An thirteen network marketing strategy viral marketing

An thirteen network marketing strategy viral marketing


virus in many of the marketing mode in marketing is a killer marketing way, then what is the characteristics of viral marketing, viral marketing, viral marketing operation, how to solve the "killer with poison" is what we are most concerned about, listen to the SEO below as follows:

share for youFirst of all we must declare

and viral marketing, we are not talking about the "virus", the real significance of viral marketing is poisonous body with distinctive features, by the general public acceptance, "poison" was spread tens of thousands of public communication in interpersonal relationship and social network, in virtually set a "poison" word of mouth.

first, the characteristics of viral marketing

1, "poison" super attractive: if the marketing planners cannot solve the "toxic" attraction, so viral marketing effect will be greatly reduced, "poison" may appeal after a period of time will be reflected, if the "poison" is for the event, then the effect is to reflect the rapid marketing. So the virus marketing "poison" is the main attraction of our problems.

2, "poison" fast update speed: network marketing planners can not only for a variety of events to create "poison", can quickly update the "poison" pattern, update fast to expand the scope of marketing. Of course, the spread of the spread of the speed is faster from the attractive "poison".

The diffusion rate of

3, geometric growth: human self issued reprint, share, and even recommended, the picture and text in the popular flash "a group of people sharing circle to another group circle, spread out of control to create a geometrically irregular viral marketing.

4, irresistible reception rate: familiar with people sharing is verified by the virus, the familiar means of trust, trust has received irresistible, as long as the "poison" has a certain appeal, receive the same copy.

two, virus marketing mode of operation

1: interactive and interactive network not only has high lethality with a high degree of popularity, Baidu Encyclopedia of all of us is a witness, if Baidu encyclopedia plus share plug-in, then will be a tiger with wings added.

2, e-mail marketing: e-mail group to the virus marketing to create a natural environment, not only has a mass mail forwarding function, e-mail marketing also witnessed the interactive function.

3, blog marketing: blog as a universal marketing model, virus marketing means when people can not miss, a marketing planner without doing the blog marketing, so is his incompetence.

4, forum marketing: Forum is a complementary interactive marketing, viral marketing to inject more vitality forum.

5, modest marketing: dapper, pictures and video access mode is more conducive to the meager for the event of viral marketing.

6, network media camp

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