Daily topic 360 news client does not meet the development direction of the shelf

Daily topic 360 news client does not meet the development direction of the shelf

webmaster network (www.admin5.com) June 25th news, following the 360 portable WiFi on the line, with Netcore R & D router after the exposure of the 360 and a mobile terminal products – news client on the line 360. Just less than a week, it was hastily off the shelf, because only the Android version, and do 360 mobile assistant promotion, many users have not even had time to experience.

is reported that 360 recently launched Android version of the news client, divided into headlines, entertainment, sports, military, Internet and other columns. In the introduction of the 360 news, the 360 news is defined as a free aggregation news news reading software, with a subscription, offline download and other functions. At the same time, the editor of the selected news and hot news, users can share their own interests by micro-blog and other platforms to share with friends. However, the 360 mobile client currently only through the release of a number of security aides, many users did not even have time to experience.

in the current environment, the door has joined the ranks of mobile Internet users, the introduction of their news client, 360 is not surprising to join. After all, this is a big market, 360 are not willing to give up this opportunity. It is not surprising that only shelves less than a week’s time on the shelf was hastily. In 360 the official argument is given, the product is the test of product innovation inside the small team, this level is unknown, due to the strategic direction of news client can not on behalf of the company, so it will be under the framework of emergency. In the face of the big door and Baidu compete to snatch the mobile Internet entrance, facing the huge market of 360 why not tempted, 360 what is


is like the 360 official statement given true, or hidden or otherwise? 360 is anti-virus software background, and then to survive in the search field, and then put forward 360 special mobile phone mobile phone manufacturers, recently launched 360 portable WIFI360 router, now 360, news client is quietly on the line, the hardware and software. Are many, 360 want to control the entrance of the mobile Internet industry chain thus determined. The 360 vice president Qu Xiaodong gives the argument is that the company is a platform for the 360, is definitely not to do news company. We should have a more stringent audit process in the release. There are omissions in this matter, this product can not represent the development direction of the 360."

in this regard, Internet analysts said Hong Bo, mobile news reading is a basic demand in the field of mobile Internet, the mobile Internet client there is no essential difference between Sohu, mobile client users billions of dollars to 360 realized this is a business can grow up. His analysis, for 360, mobile news client is not the key, the most important is the terminal and flow control, but the news client cost is relatively low, if made also 360 important products in the mobile terminal. In Hong Bo’s opinion, there are 360

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