Where Sina micro-blog will go this can open up a fresh outlook but get lost

Where Sina micro-blog will go this can open up a fresh outlook but get lost


could be the path of sina but because sina is difficult to open up a fresh outlook, breaking the existing mental models, the new road will imperceptibly become trapped in a nice hobble, let Sina lost.


Sina in the third quarter compared with the second quarter earnings have improved, but there is no much difference compared with the same period last year, the advertising revenue of $120 million 600 thousand ($101 million for the same period last year), non advertising revenues of $31 million 800 thousand ($29 million 300 thousand for the same period last year), mobile value-added services revenue was $19 million 100 thousand ($21 million 400 thousand for the same period last year). You know, the news is known for Sina, this should be a quarter of the harvest season, but the London Olympics did not give Sina’s performance to bring substantial change. With the release of three quarter results at the same time, there are two high-profile rumors related to Sina: Sina micro-blog Sina micro-blog injection Huanshuai, Alibaba.

although Sina CEO Cao Guowei is still serious about Sina’s earnings prospects, but investors and the media have become more and more impatient, because the same words they have heard enough.

more than two years ago, the number of users and traffic when Sina micro-blog’s growth potential in a trend which cannot be halted, whether the capital market or ordinary Internet users are consistently optimistic about Sina, feel the single profit model and the aging China portal website to find a new growth point. Two years later, Sina micro-blog’s earnings and not only did not become clear, but increasingly confusing. Micro-blog 75~80% Sina advertisers and web advertising customers are overlapping, there is suspicion of packaged sales, its ability to attract new customers is quite limited. Sina micro-blog to attract the attention of the user at the same time, and also in the "eyeball for many users, especially used by micro-blog users on the mobile terminal, after the use of sina micro-blog, Sina News Web browsing time and frequency significantly decreased. For this to win advertisers through massive web news of sina, can not be said to be good news. By the new old business business nurtured not only nurture the old business — but secretly clearing old business profitability.

but the danger is more than that. If micro-blog is increasingly proven to be less profitable, Sina may be able to reduce its investment, and even give it up strategically, just as Sina has gradually abandoned its blog. The real question is: after micro-blog, what can become Sina’s new growth business, to gradually replace the already obvious aging of the existing business?.

all of this can be traced back to Sina’s business genes, as well as the business model derived from genes. Cao Guowei may be surprised to find that he is now facing the sina is an old problem – how to change the Sina business model at the core of advertising. That’s what Wang Zhidong tried to solve 10 years ago. Wang Zhidong "cut down dead", his successors do not dare to touch the Q >

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