Robin Li suggestions entrepreneurs not to be concerned about is a kind of happiness

Robin Li suggestions entrepreneurs not to be concerned about is a kind of happiness

Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li  


technology news June 30th morning news, Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li said today to entrepreneurs, many companies do not concern when growing up, really want to do is not too much interference of external factors. And he also lamented that he is doing anything to comment, do not live in the spotlight is a kind of happiness.

2011 dark horse China finals and summit held today in Beijing, the "entrepreneur" magazine sponsored activities, hoping to find the most potential dark horse enterprises in china. Robin Li attended the above activities, business around this topic, reviews the development of Baidu and industry, and give advice to entrepreneurs.

"many times, companies are not concern when growing up," Robin Li recalled the development of the industry pointed out that Microsoft IBM, YAHOO Google, Microsoft to YAHOO, Baidu and Google, have a similar process. Robin Li said Baidu was not concerned in the early days, and when Google noticed, "it’s too late."".

Robin Li recalled that in 2000 when Baidu started the business, not optimistic about the outside world. It’s not easy to even do some publicity in the media. "It is because this is not affected by the environment, so that we have a relative can concentrate on doing things on the opportunity. Growing up, "Robin Li concluded.

now Baidu has been in the field of domestic search for an absolute advantage, but Robin Li has a new trouble. "Everything I do now will have a lot of people to comment on, to express their views. There are a lot of attention, in his view, not every day in the spotlight is a good thing, is a luxury, a kind of happiness.

Robin Li said to entrepreneurs, if you really want to do things can not be too many external factors every day.

"I’m about 1/3 of the time on the product and technology, the other 1/3 of the time on the train, how to cultivate employees how to do things right, grow faster; there are 1/3 flowers on my own to do things," Robin Li said that there is a final 1/3. "Because I have to pay too much attention".

looking to the future, Robin Li said that the current founder of Internet Co is about forty years old, just a temporary phenomenon. He pointed out that China’s Internet market is growing, the industry will continue to have new demand, new products emerge, a variety of market changes will provide many opportunities for entrepreneurs. (Meng Hong): #e#


is the following Robin Li speech:

Robin Li: Good afternoon! We are very pleased to see that the majority of people younger than me, I also never mind than black color.


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