One of the key words of large and medium sized websites

One of the key words of large and medium sized websites

is a web site development to a certain size, when web traffic or website users cause qualitative change from quantitative change as we called "scale". Usually large and medium-sized commercial sites will have three traffic transmission scale: the scale of individual communication, mass communication scale, the scale of media dissemination and a commercial scale.

      individual communication scale: usually a new online website, when access to the user level in the early stage of tens of thousands of Web sites, which will be part of the user on the site to form a fixed access habits or recommend others to visit, we call this "the spread of individual scale point".

      group communication scale: a website project launched in a period of time, often some promotion measures and early human communication visits increased by one hundred thousand levels, of which there will be a considerable part of word-of-mouth and access habits, website traffic will roll with growth. A certain influence on the users, we call this "group communication scale".

      media scale: a website project after the benign development, through the "group communication", formed a strong influence in the Internet, and in the forefront of similar websites, visits to one million level, the development of the website or by the media attention and reported every act and every move, at this time we call "the media point scale".

      commercial scale point: when a website reaches a certain scale, it can produce a clear profit pattern through the user or browse group". The different nature of the site commercial scale is different, such as local portals are one hundred thousand groups can access business, its influence is easy to get the local businesses of all ages; search engine websites need to reach tens of millions of audience their commercial products can be recognized by the market, the obvious example is why Baidu and Sogou, Sogou PPC difficult to sell Baidu PPC to gain market recognition reasons lies in this, commercial scale Sogou not to.

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