An article attracted traffic

An article attracted traffic

would not do, but not willing to be lonely, not after several attempts, finally got a blog, ziyuzile.

nothing, just want to play and see you say how to promote the site to write down his own experience.

so casually wrote an article, "I was how to play GG, but also by the GG dry" first in the hair on the laggards, after finishing the hair to the Admin5 webmaster online.

due to the laggards are newcomers, only in the New District, hair, almost no one concerned.

Admin5 webmaster network editor after the audit, put this article on the home page "news & interview & experience & promotion planning" area, the original traffic every day on a IP blog, down nearly two hundred IP.

know that there will be some IP, but an article attracted so much traffic, it is unexpected.

and this effect is still continuing……

Oh, do, any form of promotion is necessary! Master experience a lot, as long as according to do it.

but there is one point, the webmaster only in the webmaster online will be more attention, because in other sites will be considered you are advertising.

webmaster nets Oh, quite like it!

by the way to the personal blog links,, interested parties to join, I will remember you.

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