Biography contact the investment bank to seek listing Pang Shengdong declined to comment

Biography contact the investment bank to seek listing Pang Shengdong declined to comment

June 9th news, today there are rumors that is actively engaged in investment banks, hoping to be completed by the end of IPO. Tencent science and technology chairman Pang Shengdong call, the other said it is not convenient to comment, most of the recent focus on the exploration of social games.

it is understood that the past two years has been silent recently gradually sound, not long ago, just on site to do a new revision, the biggest change is to separate the space and making friends, the game business, then some people think that this is to sort out their business and prepare for the listing.

today, sources said, is actively engaged in investment banks, looking for opportunities in this round of listing boom IPO, and hope to be able to complete the end of IPO. Pang Shengdong, chairman of Tencent technology, the other did not make any comment, saying that we may no longer be concerned about

Pang Shengdong said that a large part of their current focus on social gaming, and made some progress. official also did not comment on this, saying only that ready to do a good job listing early, has been waiting for the right time.

, however, according to informed sources, the investment bank has been found, I hope to increase the intensity of contact with and investment banks, listed in front of the window to complete the listing.

it is worth noting that, since last year there have been people, Jiayuan, Qihoo 360 and other Internet Co listed, rice, thunder, PPS, Eric, happy net, the grand literature also listed in the queue waiting for.

on the American market China stocks before a change of general touted phenomenon, generally appear to break, the Internet Co because of the profit model has been questioned. The view was pointed out that the 2010 China equity market ushered in the history of the most active year, rising, a large number of new funds of enterprise valuation, the "bubble" has become the industry increasingly worried about this situation, but also for the future investors to make decisions more difficult.

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