On the issues worth considering in website promotion

On the issues worth considering in website promotion

I have all day in the online shopping, found a lot of people on the keyword search ranking is very confused, although all know the importance of keyword search rankings, also update the content of daily non-stop news release, but is not top ranked by, and also let many webmaster do stand to lose my confidence. Actually, I don’t think so. Remember in April 19th when I wrote an article called "Happy New Taobao three days Google home page ranking promotion skills" by webmasters attention, also received a lot of webmaster consultation, even to light up the lost confidence in the webmaster do stand. Also let me write more about the key word rankings, today I also so far so far only upload to the server for more than a week of happy Taobao as an example to explain. So far my this station you search for the keyword "happiness Taobao" in Google is still on the first page of third or sixth 2 seats to change, mainly by the Taobao forum let to let go, the beginning of the new station fight but the senior forum also behoove.

I summed up the key words in front of me think I can not leave the ground, margin, Qiao three words!

a, hard-working

with the morning to get up and brush their teeth, wash every day, every day a new look, the site is also the same, every day there is a new content, will be favored by search engines. The only difference is to update the original content of the best. This is a lot of SEO experts repeatedly stressed, but also a lot of headaches headache. But we have to understand that the search engine is a new "people", some owners do not love to write articles or write a good how to do this? It is a skill. Primary school often to write essays, many people are not willing to write or do not know what to write, so he took a fancy to the composition book through the revision results also get good grades. Oh, now I believe you understand. The old saying "howl", when you write articles for a long time you will become a master of writing; when you have a consistent after, then update the site as the daily brushing and washing feel as normal, as your new content inside the website will not worry about the.

two, fate

some people may ask, what is the relationship between the fate with the station? I tell you now, to name the main keyword or Taobao happy station not only I a search on the Internet at least hundreds of thousands, while Baidu index reached a high key 120 thousand, but before I do there are a lot of, because the reason I record April 14th was uploaded to the server, 16 by Google home page, Taobao keyword ranking Google No. 17 happy third, before this I a chain are not, mainly in the website add some pages they need because I didn’t think it would come so suddenly. Why Google will put a new row on the first page of me? I used to do the new keyword has not been so fast, this is my happiness of this new Taobao with Google’s fate, since Google promoted the > I

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