Good product is the basic skill

Good product is the basic skill

recently in thinking, although only to Beijing for less than two years, but the Internet industry has imperceptibly changed, when I first came to Beijing by the media touted the company now already disappear without a trace, people always have a variety of emerge in an endless stream, let you find everything fresh and new projects. But you always think there will be below, but not really, no, this can make people sigh, what is it?

but there are always a few companies, as always, to maintain a "sustainable" growth, maintaining a long-term liquidity.

so what is behind these two phenomena is worth us to think about it?

had to admit that the level of the industry as a whole is constantly improving, a very obvious phenomenon is that: we have to evaluate the product has changed. When the level of the industry is uneven, we usually say: "this product is very good". But this year I feel both the media and peers, the number of products praise has been slowly changing, because the product is well done is no longer a rare thing, but more and more become a standard, a basic skill.

as the industry gradually become more rational, whether it is product manager or designer level are on the rise, in other words the product team level are on the rise, the result is that the product is getting better and better, which of course is for consumers is a great thing, this is also the positive role of the market this invisible hand to play. But a significant problem which is caused by the product became more and more homogeneous, the original innovation cost is higher, but also more and more urgent.

A problem with

then it had to have been, since more and more products tend to homogeneity, level more closely, so who determines the corporate level, determines the product positioning of


the answer is obvious: founder.

it’s easy for a group of smart people to make a good product, but it’s not enough just to do well in the competition.

recently took the hot outbound tourism market, as far as I know there are more than and 10, and the product has no significant difference, most game player in the original game puleng innovation wings, it’s hard to say no effect, but it is not enough to set off a strong wind and big waves.

I believe that several products have their own characteristics, but also has its own unique positioning, but the problem is that you have not opened a big distance than competitors, if your users to give you 80, but your competitors are the level of volatility between 75-85 points, you said that you will have a sense of superiority


is often said that the details determine success or failure, but we ignored his use of the scene, in the success of this matter, I do not think the details determine success or failure, such as the above examples of this product, team effort may optimize the hundreds of thousands of small details, but it did not.

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