Honey bud baby was traced and selling procurement channels doubt suspected of false propaganda

Honey bud baby was traced and selling procurement channels doubt suspected of false propaganda

lead: import sale electricity supplier honey bud baby mother was recently burst its sales of Maclaren Quest children’s cart was fake, the official propaganda commitment "from the brand side, general agent, country of origin direct purchase" is in doubt, once the "powder" mothers are both angry and helpless. In the end honey bud baby if it claims as trustworthy?

rosemari cart event triggered fake crisis

recently on-line sale of honey bud baby number Maclaren Quest children carts, consumers in the purchase by Maclaren rosemari official micro-blog stroller VIN code inspection was informed of the absence of the VIN code, the purchase of the trolley is fake.

August 19th, Maclaren rosemari micro-blog official said in a statement, Maclaren rosemari baby honey bud baby sold are fake, never in any form to sell any products to honey bud baby, honey is also not authorized to shoot the baby and his company Beijing Wang spent online commerce company limited and honey bud baby cooperation dealer Tianjin Wei Kai Trading Co., ltd.". Caused a great disturbance in the honey bud baby consumers.

then, honey bud baby official responded that "Tianjin has dealers and Wei Kai Trading Company is verified as authentic, Wei Kai explained Maclaren rosemari blue V registered for other dealers, VIN code false inspection reports. At the same time, honey bud baby will recall the cart and sent to Maclaren Hongkong company inspection, the results of the test announced in the near future.

But consumers have to contact Maclaren

rosemari Hongkong company Facebook inspection of honey bud baby announced Tianjin Wei Kai Trading Company Maclaren authorization, told to fake authorization.

today (August 23rd) morning for honey bud baby Margaret Roland carts events were the third description, in a statement, honey bud baby admitted rosemari cart had sold for illegal shipments. Honey bud baby said it was the supplier of Tianjin Victoria Tatsu Trading Co., Ltd., after its investigation of the sale of carts for factory illegal shipments, and forged the factory license. Honey bud baby will purchase 66 of the trolley and compensation for the delivery of authentic vehicles.

honey bud baby’s predecessor is a four crown Taobao shop, founded in 2011 by Liu Nan in Beijing, Taobao shop in honey bud baby accumulated a lot of loyal mother user. Honey bud baby website launched in March 6th this year, as imports of baby brand sale. On the line of the month turnover exceeded ten million, there are about 100 thousand powder mother, customer price of about 400 yuan, re purchase rate in 45% months. In July this year has just won the lead investor Sequoia Capital, Zhenge fund and Xianfeng Huaxing with the investment of $20 million B round of financing.

honey bud baby website commitment "100% genuine protection", "only from the brand side, general agent, country of origin direct procurement,"

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