Pinterest success secret seize a large number of high-quality female users

Pinterest success secret seize a large number of high-quality female users

introduction: founded just 3 years Pinterest has just recently completed a new round of $200 million financing, valuation rose to $2 billion 500 million. What are the reasons for the rapid growth of Pinterest analysis pointed out that a large number of high-quality female users is the main reason for the success of Pinterest.

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Pinterest has a large number of high-quality female users

now, Pinterest’s monthly number of independent visitors is 25 million, of which a large part of young, well-educated and well paid female users.

work in the state of Minnesota public relations professionals Rebecca · Billoch (Becca Bijoch) is a typical example. Previously, the 26 year old Billoch will choose to go shopping at the end of a day’s work, enjoy shopping in the store. She doesn’t get too cold about online shopping.

but everything changed when she started using Pinterest last year. Pinterest, an interest based image sharing site, suddenly attracted her. She said that she saw everything on the Pinterest site was finally bought by her, from the site to the on the kitchen utensils, almost no leakage.

Biyueqi said: "I spent the money on shopping may be more than before. Now I often in the evening to drink two cups of wine after lying on the couch watching photos on Pinterest. I told everyone I knew that Pinterest changed my life." She seems to have no regrets about Pinterest raising her shopping expenses.

Pinterest is the largest number of visitors per month in the history of the Internet independent visitors reached 10 million independent sites, and now its monthly visitors has increased to 25 million. Pinterest users are a large part of high-quality users like this: Biyueqi female, young, well educated, and have considerable disposable income.

Pinterest average revenue per user is higher than other social media platforms

retailers are chasing these premium users, but it’s often hard to catch them, because Pinteres is an ad free website, and there are so many photos on the web. Although many retailers have found ways to interact with consumers on the Facebook and Twitter platforms, they are still not sure how to use the Pinterest platform.

as an attempt, many retailers have already joined the Pinterest category on their own main station, creating their own class Pintere>

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