Send a dialysis 5 network marketing trends in 2013

Send a dialysis 5 network marketing trends in 2013

business development time was like a raging fire, network marketing has become a platform for enterprise marketing promotion is essential, a hair from the beginning of 2008 to help enterprises carry out network marketing activities, it has been more than 5 years, until 2013, the network environment with the poor, although the number of Internet users will bring blowout effect, but to carry out the network marketing of the enterprise is not optimistic. Send you a look at the 2013 7 network marketing trends:

micro marketing effect is better

micro marketing refers to marketing and marketing of micro-blog WeChat, by the end of 2012, micro-blog registered the number reached 503 million, while the micro credit households according to the forecast by the end of 2013, WeChat users will exceed 500 million, behind the huge number of support, brought more superior to the enterprise, micro-blog and WeChat’s micro marketing in practice also, achieved a very good effect, high rate, high precision, high convenience features, will be more applied to the promotion of enterprise.

creative marketing video can not be ignored

after a large number of tests to test the video display, weight is very high, of course, video marketing results are far better than other marketing methods, because more intuitive, more easy to remember, in recent years, creative marketing video also appeared more micro video emerge in an endless stream, increasing the scope of application of Creative Marketing Video well, in addition to spoof, Tucao video effects, a lot of enterprises marketing video also made a very good effect. 2013, I believe it is also a year of creative marketing video.

brand marketing will determine the fate of the enterprise

as of the end of 2012, the number of search engine users reached 451 million, becoming the largest application of Internet users. Many companies bid by Baidu and SEO and other ways to get good rankings, however, increasingly high cost of PPC and more and more difficult for enterprises to start SEO seems difficult, to 2013, for the enterprise, the most important factor, in addition to ranking, more of a brand effect, usually in the network marketing activities in, should pay attention to the brand value.

has started word-of-mouth marketingAlthough

micro marketing Shirupozhu, its support behind the unavoidable and word-of-mouth marketing, the data show that the user generated content page views the amount of Internet traffic accounted for the proportion reached 50.7%, while the site itself issued the content page views was 47.32%. Blogs, forums, Q & A, SNS and other applications share more than the flow of news, search, e-commerce and other key areas of the sum. More and more users in the online shopping will be particularly concerned about the user experience of other users, and to make the decision whether to buy.

precision marketing into an essential tool

more than 500 million of Internet users is a very attractive consumer groups, but different companies, different products, there will be different

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