Rice Unification the left hand restaurant diners Zang force

Rice Unification the left hand restaurant diners Zang force

core tip: consumer and restaurant is the two "wheels" Fantong, there is a strong interaction, a "wheel" turn faster, another "wheel" can turn faster, otherwise it is difficult to operate fantong.

Beijing autumn day, the reporter went to interview, just to catch up with the Fantong "family portrait photo shoot top. Take place in the office area, standing in the middle of Fantong CEO Zang Li, affinity smile as in the past.

a lot of entrepreneurial companies will set up an open office, but as open as the rice unification network CEO office is not so rare. Back toward the window, facing the office area there are several high-rise – have a not huge boss chair, not a big table, which is open to the "top Fantong office", which also includes Zang force. His position is not even a partition, directly facing the half meter aisle over the staff seat. Zang Li laughed: "investors see my office are very love, because you can see the cost control and the communication efficiency of rice unification".

Zang Li spoke very vivid, has a vibrant momentum, he even in front of reporters imitate the way of speaking a business partner.

in the face of dianping.com, number know-all, China Mobile, more than 800 other competitors. The besieged, Zang force led by Fantong still made the top position of industry in Pyramid: more than five nationalservice cooperation catering enterprises, more than 15000 people by Fantong ordering every day. Only in Beijing, as of May 2006, there are more than 1 million 150 thousand consumers dining success by Fantong, saving tens of millions of meals.

in July 31st this year, Fantong obtained including Japan Asia investment, Itochu Corporation, CA-JAIC China Internet Fund, into Art International Investment Limited investment $4 million. Compared to the tens of millions of dollars to burn the public comment, this is just the first round of financing rice network. The reporter can not help but sigh, Zang Li spend money in the hands of the scriptures.

"double" mode of the

Zang Li may be the Internet industry’s "old man". From the beginning of 1995, he began to explore the field of the Internet, and with friends to formally set up a company, when China’s Internet has just started. But for some reasons of Zang line investment in the financial sector, but he never forgot his Internet dream, keep on the areas of concern, finally in 2003 from this area catering again cut, create fantong.

in Zang entrepreneurship, there is a strange phenomenon: China catering catering websites in a number of websites, the content is very good, but because only simple information dissemination, so not much money. Europe and the United States Food and beverage sites rarely, less famous.

with many different burn sites, Fantong start-up capital is only 1 million yuan.

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