B2C direct subversion of the traditional pattern of successful operation of food enterprises

B2C direct subversion of the traditional pattern of successful operation of food enterprises

for many users, online shopping is an ordinary thing. However, traditional food companies rarely involved. This year, more and more food companies began to focus on this emerging field. The day before, the largest domestic enterprises for fans to "White House fans" official website "Baijia Town" reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Alipay, Alipay officially access. The latter is the largest third party payment platform. The same push into direct sales network and excellent wufangzhai, probiotic yogurt, magic candy and other food enterprises.

online direct marketing costs drop by half

why the traditional food industry began to pay attention to the sales network? Yesterday, "White House fans" network sales leader Hu Yuanqiang to reporters just sum accounts: the same as a product, if the sales through entity channels, access fees, promotional fees, commission dealer marketing costs accounted for more than 50% of gross profit, net profit rate is 20%. The cost of network marketing is only half of the traditional channels, the price is lower than the price of more than 5% of the retail price of the store, the average net profit margin of up to 20%, the maximum net profit margin of up to 30%.

cost reduction, consumers can enjoy more benefits. Yesterday, the reporter saw in the "white home food city" on the website, convenient fans and Hot pot sauce with box for sale, 1 boxes from the sale, in addition to Hong Kong and Macao and abroad, other areas are free shipping. In a wide wide hot and sour powder for example, FCL market price of 87 yuan. If you buy on the net, in addition to door-to-door, without additional shipping fees, FCL as long as the total price of 72 yuan, 15 yuan cheaper than offline purchase discount rate of around 20%.

is more important, network sales can bring more than reduce sales costs. Hu Yuanqiang said the White House food has been the development of a single product has more than 130, even in the most of Chengdu’s channel, large supermarkets to display category but also 60 kinds of first-tier cities in many supermarkets, distribution of products can even less than 10. In his view, once the online market is open, the potential market size is to open up the one or two regions of the traditional channels can not be compared.

or subvert the traditional pattern of

Hangzhou Food Industry Association official said, because the convenience of small food prices, the traditional concept of online selling convenience food is not feasible. However, the network has the advantages of low cost and large area coverage, combined with modern logistics and third party payment services, this field may be the subversion of the traditional pattern of cross-border business. As for fans, Sichuan spices of this kind of food consumption in the population, city singles and the students such as a large proportion of people at the same time, the depth of the user is online shopping. He also revealed that, compared with other regions, Zhejiang traditional food enterprises began to pay attention to the network marketing, wufangzhai dumplings the time-honored brand in the online sell very fire.

analysis of the industry, the current situation of convenience food network sales and a few years ago, the situation is very similar to the clothing industry network sales. At VANCL>

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