Billionaire Zhuang Chenchao whereabouts has been set, the creation of zebra investment!

Billionaire Zhuang Chenchao whereabouts has been set, the creation of zebra investment!


March 24th morning, WeChat public chaos yanxishe push sent a message, it is worth noting that, in the message, after the departure of Zhuang Chenchao from where to go to a new identity – Zebra investment founding partner. This paper carried out the following description of Zhuang Chenchao: computer geek character, thinking, OTA young, three consecutive successful entrepreneurs, from scratch, 10 years to create a million dollars of listed companies where. In 2016, he founded zebra investment, starting again. This also means that after the full transformation of Zhuang Chenchao to do investment speculation dust settled.

new fund veteran VC


zebra first established investment, but Zhuang Chenchao is already in the circle of investment all-powerful, one is for LP, one is for investors. And seems to be based on the identity of their own identity genes, Zhuang Chenchao do LP fund is often the fund’s entrepreneurs.


, clean capital established jointly funded by Hillhouse capital and Zhuang Chenchao et al., the current team is composed of few successful entrepreneurs by agency VC, currently led the people worked at Baidu for 11 years, known as the "Baidu" of Wang Mengqiu, but also cast a love of fresh bee, Blued the classic case in the aspects of investment performance;

2014, former vice president Cao Yi China founded Sequoia Capital source, emerging companies Zhuang Chenchao and $1 billion of the CEO, A shares of listed companies CEO, BAT Qihoo and other large Internet company executives and investors have become the source of capital is LP, now holding interest installments, PP car classic case.

as an angel investor, he also invested in 360 and beautiful said. The former in October last year to complete the D round of financing, valuation of over $1 billion; the latter merged with, the merger is also a unicorn.

born restless entrepreneur

Before the

so popular about Zhuang Chenchao where to invest for speculation, of course, entrepreneurship is a possibility, but I didn’t stay in where the work continue to guess. Zhuang Chen Chao will not be willing to do occupation managers, he was born to be a restless entrepreneur."

middle school, Zhuang Chenchao has won numerous national mathematics competition awards, once considered to be a "genius" in the school, and even playing games on the side of the computer programming;

University, Zhuang Chenchao had developed a Chinese search engine "search", and later sold to the news group and the people’s daily joint venture website ChinaByte;

in 2000, and he later co founded where partner Dai Furui, Peng Xiaomei co founded the Shawei sold for $15 million TOM net, which is the predecessor of

TOM sports;


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