How to explain the case to achieve the ultimate marketing

How to explain the case to achieve the ultimate marketing

today is the "Southern Metropolis Daily" published a full page advertisement! It is said that the price is 200K has aroused heated debate, let’s look at the representative replies


this angel is a bit cold: the plastic surgery hospital advertising. Curry favour by claptrap…

good landscape _j61: to my language level, actually do not understand!

warm Yan Yan: This is cosmetic advertising


: Enchanting male plastic surgery hospital virus ad

a no regrets: suspense advertising, Snow Beer think so is the

of the year

now, we do not know whether he is in the end of the ad, but it does cause us great interest, we give it to the eye, we remember it, we are willing to discuss. So from the marketing point of view is very successful. This operation is, suspense marketing is the use of the mysterious principles, mystery that we cannot know what is the truth? But I also attracted our attention, we have to analyze the following factors of concern can cause

a, mystery, suspense

a suspense advertising, if there is no mystery is not likely to cause concern. What is suspense ah, that is, in the end you never know the results. Pictured above, we found that read throughout, left us many clues, but we don’t know what’s going on? The more we do not know how, the more you want to know. So we want to make friends, more friends to help us.

For example,

on Bermuda Bermuda, we yearn for is a mystery to us, always a mystery, we never know what is going on down there? But also particularly want to know what is going on there. For example, we for stocks, we want to grasp the stock market truth, grasp the formula, we show that all the clues, there is a way to master the truth, but we always study also cannot find, it aroused our desire, aroused our desire to conquer him.

so, how do we design puzzles? We must learn from the methods of creating suspense novels, selected topics and clues in the process of describing this topic, and let us go analysis. In this example, the small three selected the theme, which is a very attractive topic, and then through the description of Zhang too, a letter to the previous Zhang left suspense, clues, let us guess.

two, suspense marketing also need to leveraging

if this information is not in the Southern Metropolis Daily, published only in a personal space, if this text is not published for nearly two million yuan, so we will continue to be so interested in it? Of course not! So suspense marketing second points, is leveraging what that is through some force, or the authority of the people, to this information.

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