n order to better integrate the smart phone into the car Ford decided to join hands with TOYOTA

n order to better integrate the smart phone into the car Ford decided to join hands with TOYOTA

day before Ford automobile announced the establishment of the SmartDeviceLink alliance with TOYOTA automobile, and cooperate with other industry participants, intelligent mobile phone and vehicle system car connection based on industry standard.

SmartDeviceLink is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of open source software, its goal is the interaction between the mobile phone and smart car are combined, and simplify the vehicle manufacturers, parts suppliers and software developers in the software and hardware application process.

Ford, a wholly owned subsidiary of the vehicle mobile application developer Livio will be responsible for managing the open source platform project, and provide technical guidance for the SmartDeviceLink alliance and its member companies.

Ford said that the promotion of SmartDeviceLink technology in the industry is expected for the application developers to bring a broader platform, the innovation is expected to be used in millions of cars in the world.

on the other hand, the open source platform will provide a unified application integration standards for automotive manufacturers and suppliers. Application developers will also benefit from the focus on creating the best user experience, and to promote innovation and solutions to all the auto manufacturers to join.

in addition, the application of cooperation between developers and car manufacturers will also improve the open source, improve software quality and security, so that consumers benefit. Alliance member companies can be based on the SmartDeviceLink platform to provide services in line with the brand standards, but also to manage the application for vehicle data access.

for users, this means that there will be more smart phone applications and services can be used for vehicles, the owners can be more convenient to use their favorite applications in the car. The developers want to implant more similar car display control, steering wheel button control or voice control functions will also become more simple.

2013, Ford AppLinkTM system source code for the first time to contribute to the open source community and named SmartDeviceLink, designed to help promote the development of the automotive application developer community. Currently, the ApplinkTM project has nearly 5 million users worldwide. In China, the AppLink platform is now supported, including QQ music, Sina weather, dragonfly FM, air travel, such as more than a dozen mobile applications.


project is expected to become the new standard for intelligent mobile phone data connection with the car, to replace the apple Carplay and Google Android Auto, has become a widely accepted "equipment of automobile mirror connection system.

although many manufacturers have chosen to use apple and Android and other sophisticated smartphone image system, and from the development of similar satellite navigation, such as multimedia vehicle functionality, but as of now,

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