Website promotion operation in the new

Website promotion operation in the new

one, optimize and promote the relationship

understand SEO friends know, do a long time seems to meet the bottleneck. On the one hand, may be due to do some of the more miscellaneous things a little more, relatively, calm down and think about the SEO related content have less time; on the other hand, we optimize the website, especially longer site, along the way, on the basis of previous efforts, both reached the site in a highly ranked or in weight as well as the structure of the page, you want to break is really difficult. However, the optimization work also requires that we must continue to introduce new, constantly beyond. In this context and requirements, we must start from small, small and large, so it is possible to achieve unexpected results.

In fact, when it comes to

optimization, must not be separated with the promotion of isolation, they are a unified whole, because the purpose is the same, that is the site of the visibility and exposure degree of use of the Internet platform to magnify, let more and more people have more opportunities to see and understand our website for a long time, the brand naturally formed.

two, ranking promotion

said in front of so much, seems to be nonsense, engaged in more than half a year SEO friends should have experience. Here we get to the point, talk about how to use the list of problems. In fact, when it comes to the list, many of us may have heard, for example, often hear the "song list", believe that you would think that as long as the row in the table is powerful, but there may be many unknown stories. Of course, we also have to allow this situation, because this is the status quo.

on this issue, we can use the charts, the use of public admiration for ranking situation, the artificial manufacture some list, in order to achieve our purposes? Personally think that this method is feasible.

first, does not violate the law, and even with the moral also does not matter, because we are doing a lot of sites in the site is very good, but also very distinctive;

second, if we are in some forums, personal identity, the amount of release, will attract some attention, near the station is never wrong, someday will let others in our benchmark.


example is as follows:


for the name list, we can go to create, for example, "Chinese most potential ten recruitment sites", "2010 of the fastest growing website ranking, the next five years is expected in the GEM Listing recruitment website", "Chinese ten start empty-handed recruitment website" and so on, of course, more attractive. The name of the better, the ultimate goal is to attract more eyeballs, let more people.


, the list of methods is feasible and is operable. Hope more friends with the new promotional hand

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