Write soft Wen, but how to improve the conversion rate

Write soft Wen, but how to improve the conversion rate

compared to the current society, advertising seems to be more disaster caused by flooding water, soft, well versed in the psychology of audience. The soft are called soft, subtlety lies in a "soft" word, it will promote the content and the content of the perfect combination, so that users can understand the planning for people who want to advertise things in reading time.

but want to most of the people in the tangle of a problem, is to convert the soft Wen, although hard than wide to the people to accept, but it is really a small problem. Through the soft text writing, media selection analysis, we simply analyze the reasons:

1 site selection

to Baidu weight, for example, Baidu weight is optimized for site keywords ranking is expected to bring traffic to the site, divided into ten levels of 0-9 third party website evaluation data. The greater the weight value, the greater the natural flow of the site, natural flow.

is also advertising, you choose the Sohu, Tencent these well known sites, and some unknown small sites, it is impossible to compare natural exposure.

2 does not promote

do you really think that a few platforms to send a look like it? That you will be waiting for the outcome of Shen shen. If the quality of the soft full of confidence, can stand outside promotion let the soft effect strive for further improvement, such as sharing activities, a manuscript, if paid in time, the soft exposure rate increase, nature can attract readers.

3 content is missing

is like a TV movie, not an attractive content, how can people read your articles and pay for? This is a big flaw in the soft.

but what do we need to pay attention to in terms of content,


1 style

style can not be too changeable, but it can not be too simple. Too single for a while to make people feel boring boring, and too changeable will make people feel confused, try to create their own style. Although there is a certain degree of difficulty, but it can be appropriate to try.

2 data

the appropriate reference data allows a precise concept, can also be said about general, for example, Hong fluttering tea surrounded around the earth for a week. Although I do not know how much, anyway, we know, in short, a lot of it is.

3 user group

first you have to know your product is facing what kind of users, if teenagers are available, the story to attract people who go to work; if it is available, it is a professional wise remark of an experienced person; if the class is available if it is dry cargo; elderly are available, parenting, health…… Of course, just about the beginning of the small talk about the specific division depends on your own products.

soft marketing is undoubtedly the era of the new media enterprises issued >

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