When Taobao and Durex met WeChat beggars, what would happen

When Taobao and Durex met WeChat beggars, what would happen

everyone has such a group of people in WeChat, they are on holiday, when the mood is good or bad, you have to ask for a red envelope, each time will use a different approach, which is typical of the WeChat beggar". Recently, a new WeChat bum popular in the circle of friends, Durex, Alibaba that are involved in the


, according to industry sources, recently, between the major brands have opened a mutual micro letter envelopes, inside the big secret of the war of the century, Durex, Alibaba, Jingdong and many other brands impressively, you didn’t know? You are the world and the derailment


send a red envelope, talk about feeling

The cause of

: Recently, there was another for the form of red envelopes, which "WeChat beggar" of love, many friends are forced to fall.


: even the brand can not withstand the temptation of all aspects of the fall of the



results: finally, we found that the real behind the scenes beneficiaries, is still WeChat!



WeChat begging several major types of

is not seen this war feel extremely brutal, a lot of slot points ah, obviously they are not, or even opposite brand, even to each other for a red envelope, talk about "feeling".

you don’t believe? Open mobile phone, full of "feeling" plum flower scraper circle of friends, just want to say this!!! What I feel!!!!!!

send a red envelope to "feel", is just a corner of iceberg for red, plum flowers slightly at · · · · WeChat beggars everywhere.

1 New Year’s day, Mid Autumn Festival, Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid Autumn Festival, Tomb Sweeping Day!


2 who are you?!




4 police uncle, is this man!


if you can not refuse, then the dog with

believe that each small partner around the life of a large number of WeChat beggars, although others may not think it is begging, but who met who know!


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