Lao Xie talk about several points of enterprise product soft Wen

Lao Xie talk about several points of enterprise product soft Wen

enterprise product soft Wen is the main form of enterprise publicity, today I thank you for the enterprise product soft Wen a few points of attention, I hope to promote the enterprise product soft Wen have some help!

do soft advertising program

advertising is a concrete manifestation of target culture and soft advertising, advertising is a product brand and sales target goal of advertising, to reach the final profit is the purpose of the image acquisition and construction, therefore, there is a soft advertising plan, especially some of the products of soft, more need to have such a plan, this, some enterprises often do not pay attention to.

The case is already very familiar with the industry

"melatonin" successful operation of soft advertising, no more words. In 2003, the media in Xi’an to appear on the "soft advertising hot" and therefore the formation of the "Ryoji soft mode", which is not difficult to see that the system is good at operating soft enterprise its careful planning and planning, which is the key to its success.

headlines with news

The release of the soft

advertising is the demand of the enterprise, it is to achieve brand promotion or product sales target goal, but writing soft text advertising must first consider the needs of readers, the reader is soft Wen disseminator and receiver.

is the soft advertising, like the title "face", can attract readers depends on it. Of course, it is not enough to attract attention, the title should also let readers tempted, and "let me see the desire.


", "human beings can ever-young? Man", "popular painting eyebrows? Protective price is too high, the public how to do?", "Mom and Dad", "Aupu’s toxic Yuba why" Ba "capital"?…… Like these good title, not only has become fashionable for a time and now remember, why? Because it not only like news headlines, and even more attractive than the news headlines.

2003, China Daily, also appeared in a number of memorable soft text advertising title:

example: "a 99% people ignore health habits", this is the SARS "Ryoji" (electrical products) soft Wen title, published at the time for the media space to educate people to "wash" and "wash science" on the occasion, because Ryoji is "intelligent toilet cleaner" people commonly known as: health appliances washing.

example: thousands of miles to Rong only live a bear like

reports that the 04 year old Tianjin black bear, Elmar, was rescued and sent to Chengdu for treatment. "Thousands of miles to Chengdu", a brief description of the black bear was taken to Chengdu for treatment, and this is a bear by the personification of concern; "only to live out of a bear like", inherited the previous sentence context, humorous breath caused news readers desire, watching the news, and this feeling humor is the name of the black bear by ridicule, and condemned child bear, sparking reader pity.

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