Speed transit nstitute micro forum Shenzhen lecture students accepted up position

Speed transit nstitute micro forum Shenzhen lecture students accepted up position

December 7, 2014, the speed transit Institute "micro lecture lecture" open class "how to break the WeChat marketing" in Shenzhen city of Luohu District hot Sanjiu Hotel. The current open class sponsored by fast transit Institute, Nandu Institute of communication, micro media alliance. Lecturer by senior business practitioners, micro business research, micro media promotion experts, Chinese the first to enter the WeChat electricity supplier in the field of exploration of the South star.

Prior to

, just released online activities attracted many students to participate in the registration, registration deadline, a total of more than 70 students to participate in the "micro forum open class.


class, not only teach the knowledge of the South micro electricity supplier, also shared the experience and experience of micro electricity supplier, but also promote the exchange and integration of resources, and actively interconnection between students. The south through personally, affecting many friends around in the derivative industry, he still insisted on proactive, continuous learning.

students agreed that the course is practical, practical, and have joined the micro speed transit forum discussion group training, participate in online communication, understand the content of "micro speed transit forum more training courses.

(field many students ask for general manager of micro media alliance Liu Minhua and the South lecturer name card)

(on the south live interactive humor lecturer)

from the first operation to flow south relationship as a link, this WeChat is closed and the lack of traffic and other common weaknesses, and through the analysis of scrutiny by hyperlink reading of search engine, extends the promotion to the core content, directly across the WeChat new reading mode. A distinct brand positioning precision, with rich linkage online and offline activities, to create a full open class dry cargo. The classroom, the South also cited a large number of actual combat cases, such as: pure grass root non atypical counter attack experience and mask brother Chen Zhao wave etc..

(we actively ask questions on the scene and the enthusiasm of learning, the small series are infected)


speed transit network is the first mobile new media marketing and micro electricity supplier operating one of the explorers. At present, the speed transit network micro media alliance owns IT, the Internet, mobile Internet, e-commerce, intelligent hardware, Internet banking, entertainment, automotive, education, health and other dozens of industries and fields of WeChat media account, subscribers has more than 30 million people, is currently the largest mobile operators and new media marketing alliance and one of the leaders of the new media transformation.

relying on their years of professional speed transit network content of new media marketing and mobile marketing services practice, speed transit Institute front-line combat personnel, self polymerization of the domestic first-class Internet Co executives, industry experts, aims to create a professional mobile new media marketing research and training institutions, various industries and enterprises in the field of thought based on mobile.

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