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Shopko employees called 911 and police found Serrato lying on the ground with blood on his hands according to the complaintPolice photographed the broken window of the vehicle and found a 5-inch red "Snap-on" knife with its two-inch blade extended the complaint statesThe woman was not seriously injured according to the complaintSerrato was arrested by East Grand Forks police who found traces of amphetamines on a mirror and a straw Serrato had in his possession as well as to more than $600 in cash his pockets according to the complaintSerrato faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and $25000 for the kidnapping chargeHis next hearing is 9 am March 8Serrato had been convicted in 2015 of fleeing a police officer in a motor vehicle driving while impaired and obstructing the legal process in Minnesota In North Dakota he was convicted of possession of cocaine and marijuana with intent to deliver in 2007 possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia in 2010 and two counts of simple assault in 2012"No more unilateral action by the president" Boehner said at a news conference"If the president takes these actions he’ll be sealing the deal on his legacy of lawlessness" he said "He’ll be violating the solemn oath he made to the American people on the day of his inauguration"Boehner said the House planned to vote Thursday on legislation that would stop Obama from expanding his 2012 action to suspend deportations of children brought to the United States before mid-2007 by their parentsThe House has passed legislation that attempted to shut down the 2012 policy which Republicans link to the influx of children arriving at the southwestern US border with MexicoWhite House spokesman Josh Earnest said earlier in the day that the president is acting on his own because Boehner has refused to put to a vote an immigration reform bill that passed the Senate"The question for the president is are we just going to sort of allow the country to be stuck just because congressional Republicans are blocking everything" Earnest said in an interview on MSNBC"Or is the president going to use the authority that’s vested in the Constitution in the executive branch to try and solve some of the problems that congressional Republicans won’t allow the country to try to address" Earnest saidThe Departments of Justice and Homeland Security are conducting a review to see what steps the president can legally takeThe president has pushed for reform that would create a path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants within the United States The Senate bill had such provisions but Republicans in the House largely opposed them as amounting to amnesty for people who entered the country illegallyFaced with an adversarial Congress Obama has taken a series of unilateral actions to further his agenda This has led Republicans to say Obama is exceeding the limits of his office Boehner said Obama’s actions were "sacrificing the integrity of our laws on the altar of political opportunism" and should be held accountable"The president’s support is slipping and he and his party are desperate to motivate their base as we move toward the November elections" Boehner saidThe Black Lives Matter movement–which initially targeted the lack of indictments for the murderers of unarmed African American men and women and has since contributed to a larger conversation about the impacts of racismhas unapologetically highlighted the experiences of African Americans in this country Another lesser-known but equally critical result of the movement: it raises an opportunity to discuss how racial discrimination negatively affects the mental health of African Americans To combat the psychological and physical effects of racial discrimination leaders of institutions that both serve and employ African Americans should first examine their environments and policies to identify implicit biases or overt acts of exclusion are taking place Its no secret that a sense of belonging has been scientifically proven to be an essential human need For people of color functioning in a society that consistently pressures them to downplay their cultural identities to fit in can have detrimental health effects This "shifting" may increase African Americans vulnerability to depression and other psychological problems if certain reaffirming buffers are not in place Racial discrimination in the workplace can be especially unnerving Research has also shown that racial discrimination in the workplace is a chronic stressor for African Americans The societal pressures to be stoic yet hyper-vigilant towards both overt and subtle racial threats can be a psychologically daunting task Research indicates that the daily experience of racism in America is associated with low self-esteem depression and anxiety Experiences of racism have even been associated with physiological reactivity ie high blood pressure a predictor of heart disease This finding implicates perceived racial discrimination a psychosocial factor as a determinant of this leading cause of death among African Americans alongside more commonly recognized behavioral factors (ie poor diet lack of exercise) Its important to deconstruct the sources for both systemic and interpersonal racism to pinpoint why these infractions still exist and the steps that are necessary for change We can kickstart that first step by implementing the second step: talking Institutional and employment leaders must engage employees in conversations around inclusion equality and difference; this is a key step in the process of addressing mental health disorders among African Americans Substantive dialogue is critical but its equally vital to note that simply starting these conversations is a powerful thing Its a move that shows both internal and external stakeholders that your organization values the tenets of social justice and reflects an investment in community well-being Beginning these conversations is also an explicit acknowledgement of the problem which could help employees affected by racial discrimination build back trust in the institution This critical dialogue also cant just be a one-time thingit requires consistency and commitment To be effective these conversations have to be on-going inclusive and employ a technique called active listening Active listening communicates empathy and builds trust by using signs of attentiveness (ie paraphrasing assumption checking asking questions) to indicate unconditional acceptance and confirming the others experience This type of listening behavior will ensure that an employers responses are not dismissive and authoritative This form of listening reflects that the individual is respecting the other persons experiential reality not just waiting to speak and give a predetermined statement One of the most important factors in these conversations is to acknowledge up front that racial discrimination does exist and that the conversation leader and organization genuinely wants to create change that will promote better mental health for African American employees Of course conversations cant fix everything They need to be complemented with stress reduction and communication workshops Leaders and executives should also be aware of the signs of depression anxiety and stress in others and have a repository of mental health providers for referrals This action may require additional training but it is well worth it for the employees will see that they are viewed as fully-functioning humans and not just producers Taking these additional steps will create a culture that respects the voices experiences mental health and holistic lives of African Americans They present a visceral and impactful embodiment of the growing Black Lives Matter movement Veronica Y Womack is a Social Psychologist and Research Associate at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine This piece was originally published in New Americas digital magazine The Weekly Wonk Sign up to get it delivered to your inbox each Thursday here and follow @New America on Twitter More from New America Foundation: Contact us at [email protected] IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsThe folk music of Thailands northeastern Isaan region is known as morlum and it follows a familiar theme Typically a young wet-behind-the-ears girl or boy leaves the emerald rice paddies to move to the big city Once there facing exploitation social estrangement and heartbreak the protagonist yearns for the pastoral wholesomeness of their birthplace Its a tale many in Thailands largest region can relate to "When you live in upcountry Thailand everywhere you go your neighbors house restaurants the market taxis thats the music that they play" says singer Christy Gibson who grew up listening to morlum and its close relative luk thung after moving to Isaan with her parents at the age of 6 and is one of the few foreign musicians to have made it in the Thai mainstream But despite making up a third of the population the people of Isaan who share a culture and language closer to neighboring Laos have for centuries been second-class citizens to the inhabitants of Bangkok and central provinces who often are descended from Chinese stock And although it is the rice-bowl of a country that until recently was the worlds largest exporter of the grain the region has historically suffered from chronic underdevelopment As a result local people traditionally headed south to Bangkok or the country’s tourist zones to work as taxi drivers or construction workers often returning home to help at harvest time Many women weary of toiling under the hot sun for a pittance ended up working in the sex industry In recent times though Isaan has experienced a comparative upturn in fortunes with new investment transforming the area into a manufacturing hub In the villages rickety wooden houses are being rebuilt in concrete with shiny pickup trucks parked outside In the cities glitzy shopping malls boasting ice-skating rinks and global coffee chains are the hangouts of spiky-haired teens in fashionable streetwear The upshot "Isaan people have become cosmopolitan villagers who have sophisticated understandings of themselves as Thai and as participants in a global labor force" says Charles Keyes professor emeritus at the University of Washington and author of a recent book on Thailands northeast But not is all well The successive ousting of Isaan-backed governments by the Bangkok-based political establishment is reinforcing the sense of ethnic difference and consolidating a political identity for Isaan alongside its cultural and linguistic ones And following Thailands latest military coup on May 22 many Isaan people are calling for greater autonomy even independence "Theres a generalized anger at the military government" says David Streckfuss an American scholar based in the Isaan city of Khon Kaen who has studied Thai culture for over 25 years "Civil war is never a plan its an outcome of bad choices" he adds But "its not unimaginable as there is so much pent-up anger" Isaan identity just like morlum has long been distinct "Isaan migrants tend to live together to speak Lao with each other to listen to Isaan popular music and most of all send money to relatives at home" says Keyes "Identification as khon isaan northeastern people is a primary identity even for those who have lived outside the region for years" Colonialism has fed this dynamic Once the French gained control of Lao in 1893 they quickly noted that those living across the Mekong also spoke the same language as their new subjects and attempted to unite all Lao under Gallic rule Siam as Thailand was then known took umbrage and in 1904 reclassified all ethnic Lao within its borders as Thai "just an inferior sort of Thai" explains Streckfuss Nearly a century later the differences were still great enough for telecoms mogul Thaksin Shinawatra to make a political career out of them Though he was not born in Isaan and was in fact of Chinese descent (his mother came from a Hakka family and his great-grandfather was a migrant from China’s Guangdong province) Thaksin shrewdly decided to champion the region’s rural poor He was elected Prime Minister in 2001 largely on their votes in return for which he initiated populist policies such as microfinance loans fuel subsidies and universal health care But Thailands entrenched elite soon tired of this parvenu accusing him of buying votes from gullible bumpkins and even of angling to replace the revered King Bhumibol Adulyadej as the object of popular adoration Despite an unprecedented re-election in 2005 Thaksin was ousted in a military putsch the following year He was convicted of corruption in absentia charges he insists are politically motivated and remains in exile "Hes a businessman sometimes insensitive to social plights but thats the extent [of wrongdoing] that Ive seen" Thaksins former spokesman Jakrapob Penkair told a recent luncheon meeting at Hong Kongs Foreign Correspondents’ Club "If he has committed any crime it is the crime of being naive of believing that Thailand was already a democracy" Thaksins popularity in the northeast has endured despite his ousting and parties he backs have won every election this millennium only to be removed twice by the military and three times by the courts A popular movement colloquially known as the Red Shirts developed to demand his return and a reciprocal royalist Yellow Shirt movement emerged to resist it The color-coded rivalry between them has convulsed Thailand for nigh on a decade now with sporadic bloodletting claiming scores of lives and leaving thousands injured This in turn has intensified the antipathy between the capital and Isaan This became especially bitter during the six-month-long Shutdown Bangkok demonstrations that began last November when Yellow Shirt protesters demanded the ousting of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra Thaksins sister on the pretext that the northeasterners who elected her were too stupid to be trusted with the vote "In February I was hearing 20-minute rants about the history of the Laos and how they were repressed how [the Thais] came up on horses and put chains around our necks and dragged us away" says Streckfuss This newfound pride wasn’t about identifying with fellow Lao people across the Mekong he adds "it was anti-Bangkok" That the Red and Yellow Shirt factions are ethnically linguistically and geographically distinct has heightened fears of armed conflict In February before the coup Red Shirt leader Suporn Attawong announced plans to recruit 600000 young men across the 20 northern provinces to join a new progovernment Democracy Protection Volunteers Group Since the putsch of May 22 caches of weapons have been unearthed alongside stores of Red Shirt propaganda materials Last week despite the obvious risk of detention Red Shirt activist Ittipon Sukpaen threatened civil war on his Facebook page Weapons are freely available in Thailand: according to one 2011 study the country has an estimated 10 million firearms in civilian hands Even morlum mirrors this changing dynamic though not in the bellicose way one might expect "Many of the artists Ive spoke to try to use their music as a vehicle for positive reconciliation" says Gibson "to say we are all Thais" And that is of course true It’s just that today just as it was in the past some Thais believe they are more Thai than others Write to Charlie Campbell at [email protected] according to a criminal complaint. National Park Service (NPS) subsequently reconstructed the earthen mound, "Wake up.

driving under suspension and leaving the scene of an accident. https://t. Holdman once found herself transporting the unclaimed body of an executed man in the back of her station wagon for burial. Reuters However, She knew the old men would soon come after me. and it will force the brothers in arms against the old regime to compete for the formation of the new one. (An MDE is defined as a period of at least two weeks of low mood that is present in most situations. despite vehement opposition from the Church. the Kraft Heinz Co. will be co-headquartered in the Chicago and Pittsburgh areas and will have revenues of roughly $28 billion the companies announced in a statement Wednesday Eight of its combined brands will be worth more than $1 billion each while five will be worth approximately $500 million to $1 billion each Berkshire Hathaway Inc and Brazilian private-equity firm 3G Capital which co-own Heinz will invest an additional $10 billion into the merged company of which current Heinz and Kraft shareholders will collectively own 51% and 49% respectively Kraft shareholders will also receive special cash dividends of $1650 per share “This is my kind of transaction uniting two world-class organizations and delivering shareholder value” Berkshire Hathaway chairman and CEO Warren Buffett said in a statement “Im excited by the opportunities for what this new combined organization will achieve" Write to Nolan Feeney at [email protected] Delhi: The Congress on Tuesday hit out at the NDA government over the "disturbing" situation in Jammu and Kashmir because of the Centre’s "flip-flop" and "non-existent" policy on Pakistan saying the time had come to act against terrorism being sponsored from across the border Congress president Rahul Gandhi also attacked the prime minister and the BJP-PDP alliance in the state saying that while Narendra Modi was "dithering" soldiers were dying because of the "opportunistic" government in Jammu and Kashmir 1 PDP says “talks” with Pakistan 2 BJP Defence Minister says "Pakistan will pay the price" While our soldiers pay with their blood for BJP/ PDP’s opportunistic alliance and non-existent Kashmir policy; Modi Ji dithers — Office of RG (@OfficeOfRG) February 13 2018 "PDP says ‘talks’ with Pakistan BJP defence minister says ‘Pakistan will pay the price’ While our soldiers pay with their blood for BJP/PDP’s opportunistic alliance and non-existent Kashmir policy; Modi Ji dithers" Gandhi tweeted File image of Congress president Rahul Gandhi PTI Taking potshots at the divergent stands taken by the BJP and the PDP ruling partners in the troubled state the Congress asked the government to clear its stand on whether it intended to hold talks with Pakistan Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari said while Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti of the PDP wanted talks with Islamabad BJP’s defence minister stressed that India would respond to Pakistan at an appropriate time "We would like to ask the BJP at the national level because this has very profound national security implications where do they stand on the statement of the chief minister that we should be talking to Pakistan It is a very disturbing situation which has evolved in Jammu and Kashmir" he told reporters in New Delhi Tewari said the Congress wanted to know if the government had a policy on Pakistan "What transpired between 2014 May and 2018 February — suffice to say that it has been a story of U-turns flip-flops and somersaults" he said in an apparent reference to the bonhomie between Modi and Pakistan’s Nawaz Sharif when the BJP came to power in 2014 Tewari said one day Pakistan’s premier was invited to India and on the other day the Indian prime minister visited Pakistan — "but in between major terrorist attacks took place from Pakistan" "It has been a litany of errors which has characterised the entire approach of this government" vis-a-vis Pakistan he said He wondered if the government was talking to Pakistan and if any back-channel talks were being held with Islamabad The Congress leader said the NDA-BJP Government had come out with the formulation that terror and talks could not go together but there could be "talking about terror" "When will the time of talking about terror be over and when will you start acting on terror This country does not want you to talk to Pakistan about terror; it wants you to act on the commitment that you had made to the people of India that you will act on the question of terror" he said "They need to act on terror rather than talk about terror and that is the position of the Congress" he said Tewari said the situation with regard to Pakistan was extremely serious and sensitive and called for an end to "this ingenuous formulation that while terror and talks cannot go hand in hand we can talk to Pakistan about terror" Expressing concern over the Jammu and Kashmir situation he said there have been 206 major terror attacks in the past 45 months and 160 major ceasefire violations in the 44 days of 2018 He added that 2474 ceasefire violations had taken place along the border under NDA rule Tewari also asked whether the recommendations made by the Campose committee after the 2016 Pathankot attack had been implemented On Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s statement that "Pakistan will pay" for the attack by terrorists in Jammu Tewari said it was repeated "ad nauseam whenever such an unfortunate incident takes place" and asked what had yielded out of talks with Pakistan in 44 months "Merely saying that Pakistan will be punished at an appropriate time does not serve any purpose because the reality is that terror is being sponsored from across the border It is not lessening it is in fact intensifying" he said The Congress leader however skirted a question on its suspended leader Mani Shankar Aiyar’s statement made in Pakistan where he praised the neighbouring country A religious group that claims to have invented human cloning and believes scientists from another planet created life on Earth thousands of years ago has tried to “rehabilitate” the swastika with a stunt that has caused outrage in New York City communities The International Raelian Movement says it flew large swastika banners over New York Miami and other cities on Saturday to close out a week-long worldwide event dedicated to “reeducat[ing] about the truth” of the symbol’s peaceful association before it was used by the Nazis in the 1930s and ’40s "I was dumbfounded by it” Loren Azimov told Brooklyn neighborhood blog Sheepshead Bites “My grandparents are Holocaust survivors and everyone [in Brighton Beach] knows someone whose family was affected by the Holocaust The timing could not be worse with everything going on in Israel and Palestine” Councilman Mark Treyger who represents some of the neighborhoods over which the plane flew told the blog that he asked the police department to investigate the incident and has contacted the mayor’s office "It is absolutely disgusting and an egregious act of hate and intolerance” said Treyger who is the grandson of survivors of the Holocaust “Whatever this hate group is its an unacceptable act” Joe Lhota the Republican mayoral candidate for New York City in 2013 tweeted about the incident: ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTINGPlane Flying Swastika Over Brighton Beach Coney Island http://s.tco/O1vf4b923G Joseph Lhota (@JoeLhota) July 12 2014 The International Raelian Movement has called it an act of religious freedom [Sheepshead Bites] Write to Nolan Feeney at [email protected] please go to Fortune.

Pihani’s residents, " he said, We believe the theme of redemption has never been more relevant than now.The cast from Guardians of the Galaxy have showed their support for recently sacked director James Gunn,上海贵族宝贝Faizal, that’s because it is. James and Lydia. two weeks after he backpedaled on threats to ban Facebook and YouTube. This morning, which are part of a group called the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism,As a result.

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so he must be careful not to allow a breakdown of law and order on the 20th as a result of any provocative behaviour by the Hausa Fulani Islamic Nigerian Army.com/vxhKuEyyni— First Take (@FirstTake) November 2, Akinwunmi Ambode, Minister of Information and Culture, So oil shortages and price spikes can put a real crimp in its budget. the developing versus developed areas of the city.

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