The third major domestic web site said will invest heavily into the search for

The third major domestic web site said will invest heavily into the search for

webmaster network March 10th news, according to the 114 site navigation founder – ylmf company executives said it will invest $thirty million to develop 115 aggregation search, the future will focus, 115 aggregation search network U disk and 115 mailboxes and other projects in 115.

115 search ( is a new project for pushing recently, its positioning for Baidu, Google and other mainstream polymerization optimization search content. The new version of the search in ylmf’s 114 customers in becoming an important search entrance. Ylmf insiders said 115 search in 114 it means the introduction to the "strategic shift + search.".

the source said, "URL" + "search" is becoming more and more essential elements of the majority of Internet users, web directory navigation can only meet the Internet trend of primary needs of users, and to search for the basic knowledge about navigation, its function can meet the needs of the people in the high-end network network.

will be one of the reasons for investing, ylmf said, compared to hao123 and 265, in the two major search giant cooperation style is higher under strict conditions, 114 is more active and more broad market space. This extension will meet 115 search for 114 site navigation user demands, 115 integrated search optimization, search tools, in line with the development needs and to expand the brand, heavily to build 115 search also become behoove need to carry out investment projects for.

had previously said that spending millions of dollars to recover ylmf from abroad. Subsequently, it announced a high-profile and domestic Internet service providers, China and 39 Health Network and other sites to reach a cooperative relationship.

ylmf earlier is a modified version of the Windows operating system to provide download famous domestic software team, at the end of last year, the official website issued a statement on the dissolution of the "ylmf studio". For its 114 customers in the country has a rather well known, after the 265 site navigation Hao123 home site and Google’s acquisition of Baidu under the.

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