Adsense network broadcast 12306 hand Ali cloud distorted information WeChat public number 133 was cl

Adsense network broadcast 12306 hand Ali cloud distorted information WeChat public number 133 was cl

1.12306 site to avoid the collapse of the secret: climbed up the Ali cloud

2015 Spring Festival train ticket sales volume hit a record high, while the site operates 12306 railway system did not collapse. Behind this is the cooperation of 12306 and Ali cloud.

2015 spring festival ticket peak day in December 19, 2014, 12306 site visits (PV) 29 billion 700 million record, PV more than 300 thousand times per second, the day a total sale of train tickets 9 million 564 thousand, the Internet sale of 5 million 639 thousand copies, accounting for 59%, are a record high during the spring festival.

2 spread distorted history national history information of 133 WeChat public number is down

days ago, the national Internet information office according to law, this is not the history of "133 spread distorted history national history information on the WeChat public account, and will increase the network of law enforcement, thorough investigation of the outstanding problems of instant communication tool users reflect strong platform.

National Network Information Office official said, according to the report users, the WeChat platform in a number of public accounts to "secret" and "truth" as a gimmick, under the banner of "you don’t know the history", "this is history", "I know the history of the banner, fabricating facts, distort history. Confuse the public, wantonly spread distorted history national history and other illegal and harmful information, call severely punished. National network information office immediately launched an investigation, according to the law closed 133 related WeChat public accounts.

3 electricity supplier maternal babe network a new round of financing has settled investment in  


January 20th, according to informed sources, the recent acquisition of maternal and child electricity supplier Bei Bei news is not true, the recent action of the big network is not being acquired, but the completion of a new round of financing. Specific investors, the amount will be announced soon.

has previously claimed that the recent high-level babe network with a V prefix listed electricity supplier relationship is suspected to negotiate acquisitions. Analysis of the industry, the electricity supplier company is the electricity supplier sale website.

but informed sources revealed to DoNews, babe network is currently doing a new round of financing negotiation, at present, the specific amount of financing and investment uncertainty. But the combination of previously broke the news, does not exclude the babe network access to may inject.

4 NetEase cloud music infringement penalty of 1542 songs  

because of its NetEase cloud music 1542 song piracy, NetEase was ordered to stop infringement and fined $250 thousand. First Financial Daily reporters recently learned that the Guangzhou municipal cultural market administrative law enforcement corps on January 9th to make an administrative penalty decision.

the determination of the punishment found, Guangzhou NetEase calculation >

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