Small and medium enterprises how to promote and achieve marketing through the blog

Small and medium enterprises how to promote and achieve marketing through the blog

today, the blog promotion is a necessary way to promote small and medium enterprises, enterprises obtain the chain or search engine traffic through the third party blog or enterprise independent blog, the other is to use blog to promote the corporate brand, culture, information, etc.. So, the blog to promote more and more mature and more and more people are encouraged to promote the enterprise, this promotion is not only for the enterprise to save a lot of money, in the operation is also very simple. Although the blog promotion is very simple, but also by the large and medium enterprises, but want to make a good effect is not very easy to master some of the essence of the blog promotion skills.

each kind of promotion is the same, the most important thing is the same, no significant differences between the means of promotion, but the real enterprise blog promotion is a headache, because no one wants to promote enterprises to blog, so many small and medium enterprises in do blog promotion appear halfway and waste phenomenon. Often do blog promotion of the promotion personnel should know, blog promotion can bring precise customer groups, can let potential customers to complete the conversion in the blog, all of these can bring the best results to the enterprise, if you want to do the only way is to raise the bo. So, today, the author with the majority of small and medium enterprises to communicate with you, how to promote the small and medium enterprises through the blog and marketing.

one, in a number of platforms to create blog

first, create blogs on multiple platforms. As the saying goes, a person’s strength is not strong team, blog is the same, want to do the best promotion effect is to create a blog on multiple platforms, one might think that we only 2-3 enterprises to create a third party blog in the promotion of the time, why not see the promotion effect, in fact, the reason is here, to create several blogs not create 2-3 can bring the effect, as for how many blogs will be created according to their own time and energy and. I believe that the more the better, but it is necessary to pay attention to the high weight of the major blog platform to create, if you do not consider the weight of the blog.

For example:

I want to create a blog for the enterprise, the author chose the Sina blog, Baidu space, blog, blog, blog, blog bus NetEase, Sohu, Alibaba, and the blog blog, enterprise blog created in these blog, the blog is a very high weight website, if in the blog to use I believe it will bring great benefits to the enterprise.

two, do the precise positioning of the blog

secondly, do the precise positioning of the blog. Since the blog has been created over the next blog blog is to do the positioning, positioning is crucial for the promotion of it, you know you have created the blog to serve those people, what to do, what to do keywords, these are all need to know, only know the future will continue to write only that point to note is that, the enterprise promotion personnel when positioning the blog don’t >

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