Alibaba $100 million to build overseas Taobao first attack the United States

Alibaba $100 million to build overseas Taobao first attack the United States

Alibaba small foreign trade platform aliexpress yesterday officially opened the building by the Alibaba for $100 million in foreign trade small online trading market will be the first of the United states. The market for small businesses, to provide global small batch orders, online transactions and protect the interests of buyers and sellers of third party credit guarantee services.

"aliexpress" last September began trial operation, the first group of suppliers including market Alibaba another service "China supplier" users, about 3000000 kinds of products have been developed over more than and 40 categories of shelves.

insiders refer to aliexpress mainly for online trade market, the future will make Sino US small suppliers, retailers docking, reduce intermediate links, so that the American people enjoy more affordable "Chinese manufacturing".

Alibaba vice president Peng Yijie said yesterday, aliexpress will put a "Taobao model" to the overseas market, buyers and sellers are free of charge according to the registration, the final turnover of the minimum standard cost, help small businesses get more orders opportunities and higher profits. Alibaba insiders said yesterday, fast selling through the wholesale market with the domestic wholesale market, will be one of the future core strategy of Alibaba.

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