Pitcher Wang Sicong The success rate of over 20% of his investment in the listing of the 38 projects

Pitcher Wang Sicong The success rate of over 20% of his investment in the listing of the 38 projects

The ability of

to throw a "reborn" the mad people, Wang Jianlin gave Wang Sicong five hundred million yuan of "trial and error" of money, but also by the media called "sharpshooter" Wang Sicong run fast, 7 listed companies under the MIPs capital various projects become husband look good "example". But the "pitcher" of the high hat directly so down, some exaggerated.

has 20 million fans, a low-key network of red Wang, often do not send micro-blog has been a must be popular. As the entertainment Commission Secretary Wang Sicong, and the Feng Xiaogang cannon "mutual dislike" is no longer confined to the entertainment gossip, both direct representative of Wanda and Huayi are torn.


Feng Xiaogang and Fan Bingbing cooperation film, "I am not Pan Jinlian" released back a piece of data, Feng Xiaogang will "fire", open the micro-blog 1000 long shelling Wang Jianlin, accused the film in the other row of film theaters average value above 40%, and Wanda cinema is only 10.9%.

1988 Wang Sicong 1958 Feng Xiaogang blunt irony mystifying, both of you come to me, finally forced president of Huayi Wang Zhonglei also stood out in response to Huayi said poaching.

is a famous director, a well-known entertainment company, and "the son of the richest man Wang Sicong in the micro-blog space of dialogue will some self-worth? Actually otherwise, micro-blog certified as chairman of Beijing Wanda Group, MIPs capital director Wang chairman Si Cong, perhaps also really the children.

released in November 1st, the Hurun Research Institute "2016 Hurun rich list" in the "80 80 inherited wealth rich list", the national most rich two generations of the Wang Sicong list ranked eleventh, personal wealth has reached 6 billion.

80 fortune inherited rich list

Wang Sicong 6 billion property under the name, can be roughly divided into three.

first piece, is the number of Listed Companies in the control of Wanda’s top design Wanda Group, Wang Sicong indirect shareholding of nearly 2%. To calculate the proportion of shares, Wang Sicong holdings in Wanda Group, the value of 2015 yuan by the end of 3 billion 900 million.

second, Wang Sicong directly holds 5 million shares of the original shares Wanda cinema. At the end of 2015 per share price of Wanda cinema has reached 240 yuan, which means that Wang Sicong directly holds 5 million of the market value of up to 1 billion 200 million yuan.

third, is under control in the capital investment platform MIPs Wang Sicong’s personal items (including the total valuation of 7 listed companies before 2016).

cinema row piece rate for film is self-evident, "I am not Pan Jinlian" on the first day at the box office 70 million 130 thousand, and Wanda cinema row piece to 13% contribution to the box office only 3 million 640 thousand. Hurt the vital interests, it is no wonder that Xiao Feng

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