How far is the construction of marketing website

How far is the construction of marketing website

more and more enterprises have websites, but most of the enterprises in the marketing website still did not play out, the enterprise website development in China has experienced two stages of development from a technical point of view: the first stage is the enterprise website construction based on the static HTML, enterprise website construction in enterprise information and products of the simple display function at this stage, enterprise web site maintenance difficulties; the site can not bear a large number of products; website construction purpose is simple. The second stage is the rapid popularization of enterprise website construction development stage based on ASP dynamic web technology, from the development of this stage of enterprise website mainly in the development of technological innovation, a large number of enterprise website based on dynamic database, realize the rapid establishment of enterprise and meet the needs of daily maintenance, but also at this stage the emergence of the enterprise management system more and more the emergence of a template establishment of business model.

experience in the future development of website construction, website marketing function more and more attention, no matter what purpose we use technology, only one, is to increase the site’s customer, the site must have certain marketing to meet the marketing needs of enterprise website. Marketing type website construction is entirely from the perspective of the construction of network marketing, through Internet technology, the company’s products, services and information, the form of web pages to search engine submission, and gradually obtain good user traffic in the search engine virtual business platform.

enterprise website is a comprehensive network marketing tool, is to provide support for business management, therefore, the so-called network marketing website construction, mainly refers to the following characteristics of the website:

first, in the basic guiding ideology of the site for a clear purpose;

second, in the website function, not only to ensure the realization of the basic functions of the website in technology, but also have the function of website network marketing website, network marketing function is the ultimate advantage of the network marketing to ensure the effectiveness of


third, in the website optimization design, not only to search engine search, but also for users to get information and services through the website, and site maintenance is more convenient. With such characteristics of the site in order to maximize the effectiveness of network marketing.

this type of marketing enterprise website and traditional web site, it has incomparable superiority.

1, the website is no longer a kind of decoration, but the good marketing of the enterprise, is the enterprise’s super salesman, and do not deduct a percentage of the Oh;

2, website content quality, constantly updated, rather than static, always a face;

3, the website broke away from the traditional enterprise website standard model, gives the enterprise website with new life, not only is the corporate image display platform, is the enterprise marketing platform, greatly enhanced the competitiveness of enterprises in the market, changes in the market more directly, decision-making more refined, compared with the traditional the four major media, marketing price.

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