Sohu from the media application through the guide (pure dry cargo)

Sohu from the media application through the guide (pure dry cargo)

Sohu from the media application through the guide (pure dry cargo)

how to successfully apply to Sohu from the media? – meter for your secret


meters this article will share the most details of things!

I started to explain to you directly from the media every step of the application.

this is also one of the sources of Baidu bully screen technology news.

first step: search for "Sohu from the media platform, click into the box below I referred to, the second is the video from the media, because of the need to work a little difficulty, I also did not apply, first class of articles from the media.

or directly click: Sohu public platform


login, you will see the following interface.


do not need to register, you can choose their own account login, commonly used QQ login,

you can also register a Sohu account login.


second step: improve personal account information.


the need to carefully fill in, pay special attention to your message is best not to take the marketing advertising component appears, or not easy, there are real photos need to be clear, you can refer to my account to see how to write the commentary.

the most important thing is to clear their position on the line.

third step: submit account information, waiting for the audit, is generally the same day through the audit, super fast, but also to inform your phone.


successful application, remember to look at your background, especially the official description, in fact, as long as the

pay attention to these, the article will be issued after the audit efficiency will be high.



successful audit key: positioning

how to locate it? And what need to pay attention to it?

core principles: comply with the rules, simply share

first, the positioning of auxiliary materials

if you have other platform account, I suggest that the platform is a platform for applications, such as a little bit of information to apply for Sohu from the media, today’s headlines

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