Talking about a good way to promote free online shop

Talking about a good way to promote free online shop


of each enterprise to the electronic commerce are very attention, but most of them operate like tiger eat crab – no mouth, in fact the operation of electronic commerce is very simple, but it is important to have the determination to persevere and correct method of original. Just do a business website just completed the entry stage of e-commerce, some companies do not even need to have his own website, e-commerce can still be very successful, what is electronic commerce? Actually I understand it, is to sell your products on the network, so how to promote? Just completed a powerful web site is simply not the electronic commerce, the fundamental purpose of electronic commerce or sales is to sell your products to people, you are faced with 110 million Chinese users group and nearly 1 billion 500 million of the world of Internet users, but no one knows your web site, no one on your site, you actually what is nothing, you have a good product, ha ha, unfortunately, no one knows. The establishment of the website promotion is not important, some enterprise doesn’t own website, or just opened a small shop, but their electronic business is very successful, why? Because they make people or their potential customers know they exist, even if they don’t want to buy, but they know there is a place to buy, this is the true e-commerce.

now business is an information technology and high technology business, far greater than for the sake of any kind of products or raw materials, there are hundreds of hundreds of enterprises in the competition, if you want to find a kind of raw material for the enterprise, any search, you can find hundreds or even thousands of suppliers on the Internet, and is no longer a salesman with Chinese run to collect information and information, if you use the network enterprise will not be correct, so enterprises in the future development will be a big obstacle.

how can be regarded as a network promotion? I think the following is the basic standard of network promotion:


1, HC, eBay and other Alibaba, nearly ten large-scale online business website set up the company’s online shops and shop, and update.


2, Sina, NetEase, Sohu and other comprehensive registration free pages web pages web site.

3, in a number of integrated web site on the establishment of the company’s backup site, to ensure the normal website.

4, in NetEase, Sina, Sohu and other integrated portal registered with the company name of the mailbox, in order to facilitate the company to contact and prepare for the future of the company’s brand.

5, in the professional website of the twenty registration login, and updated every day to ensure that your investment agent or product information can always be on the home page.

6, in the non professional of the twenty investment agents or business information website registration, and updated every day, to ensure that your product information and the amount of web browsing.

7, create a product blog for your main product, and make a presentation about the product

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