Out of the excellent station registration price mistakes seize the basic factors of activity registr

Out of the excellent station registration price mistakes seize the basic factors of activity registr

you stand the word is no longer a year ago most people unfamiliar areas, some time ago and transformed into Taobao station pick up goods system. For sellers, they want to report activities, while the superior station is relatively low threshold.


look at most of the best station, what are nine pieces of nine, free trial, daily specials, exclusive discounts and other typical discount site, playing the price advantage of signs. For buyers, of course, like cheap products, but how much cheaper product quality is no problem?


a lot of registration activities of the seller should be very clear, in most cases is reluctant to sell at a loss, a lot of cheap goods do exist quality problems, can not be denied. There is a discount and the daily station, found in contact with you, many sellers because of traffic problems, seemed to go into a misunderstanding of enrollment, think more of such activities can bring a lot of traffic and conversion of other goods.

in fact, through low-cost promotional activities, the real transformation the baby? I used to work in a Tmall store, found that as long as the activity stopped, almost nothing of what to do when the flow, activity, also did not see the other baby how transformation. Of course, some people say that you do their own bad, I do not deny that the problem is that most shops are not the result of it?

on the one hand, not only cheap promotional costs, low return loss, and do not say, the price serious low, while sellers are familiar with Taobao rules that the customer price is low, is not a good thing ah! On the other hand, low price promotion, but also caused a lot of low quality buyers, dynamic shop DSR your score plummeting, and then to ask dad to grandma a call to explain for a while, it The loss outweighs the gain.

below is a vicious circle:


this is the author’s personal view, may not be mature, we can refer to the next, this vicious circle is a thankless task.

should also be recognized as excellent station owners, although the increase in sales is low, but the owners will be greatly reduced revenue, and the station was identified as a discount station, the proportion of the tax to be paid will be higher. Pick up the goods, but also urged the webmaster friends, do the site, to avoid the high copy of the low price promotion form. Daily discount station in the investment requirements, but also with special emphasis on this, to prevent malicious competition.

real registration activities, we still have to return to reason. Those who do not look at the investment requirements, the blind registration of the seller’s friends, I do not say more, this is the least rational and respect for others.

let’s look at the following figure:


a rational activity flow, should be from the

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