SEO optimization solution of industry portal website

SEO optimization solution of industry portal website

SEO said, many people will think of what the chain increases, a keyword ah, URL rules and things like that, indeed, these for SEO, it is also very important, but for industry portal operators, in fact, these are the most basic industry portal, compared with the traditional enterprise stand for, optimization of the focus is not on the specific operation, industry portals have their own characteristics.

industry portal relative to traditional enterprise website:

1, greater capacity;

2, the investment of manpower, financial resources, time cost is bigger;

3, on the benefits of higher expectations;

therefore, the optimization of the industry portal and the optimization of the traditional enterprise station is different.

traditional enterprise station due to the promotion of cost limitations, some may only pay attention to several target keywords, you can get some traffic, have certain network marketing effect, pay attention to several key words this SEO approach, in small site is feasible.

But compared to the

industry portal that the scale and investment, it is an utterly inadequate measure, a drop in the bucket, so the industry portal SEO focus absolutely should not be put in the specific rankings on individual keywords.

so the optimization of the industry website lies in the design of the SEO mechanism, as follows:

first, the design of the content increasing mechanism;

second, the design of content update frequency guarantee mechanism;

third, content quality assurance mechanism design.

The design of this three

mechanism, the bottleneck problem of industry portal will be smoothly done or easily solved optimization.

as the industry portal, such a large amount of data on small edit their updates, the cost is very high, so I suggest to use to guide users to create content ideas to solve the above three problems fundamentally.

Most of the

industry portal to integrate their own resources as a platform, then the platform should do the platform to do, fortunately, many industry portals have a large number of downstream enterprise users. Dong Jingyi believes that network marketing platform, the rules of the game makers, but also maintain the rules of the game, the platform should have a mechanism allows business users on the platform fair performance of their own packaging and at the same time, can use the platform fair rules to realize their own interests.

is the only way of enterprise users have enthusiasm to participate in the activities of the platform, will be on the platform to realize the operation flow, the operation flow is formed, the network marketing platform will be smoothly done or easily solved the bottleneck problem.

with this relatively stable, fair rules, the downstream users in order to consider their own interests, they will be more willing to participate in the construction of the platform, the platform >

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