Using QQ drift bottles promotion plan and the new tactics

Using QQ drift bottles promotion plan and the new tactics

some time ago very prosperous micro-blog, causing a lot of attention to the promotion of the network experts, because many active in the Internet to promote the network master, have begun to use micro-blog to promote.

but it is undeniable that micro-blog is confined to the part of the people, or that there is some big age network users in the use of the micro-blog service, and micro-blog still has his limitations, such as the IT class, it is very suitable for the promotion of micro-blog.

In the mailbox

a few days ago, the new Tencent suddenly found a new service called drift bottles, as shown in figure

had not been too much attention, the results suddenly received a net friend sent me a drift bottle, so I feel very interesting!

so I share this little piece,


you can also use a bottle to do a network promotion program. In the implementation of the drift bottle program, we should pay attention to a few small details:

1, drift bottle wording should pay attention to, as far as possible moderate point, in addition, we can also according to the industry to write a few words on the temptation of the topic, it is not.

In 2,

chose to do when drifting bottle promotion, remember to replace the elephant, elephant, let the people have their own desire to click.

3, the bottle is the sea behind the needle, the results hit who do not know, so, placed in the bottle drifting words, to do a website’s signature, I drift bottles when writing a paragraph, left behind: Housewife nets, China on family life, if you also, please join us (


from the current point of view, a good loss of nearly ten a day, there is no specific number, you can receive a reply to one or two.

has a real hit, and has registered my site membership. No matter how to send a bit paste communication.

in general, the drift bottle is still a little bit of fun, we leisure time, might as well try, but also a new promotion!

article original, source: Housewife network reprint please keep this trip!

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