nternet Co are talking about the unicorn how it originated in question

nternet Co are talking about the unicorn how it originated in question

both the United States and China, these high valuation companies are facing the same future.

Unicorn: a mythical creature with a white horse’s body, a man’s thigh, a lion’s tail, and a horn on his forehead. Webster’s Dictionary "


over the past three years, the term for the technology company has a new meaning. The well-known Silicon Valley investor Aileen Lee in 2013 a "welcome to the unicorn club", "unicorn" has become a synonym for the $one billion startup: they start from zero, no market value of more than $1 billion. From a car software called Uber, rent sharing company Airbnb, and then to the domestic millet is a typical Unicorn company.

The word

soon came to china. No matter how long the music as soon as the split, or the recent financing of hunting recruits network, with the unicorn to promote their own powerful.

even Beijing satellite TV has done a file called I am unicorn, the reality show, with the 98 year old girl founded the electronic business platform, 5 minutes of financing, such as the entrepreneurial story of the kind of business, such as the creation of the world’s top 15 million.

and in the birthplace of the word Silicon Valley, unicorn fever, has recently been questioned.

from the beginning of the end of 2015, general Morgan Stanley, fidelity letter, and a number of funds began to reduce their own investment company valuation of the unicorn. Half of the top 15 "unicorns" in the United States are affected.


Palantir, WeWork, Zenefits and other companies have layoffs or a large number of staff turnover.

is the most outrageous blood detection Theranos, because the media survey of core technology fraud, $9 billion valuation evaporated. Hollywood has adapted the dramatic story into a movie.

most of the companies do not have such a problem Theranos, they do their respective areas of the most innovative and best products.

but now, investors no longer believe that these companies are worth so much money.

capital in 5 years a ripening technology giant, this idea is how to start the

in recent years, people are optimistic about the growth of technology companies is Mark · Zuckerberg.

Facebook is not a pursuit of profit at the beginning, the first to seize the user and the high valuation of the company.

before the listing, Facebook has become the world’s largest social network, with 1 billion users. But its profitability has been questioned by a number of investment institutions.

to 2012 listed on the eve of Face>

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