Why is Sun Zhengyi optimistic about artificial intelligence behind this in the end what mystery

Why is Sun Zhengyi optimistic about artificial intelligence behind this in the end what mystery

Liu Jiefei

first, the platform of the war, the Internet has become a tool for manipulating the Internet users of slavery

is now the mobile Internet era, many for creating your own design a workable solution to the problem of skill of APP mobile phone software, installed on the mobile phone inside the human, thus occupying the human to use his mobile phone this skill tool. To solve the problem of a group of people in life, and earn a lot of money.

therefore there are many people follow with similar, have to do, forming a hitherto unknown Internet platform for the major platform of the war, it can be said that all the system appeared on the Internet every acquisition, merger or die cross-border phenomenon. In the Internet, together with the no smoke of war, eat spit and without stop.

It is because of this

for the software platform of their own, when the phenomenon of war more human computer or mobile phone installed in the end, after the evolution of the Internet War slowly, formed as a replay of the three kingdoms. A lot of software operating system of each platform, between the commercial trading platform between, between social completely unreasonable, a big landlord formed various sober side soil.

is because of the large system platform of the whole operation system of automorphic self, form many restrictions on the Internet and information to the poor. Hinder the development of human life through the internet. And not directly to the people of the Internet in their own seat of survival and development of the place, there is no greater way to play, so that more people living on the Internet, can only yield to be forced to succumb.

is bound in the Internet, the Internet has a lot of problems of survival of the Internet people of all kinds, this kind of problem is mainly focused on survival, survival, and cause problems, learning problems. These problems are largely from the real life problems are brought to the Internet to the world, these problems lead to human, in these many major Internet system on the Internet platform every day by these platforms do the main control variant of slavery.

makes the survival through the Internet, the Internet in their careers and learning on the Internet, the Internet is a social person, oppression and conflict, but can only accept as it cannot be helped. Because now the Internet has been manipulated by these large platform system.

and many people on the Internet has also been used by such manipulation of slavery, also the major operating system as the software platform is the Internet, not knowing the code written in the software platform in the operating system only deprived belongs to every human.

because the Internet is not a code written by the software platform operating system, but not by anyone who can control the operation of a web site platform.

two Internet users on the Internet, lost pain, manipulation of slavery are unaware

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