SONY hacker door fermentation a large number of employees and stars personal information leakage

SONY hacker door fermentation a large number of employees and stars personal information leakage

[Abstract] more than SONY employees, actor’s address, salary and social security number is published on the internet.

Tencent Francisco December 5th, foreign media reported that SONY pictures of hacking incidents of personal information leakage is far more than the previous forecast, including the information of more than 4.7 current and former employees of SONY pictures, SONY pictures for actors and other free occupation social security number.

data security consulting firm Identity Finder analysis of 33 thousand SONY documents found that the disclosure of personal information, including wages and home address. All of these documents are posted on the Internet, one of the employees had resigned in 2000, and another employee has worked for SONY since 1955.

claimed to be "Peace" (Guardians of), said the organization responsible for the attack. Large companies such as SONY will be the number of employees and customer records stored in the networking machine for many years, this event shows that there is a huge security risk. Identity Finder said, the majority of SONY pictures data in Exce spreadsheet format, and there is no password.

the "Wall Street journal", SONY pictures leaked documents also include social security numbers or taxpayer identification number of thousands of free occupation, including SONY pictures in the movies and TV shows such as the well-known actor, actor Stallone, director Judd · Apatuo (Judd Apatow) and Australian actress Lei Bei Er · Wilson (Rebel Wilson).

in addition to personal data, leaked documents also include contracts and other sensitive documents. Bit Torrent and other file sharing networks are now available to download the relevant documents.

currently, the FBI, SONY and computer security firm FireEye survey team is investigating the incident. The team said the hacker’s attack was similar to the previous North Korean hacker attack. The malware was developed by a Korean computer, working on the Korean peninsula. It is very similar to last year’s attacks on South Korean banks and television stations.

Thursday, the Kabasiji laboratory report, SONY pictures of hacker attacks similar to South Korea last year hacking incident, but were unable to confirm the identity of the hacker behind the scenes.

A spokesman for the

North Korean government expressed anger at the upcoming film, Interview (The). The comedy film produced by SONY, Seth · (Seth Rogen) responsible for the screenwriter and director, is expected to be released in December 25th. "The interview" ironically North Korean leader Kim Jeong-eun.

SONY has not yet announced the scope of this hacker event. In an email to employees, SONY pictures.

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