Electricity supplier micro-blog marketing four fish get the user’s story

Electricity supplier micro-blog marketing four fish get the user’s story

electricity supplier is a typical marketing heavily dependent. Some time ago the media disclosure form where the customer orders can glimpse the reflected: customer price 108 yuan, but the marketing costs 26 yuan, accounts receivable ratio close to 25%. for the majority of the industry, the proportion is more 8%-15%. Electricity supplier industry can see the bloodthirsty dependence on marketing.


for the business enterprise, is a low cost marketing channel, a little strength, basically will be set up by the operation of micro-blog, from one or two to five or six people; some of the staff in the operations department of micro-blog, some of the staff in the public relations department; some focus on brand communication, and some focus on sales reach……

simple summary of the path from micro-blog fishing orders are the following:

, a fish — makes the fans surrounded by administrative micro-blog layout, long-term customer value

What is the official micro

? It can release enterprise information publicity is therefore propaganda platform; it can solve the problem of customer service is so pre-sale service platform; it can achieve sales so is the sales channels; it can publish promotional information so it is promotional tools; it can investigate user needs and therefore is a market research tool; it can deal with the crisis so is a public relations crisis tool……

this big and full argument that we have heard many times, but obviously can not satisfy us. Any good product or good strategy must be a word to describe the clear, what is the meaning of what is often nothing!

In fact, micro-blog is the official

, "fish", "fish" is the official operation of micro-blog


operating official micro-blog, compared to traditional network marketing, the biggest difference is that the captive". For example, you put an ad on the portal, the information in front of the user to the door to produce an exposure or a click, and then walked away. However, through the official micro-blog, you can leave your users in the official micro fish pond.

in your own fish pond, you can put the fish from time to time to broadcast propaganda, the current trends of enterprise; you can from time to time to fish tissue, enhance the relationship between each other; you can always collect fish opinions to improve your products and services you have new products; it can also immediately recommend recommendation; when the outside people hurt your feed containing melamine, you can immediately clarify in front of the fish……

of course, as a business enterprise, will ask, this fish pool a year can bring the big sales? We take a partner as an example (a well-known Southern China B2C), the amount of fans is not large, no promotion expenses, administrative micro-blog fans easily achieve pin 100 thousand. Before taking the service of another well-known domestic men’s B2C contrast (Beijing, a well-known B2C), about 200 thousand of the site members, members of the monthly mailing list promotion, sales of about 300 thousand.

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