benefits of Apple technology comes after the company recently came under fire from shareholders over concerns about the addictive effects of gadgets and social media on young people.New York-based Jana Partners LLC and the California State Teachers’ Retirement System said in a Jan. 6 open letter to Apple that the company must offer more choices and tools to help children fight addiction to its devices.Among their proposals to Apple: Establish a committee of experts, including child development specialists; offer Apple’s “vast information resources” to researchers; and enhance mobile device software so that parents have more options to protect their children’s health.But Cook’s Canadian stop in was squarely focused on the benefits, both educational and economic, of Apple’s technology.There are more than 120,000 jobs in Canada directly related to Apple’s iOS and App Store ecosystem, the company said Monday. These positions can include developers, designers, entrepreneurs and other highly skilled roles.“Canada is an extremely important market for us. We have a great team in Canada,” Cook said.“I want to do everything I can do to highlight their innovation, their companies and their work, because it is a critical part of the entire user experience. I wanted to come say thank you.”Demand for digital skills in Canada continues to expand and the federal government has identified coding as a key job development skill. By 2021, there will be 210,000 Canadian jobs in the space and, based on forecasted numbers of computer science graduates, the country won’t have the skilled workers to fill these positions.Denise Salsman, who teaches the Grade 7 class that Cook surprised, said that in less than a year of implementing code into the classroom, her students have seen an improvement in their grades.“Coding is something my students, who will have jobs we don’t even know about yet, need to know.”Cook’s visit came the same day the federal government launched its first major investment in coding education.Navdeep Bains, Federal Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development introduced CanCode, a federal program designed to help Canadian students improve their digital skills.“It’s a $50 million program launched by our government to pave the path for Canada’s future leaders,” Bains said at a stop at Microsoft Canada in Mississauga, Ont.Bains said the program will give more than one million children and their teachers across Canada the chance to develop their digital skills.Follow Josh McConnell at @JoshMcConnell on Twitter.last_img read more

HC restrains IABF from using India or Indian in name

first_imgNew Delhi: The Delhi High Court passed an interim order on Thursday restraining Indian Amateur Boxing Federation (IABF) from using ‘India’ or ‘Indian’ in its name. Justice Prathiba M Singh also asked IABF, which was in the process of conducting a national sub-junior men and women boxing championship, to inform all the participants that they are not a recognised national sports federation of boxing. The court’s interim order came on a plea by Boxing Federation of India (BFI) seeking permanent injunction against IABF from using word ‘India’ or its natural variations and from representing themselves as a national sports federation for boxing or that it is recognised by Indian Olympics Association, Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs and International Boxing Association (AIBA). Also Read – Dhoni, Paes spotted playing football togetherAdvocates Hrishikesh Baruah, Parth Goswami and Hemant Phalpher, representing the BFI, submitted in the court that IABF was in the process of conducting national sub-junior men and women boxing championship in Jabalpur and was collecting money from boxers as entry fees. BFI, which claims to be the recognised national sports federation for boxing in India, said IABF was misrepresenting itself as being affiliated with the IOA, which is factually an incorrect statement. Besides IABF, its president Abhishek Matoria and secretary general Rakesh Thakran were also made parties to the suit. The court perused a February 1 letter issued by IABF seeking to conduct the first sub-junior inter zonal men and women national boxing championship 2018-2019 in Jabalpur between March 10 and 13 and between March 12 and 15 respectively.last_img read more

SC asks poll panel to watch full film next hearing on April

first_imgNew Delhi: The Supreme Court on Monday directed the Election Commission to re-examine its earlier order and take an informed decision on banning pan-India release of the biopic on Prime Minister Narendra Modi after watching the full movie.The top court directed the poll panel to take a decision by April 19 and submit its report in a sealed cover to the court. A bench of Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi and Justices Deepak Gupta and Sanjiv Khanna said that it will consider the EC report and hear the matter on April 22. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM’Senior advocate Mukul Rohatgi, appearing for film producers who have challenged the EC’s ban on the biopic’s release till the current general elections are over, said the poll panel has taken the decision based just on watching the promo, not the entire movie. He suggested that the producers are willing to hold a special screening for the poll panel or its committee on Tuesday or Wednesday, so that they can take an informed decision by Friday. Also Read – Farooq demands unconditional release of all detainees in J&KTo this, the bench asked EC’s counsel Amit Sharma, whether the poll panel has watched the movie or not. He said the entire movie was not available and a decision to ban the release was taken after watching the trailer. The bench then asked the poll panel to watch the full movie and then take an informed decision on whether its release should be banned or not. At the outset, Rohatgi submitted that the EC had taken a call to ban the movie by watching a 2-minute promo. He said when the apex court had referred the matter to the poll panel, it had said that it cannot decide to ban the biopic on the basis of the trailer. The EC had on April 10 stalled the release of the film until the polls end, asserting that any biopic material with the potential to disturb the level-playing field during elections should not be displayed. The Commission, in a separate order, also directed the producers “not to exhibit the film titled ‘PM Narendra Modi’ till further orders. The film was earlier set to release on April 11. Acting on the complaints of political parties, including the Congress, the poll panel also said that any poster or publicity material concerning any such certified content, which either depicts a candidate (including prospective) for the furtherance (or purported to further) of electoral prospects, directly or indirectly, shall not be put on display in electronic media in the area where MCC is in force. The Left had also opposed the release of the film saying it would disturb the level-playing field for other parties in the election and was in violation of the Model Code of Conduct. The Modi biopic, starring Vivek Oberoi has been the most-talked about movie in this election season. Directed by Omung Kumar, it tells the story of Modi’s rise to power from his humble beginnings. The apex court had on April 9, dismissed a petition filed by a Congress leader Aman Panwar seeking stay on the release of the biopic saying the Election Commission would be an “appropriate” place to seek the redressal. The apex court had said it was not entertaining the petition for the stay on the release of the film which would be “premature” in view of the fact that the movie is yet to be certified by the Censor Board. It said even if the film is released on April 11, as claimed by the Congress leader, it will be appropriate for him to seek a redressal from the Election Commission.last_img read more

Aston Villa beat West Brom

first_imgLondon: Aston Villa progressed to within one game of a return to the Premier League after edging West Midlands rivals West Bromwich Albion 4-3 on penalties in the Championship playoff semi-finals. West Brom won 1-0 on the night at the Hawthorns to level the tie at 2-2 on aggregate thanks to Craig Dawson’s first-half header. However, the Baggies’ hopes of an immediate return to the top-flight were dented when captain Chris Brunt was sent off 10 minutes from the end of normal time. The hosts held out manfully during extra-time, but Villa goalkeeper Jed Steer saved West Brom’s first two penalties of the shootout from Mason Holgate and Ahmed Hegazi. “There’s obviously a lot of luck involved but wow,” Steer told Sky Sports. “We practise penalties, so I think I must’ve faced a 100 a day the last few days.” Conor Hourihane, Mile Jedinak, Jack Grealish and Tammy Abraham kept their cool from the spot as Villa set up a May 27 Wembley meeting with Leeds or Derby for a lucrative place in the Premier League. Marcelo Bielsa’s Leeds hold a 1-0 first-leg lead over Frank Lampard’s Rams ahead of the second leg at Elland Road on Wednesday. Villa missed out in the playoff final last year, losing 1-0 to Fulham and Grealish, who has been linked with a summer move to Tottenham, is keen to make amends in what could be his final game for the club. “The crowd made it tough with the atmosphere but in the end I felt we ran out worthy winners,” said the midfielder. “It’s no good getting to Wembley and falling at the final hurdle again, so fingers crossed. All of us are very hungry.”last_img read more