The keyword fast car to think how to do site promotion

The keyword fast car to think how to do site promotion

from the website optimization promotion now for more than a year, a year of time, he had been in the network optimization alone, sometimes do not know what to do right, do not know that website promotion has no effect, his heart never end, nor what the shortcut method.

until the day I received a call from Wang hundred years "snack franchise" website, keywords they do have a keyword is "fast car" this word is so familiar to me, when I first got the word first feeling for me is not a website, but brother Jackie Chan’s film < fast car, > when the heart is not the end, because the words are movies, and how they compete, so in order to break their heart to fear, open the search engine on the observed degree of hot word, just started also do not know how to start, just the day in the search easy see fired the heart suddenly raise a Babel of criticism of advertising, with attention.

I can also use this kind of promotion, ah, so I do when the keyword is not a hundred years of their project keywords, but the movie fast food car

and I, in various forums, blogs, and video in the application of this method, a day later, I began to track, find customers in 51la traffic statistics, I was surprised to find the scene appeared, more than 60% of customers are through the word movie fast car to find that it was quite comfortable the important experience of their own promotion methods. This method is not a good way of marketing the site as a whole, but can give a station to bring traffic, if a station is not even the basic flow, how to talk about the operation, how to talk about marketing.


above is to summarize a method of extended I have done before, a small building, everyone laughed.

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