Micro-blog’s tomorrow content is king, social for the emperor, celebrities for soldiers

Micro-blog’s tomorrow content is king, social for the emperor, celebrities for soldiers


micro-blog today, simple can be divided into three categories: content type, human and social class; we micro-blog was to see what new content (news, jokes, etc.) what happened to those famous dynamic and their circle of friends, which constitute the three main concern to us.

tomorrow’s micro-blog will look like? I hold a bold assumption, careful attitude to prove that micro-blog’s style will change sooner or later. This transformation is not revolutionary, but the curve becomes a straight line, the fog becomes sunny, grassroots change professional, and then the pattern presented by micro-blog will be clear as follows: content is king, social emperor, celebrity guards. The time for this shift is determined by the awakening of the grassroots bloggers, not much to do with sina officials and celebrities. This is the main point of this paper.

what is the content of the king?


is king. All over the world, all this land belongs to the king, are the king’s servants. Grassroots large content can be involved in the field is so wide, that can make the following conjecture: if micro-blog is the Internet ten years ago, it was ten years ago grassroots large industry portal, micro-blog is the industry Web site commonly used with a small size; micro-blog strategy, it is advertising in the strategy portal.

in fact, today’s micro-blog, the content has been done very well, a representative of the cold joke is selected every day to continue to update the high quality joke, has been a million fans. However, the author will put forward two points:


1) content of cold jokes like repetition, plagiarism, sooner or later in a more standardized Internet environment constraints encountered (in fact Sina micro-blog has action), high quality original content will become an important index of competition, human resources, capital investment will play an important role.

2) other industries micro-blog quality has not done enough, the future will show a higher quality industry micro-blog.

3) threshold micro-blog manufacturing hot topic or Reds will be reduced, grassroots bloggers should force in time before the fans tired.

content will produce what changes?

for two points in the front, the author made the following thought:

1) jokes, quotes, pictures, news and other content, are facing more and more attention to the original constraints already can hardly be avoided. When the copyright infringement will be subject to sanctions against micro-blog grassroots Sina (micro-blog expansion Sina won’t tube, but the saturation period has come; the content of light blog site has made little net protection measures, the contents of the original) threshold will no longer be so low. Cai Wensheng said that more than 10 thousand fans, you are a magazine; fans over 100 million, you are CCTV. However, now more than 10 million fans used to operate the micro-blog micro-blog main investment is far better than a magazine put into operation (magazine to pay royalties and so on), which is naturally.

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