Another Travel Agent Sues Minister Sendolo

first_imgMonths after the Pan African Travel Agency sued Minister of Land, Mines and Energy, Patrick Sendolo, over unpaid airline tickets totaling US$7,268, another travel agency, L’Aphilia Travel and Tours, has taken the Minister to the Monrovia City Court for “theft of service.”The L’Aphilia management has sought the court’s intervention to compel Sendolo to pay US$40,168 in airline tickets provided to the Minister some time ago.Minister Sendolo is expected to appear in court today to answer to a charge of “theft of service.”The agency sought the court to prosecute Minister Sendolo, alleging that the Minister, during 2014 and up to 2015, obtained its services through which he received air tickets totaling over US$40,000.The agency said defendant Sendolo has refused to pay the amount despite numerous efforts to have him settle the arears.“We have exercised every possible means available to have the Minister pay the money, but he has refused and failed to make the payment (for) the ticket service rendered him by the airline,” the court document alleges.According to court documents, the alleged act by defendant Sendolo is “wicked, unlawful, illegal and intentional” in violation of Section 15.52 of the Penal Law of which the Minister is charged for “theft of service.” Lawyers representing defendant Sendolo have up to today to respond to the allegation.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Lady Liberty rides to the rescue

first_imgSamantha N. Ngcolomba is an attorney who has a deep-seated desire to secure justice for South Africa’s most vulnerable women. (Images: Redbull Amaphiko)Women in rural communities have a new law hero and she goes by the name of Lady Liberty.Lady Liberty, founded by attorney Samantha Ngcolomba, a human rights lawyer based in Johannesburg, travels to poor and remote communities with a mobile office to provide pro bono legal information and services to women.The office focuses on domestic violence, namely getting protection orders; marriage, namely customary vs civil; and divorce, namely process, asset distribution, maintenance and children’s rights. It will add wills, housing and labour law to its services soon.Lady Liberty’s impact so far.“Any law that doesn’t work for the people it’s intended for, is as useless as medicine locked up in a cupboard while people needing it suffer,” Ngcolomba told Redbull Amaphiko, a platform for social change makers.Lady Liberty uses social, print and broadcast media to find women who need its services, and to raise awareness of what it offers. At the identified communities, a half-an-hour presentation of relevant topics is held and the floor is opened for questions.Then, the office takes on new and pending cases for resolution on behalf of women who qualify for pro bono assistance.The programmes vision is to have an app for smartphones that will extend the reach of their legal services and information. Watch Ngcolomba talk about Lady Liberty:You can contact Lady Liberty on 076 520 1377.PLAY YOUR PARTAre you playing your part in developing South Africa and its citizens? Do you know anybody who is going out of their way to participate in the development of South Africa and its people?If so, submit your story or video to our website and let us know what you are doing to improve the country for all.last_img read more

New State Law Bumps Colorado Off Amazon’s Affiliate Map

first_imgTags:#start#startups 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Online retailer Amazon has ended all Colorado-based affiliate accounts after a new law passed by the state’s legislature would have forced them to collect and pay state sales taxes. The law, HB 10-1193, states that any affiliate marketer making more than $10,000 for a retailer is declared a legal agent, and a state presence, of that company. Rather than be forced to pay the state taxes, Amazon has instead side-stepped the law by closing its doors to all affiliates based in Colorado. Residents of the state can still buy from Amazon and can even be referred by affiliates in other states, but the company’s affiliates in Colorado are out of luck. In a letter to its affiliates announcing the termination of their accounts on Monday, Amazon decried the new Colorado state law and encouraged affiliates to “express their views” to the General Assembly and to Governor Bill Ritter.“There is a right way for Colorado to pursue its revenue goals, but this new law is a wrong way,” Amazon wrote in a letter to it’s affiliates. “As we repeatedly communicated to Colorado legislators, including those who sponsored and supported the new law, we are not opposed to collecting sales tax within a constitutionally-permissible system applied even-handedly. The US Supreme Court has defined what would be constitutional, and if Colorado would repeal the current law or follow the constitutional approach to collection, we would welcome the opportunity to reinstate Colorado-based Associates.” A court decision in 1992 ruled that online retailers only have to pay state sales taxes to those in which they have a physical presence in, such as with offices or warehouses. Colorado’s new law says that affiliates represent a presence in the state, but in reality they are just marketing partners, not part of the company as the law suggests. Backlash yesterday was largely targeted at the Colorado legislature, and not at Amazon for ending the program. It makes more sense for Amazon to end their affiliate program in Colorado than to be forced to file state taxes, especially since they can still make money from customers in the state. By attempting to collect on taxes from online retailers, Colorado has effectively shot themselves in the foot; Amazon affiliates can no longer make any income which means less income tax for the state to collect. There are other companies through which to run an affiliate account, but why would they want to pay taxes either?“I should have come out very publicly about this when I first heard about it,” writes investor Brad Feld, himself one of Amazon’s discontinued Colorado affiliates. “I expect the Internet Affiliate business in Colorado will completely die within the next thirty days (every company that has an affiliate business will turn off all of their Colorado-based affiliates.)”The Colorado legislature should have foreseen this outcome – it’s not the first time Amazon has been forced to shut down affiliate programs. In July of 2009, Amazon closed off their programs in Rhode Island and North Carolina, and has previously sued over a law passed in New York in 2008. The suit, however, was eventually thrown out and Amazon has since been paying taxes for New York affiliates they feel are too valuable to give up.The decision in Colorado should make entrepreneurs and small business owners participating in similar affiliate programs in any state nervous, especially those in states with large deficits and small consumer markets. California’s budget woes and it’s large consumer economy could make a bad combination for Amazon who might be unwilling to give up their valuable affiliate program there if a similar law is enacted. The problem for affiliates in smaller states is that Amazon won’t think twice about shutting down their program there, as evidenced by Rhode Island and North Carolina. chris cameron Related Posts center_img Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…last_img read more

Bail for Goa swimming coach accused of rape

first_imgA Goa court on Friday granted bail to suspended swimming coach Surajit Ganguly accused of raping a minor girl in September this year.Mr. Ganguly, employed at the time with Goa Swimming Association, was accused of rape by a 15-year-old girl training under him.The girl’s father had filed a case in Rishra police station in Hooghly district of West Bengal, after which the case was transferred to Mapusa in Goa where the complainant said the incident happened.Mr. Ganguly was arrested in New Delhi in September and is at present in judicial custody.While granting him bail, Goa Children’s Court president Vijaya Ambre on Friday directed him to cooperate in the probe.Mapusa police filed a charge sheet in the case earlier this month, after which Mr. Ganguly moved the children’s court for bail last week.He has been accused of rape under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code, the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act and the Goa Children’s Act.last_img read more


first_img Facebook Every week, eBOSS Canada will shine the spotlight on an aspiring industry mover & shaker (Actor, Model, Producer, Director, Writer, etc.).    TODAY WE TURN THE TALENT SPOTLIGHT ONTONY NAPPOActorTony has been nominated for Outstanding Performance – Male in the 2018 ACTRA Awardsas Quinn Diaz in Split Seconds (Toronto 48 Hour Film Project)Tony Nappo was born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario. He went on to study acting in New York at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He is a theatrical staple in Toronto and has worked in many high profile Hollywood films including Disney’s Zombies, Born to be Blue, Four Brothers, Saw2, Land of the Dead, and Murder at 1600. LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisement Advertisement He has appeared in endless independent films including The Go-Getters, This Beautiful City, Beat Down, Stag, You Might As Well Live and The Rainbow Kid. He voices the lead character, Jimmy Falcone, in the hit animated series Fugget About It and has appeared in over a hundred episodes of television including Bad Blood, Baroness Von Sketch, Kim’s Convenience, Murdoch Mysteries, Shoot The Messenger, Remedy, Flashpoint, Killjoys, Rookie Blue, Conviction, Breakout Kings, Saving Hope and Davinci’s Inquest. He has been nominated for a Canadian Screen Award, two Actra Awards, a Broadway World Award and two Dora Mavor Moore Awards1. What was your journey to becoming an actor? Where did it begin?I think it began as a boy. We were fairly poor and my dad was not in good health so I spent a lot of time escaping through movies and television and, most especially, my imagination. I remember lying in bed and acting out all of these epic stories and just building forts from sofa cushions and cardboard boxes and living out all these fantasies that had nothingo to do with my actual life.2. What project are you most proud of and why?I’m pretty proud of most of what I am doing recently. I just feel like I have come to that point in my life and career where I am challenged more often in terms of content and variety on stage and on film and am able to rise to the challenge. I am always paying attention and learning from my peers and learning new things about myself constantly to bring to my work. I am especially proud of Split Seconds right now because it just became public and because it is a perfect short film,In my mind. It is just crazy to me that this insanely talented group of people could conceive of and execute it within 48 hours.3. What advice do you have for aspiring actors?Do something every single day that will make you a better actor. Read scripts, plays, biographies of actors you admire. See plays and films and get familiar with any shows or projects you’re likely to audition for. Take classes. Write. Anything. Go to the gym if that’s a part of your thing. Just do something. Nobody is waiting around for you to arrive. So when your chances do come, be ready for them.4. What advice can you give aspiring actors for preparing for an audition? (e.g. Do you study with a private coach?)I don’t prepare a lot for auditions, personally. I like to barely even know the lines. That just works for me. It wouldn’t work for everyone. As long as I know what I want to DO with the words, I’m golden. The biggest thing I’d say to newer actors is don’t prepare HOW you want to do it. Because you’ll get stuck in that. Prepare what you are going to do and be ready to do it a hundred different ways. There is no right way or wrong way to do any audition. There is just true and false, as Mamet says. They either believe you or they don’t. And don’t get hung up on the words. They want to see you execute the scene, not memorize the text- it’s not a history test.5. Which acting teacher/coach/school played the biggest role in your career?)A professor named Kathy Smith at the University of Toronto, Scarborough campus, when I was a student there in the late 80s. In my second year, she pulled me into her office one day and asked what I was going to do with my life and I said I wanted to be an English teacher. She told me if I truly committed to studying acting that I would likely be able to make a living at it for the rest of my life. She suggested a school in New York and I auditioned for it, got in, dropped out of University and never looked back. I am always amazed, when I look back, that Kathy changed my entire life’s trajectory with that one single conversation.6. Do you feel it is necessary for performers to promote themselves in order to advance their careers? (e.g. using social media)Unfortunately it is necessary, especially when you’re starting out, as dumb as it is because it has ZERO to do with the work. Though, I admit that I play the game now, too, even though I resisted for years. I joined twitter and Instagram last year and I don’t think it has made any difference at all. I mean, I’ve already been around for almost thirty years now. If industry people don’t know me by now, I’m in big trouble.7. What is the hardest role/character you’ve ever played?Gio in Bad Blood was hard in a way because he mostly observed and didn’t say much. I mean, the director told Gio’s story by covering me a lot and using that coverage which was necessary for those big plot points I was a part of to pay off, in the end. But I couldn’t rely on my usual tricks of add libbing or sneaking in stuff that I knew would make the audience like the guy. There was no room for cheating.8. If you could turn back time and appear in any film made in the past 20 years, which film and character would you choose … and why?I never think that way. There were auditions I blew that I’d like to have over.Or maybe a performance I thought that someone els gave and sucked that i could have done a better job. Buy any film that I have loved in the last 20 years, I wouldn’t touch them. They just inspire me to do better work and hopefully be able to be a part of some film that someone else may be inspired by twenty years from now.9. What would you like to see the Canadian Film/TV industry can do differently in order to grow?I think it needs to promote their actors more and build stars. I think the producer’s fear has always been if you make stars here you have to pay them as stars but if you build them up, I think producers would find that they could generate more revenue than they would cost.10. We all have mentors. These are the people who give us the hope, inspiration, and the drive to keep going. In the industry, who are the people who have been your mentors and why?My mentors have always been the journeymen. The guys like David Fox, who are still doing fringe shows and indie films at 75 years old. The guys who aren’t a quick flash but who are true craftsmen and who you always believe when you see them on stage or screen. The one guy outside of that category -because he is and has been a star since the day I met him – is Nicholas Campbell who took me under his wing when I was about 24 years old and spent a lot of time with me and taught me a lot about the importance of the work and being able to execute it on my own terms. I don’t think I would be the actor I am today or that I would have been able to attack it all with the confidence I did if I hadn’t had the opportunity to drink in all of his experiences and know that an actor of his calibre believed in me. Bad Blood as Marko Brunswick on Rookie Blue Shoot The Messenger Tony Nappo Bad Blood Murdoch Mysteries Kim’s Convenience With Chiwetel Ejiofor in Four Brothers. From the set of Bad Blood with Paul Sorvino and Enrico Colantoni. the set of Bad Blood with Kim Coates and Anthony LaPaglia Killjoys Born to be Blue- with Ethan Hawke and Kate Brown With Lyriq Bent in Shoot The Messenger with Enrico Colantoni in The Colossal Failure of the Modern Relationship as Cory Lucesse with Wesley Snipes in Murder at 1600 with George Romero on Land of the Dead set. Tony Nappo TONY’S LINKSIMDB: @nappo.tonyTwitter: @realtonynappoFacebook: also writes a column called NAPPOHOLICS ANONYMOUSWhich has run weekly in Intermission Magazine for almost two full years. BYRich Caplan – Noble Caplan Abrams – TorontoCoolwaters Productions – CaliforniaIf you would like to be showcased – log-in to eBOSS Canada, post your links, pics, demo and a bio in the News/Talent Showcase section.  The next shout-out could be yours. center_img Advertisement Tony Nappo Login/Register With: Twitterlast_img read more

Cable operator UPC Czech Republic has added four n

first_imgCable operator UPC Czech Republic has added four new HD channels to its line-up.The Liberty Global operators is now making Fanda HD, Nova Cinema HD, Prima Cool HD and factual channel Prima Zoom HD available to subscribers.UPC Czech Republic now offers 24 HD services.last_img

Ukrainian cable operator Volia has launched a Vias

first_imgUkrainian cable operator Volia has launched a Viasat Premium HD package incorporating Modern Times Group-owned Viasat Broadcasting’s three HD movie channels, TV1000 Premium HD, TV1000 Megahit HD and TV1000 Comedy HD.The package can be accessed by Volia subscribers with basic packages as well as those already signed up to the Volia HD and premium movie services.Viasat Premium HD is available for UAH59 a month. Users require an HD set-top or CI+ CAM to access the service.last_img

Frances competition watchdog has removed the majo

first_imgFrance’s competition watchdog has removed the majority of restrictions placed on pay TV operator Canal+ originally imposed to greenlight its merger with TPS, freeing the operator up to strike exclusive premium channel deals with the likes of BeIN Sports as well as to retain exclusivity of series that it pre-finances.Citing the changing conditions of the market, and notably the emergence of Altice as a key competitor in premium pay TV, the Autorité de la Concurrence said that Canal+’s previously dominant position was now “more and more contested across the markets in which it operates”.The regulator said that the emergence of Altice, which has struck exclisve deals with the likes of Discovery and NBCUniversal, as well as building its own portfolio of premium channels, was a key factor in its thinking. It also cited the emergence of new international OTT TV players such as Netflix and Amazon, which were competing with Canal+ in the SVOD market and were providing effective competition for premium US rights in particular.Crucially, the Autorité de la Concurrence has lifted the restriction that prevented Canal+ from making premium channels exclusive to its platform. The watchdog said that Altice had struck exclusive deals with premium channel providers, and ruled that maintaining the existing restriction on Canal+ would be disproportionate.This could open the way for Canal+ to strike an exclusive deal with struggling premium sports rival BeIN Sports, something it was blocked from doing a year ago.BeIN subsequently struck a non-exclusive deal with the pay TV operator. However, it channels are also available on Altice’s platform.The freeing up of Canal+ to strike exclusive deals is conditional, however, on Canal+ making the service available to any third-party distributor that wants to include it in their overall offering.At the same time, the Autorité has removed certain restrictions imposed on Canal+ that were designed to allow third-party distribution platforms to compete effectively with Canalsat.The Autorité has also removed all restrictions on the Ciné+ movie channels operated by Canal+, which it previously had to make available to third-party operators, on the grounds that there are now significant competitors available in the form of OCS and the forthcoming SFR Studio services.The regulator said that it remained crucial for independent channels – including premium channels – to have access to the Canalsat platform, and will continue to force the pay TV operator to include a minimum quota of independent channels on its service, along with its obligation to publish an offer of reference for independent channels.The Autorité de la Concurrence has withdrawn the imposition of conditions on Canal+ buying movies rights from US studios. It has maintained the restriction that prevents Canal+ from concluding exclusive framework agreements for the acquisition of French movies. However, the regulator said that it could lift this restriction if another pay TV operator strikes a framework agreement with a major French film producer.The authority has maintained other obligations related to French films and the windowing of rights designed to ensure that Canal+ continues to finance the creation of French films.Similarly, in the case of video-on-demand rights, Canal+ can now strike exclusive deals for US titles but not for French ones. Canal+ cannot couple on-demand and non-linear rights.However, crucially, Canal+ has been granted the ability to make series that it pre-finances available exclusively on its platform.The pay TV operator can also now make five original French movies available on its VOD platforms for a limited avant-première window of a maximum of seven days.Film unit Studiocanal can now sell exclusive rights to third-party non-linear platforms, and can sell rights exclusively to Canal+ platform to an upper limit of 50%.The watchdog meanwhile maintained an obligation that Orange’s OCS service should remain independent of Canal+.The new rules governing Canal+’s behaviour will hold until the end of 2019. The regulator said that imposing restrictions for five years, as it had done previously, was no longer justified given the changes in the competitive situation in France.Canal+ responded neutrally to the lifting of restrictions. The pay TV operator said that it had taken note of the decision, which was evidence that the Autorité had “partially taken into account” the “transformations past and to come in the pay and free TV markets, marked by the rapid emergence of powerful competitors particularly active in the acquisition of audiovisual content”.last_img read more

Broadcaster RTL Netherlands has tapped OTT TV tech

first_imgBroadcaster RTL Netherlands has tapped OTT TV technology outfit Piksel to provide technology for its planned new digital service.As part of a multi-phase project, Piksel is working with RTL Netherlands to develop a new digital destination that brings together all of its most popular linear and on-demand viewing in one place, according to Piksel.The new service will use products from the Piksel Palette. a set of media services built on a cloud-native architecture. The broadcaster will use Piksel’s Digital Showcase suite of OTT back-office services, and its Fuse Metadata Manager to deliver its new consolidated offering.Kristan Bullett, joint managing director at Piksel said: “We are delighted to have been selected by RTL Netherlands to help deliver on its bold new platform strategy. The Piksel PaletteTM was built from the ground up for companies like RTL Netherlands who understand the need for agility within an increasingly competitive media environment: Our SaaS microservices-based products are designed to easily interoperate not only with each other but within a wider media ecosystem. They deliver a powerful foundation that offers a quick to market start, fully managed operation, and future flexibility at its core.”Giovanni Piccirilli, CTO at RTL Netherlands said: “Digital viewing is at an incredibly exciting phase in its evolution and Dutch viewers are some of the most demanding on the planet. RTL is committed to transforming its fans’ experience through a high performance next-generation digital platform. For this we have defined a highly scalable, future-proof and modular architecture in which Piksel’s technology naturally fits. We are looking forward to partnering with Piksel to deliver RTL’s content with the very best viewing experience for all our customers.”last_img read more